Article Builder Review – An Inside Look


Article Builder Review – Bullet Points

– Browser Based

– Highly unique, niche specific articles with a few mouse clicks

– Auto-blogging capability

– Monetized content with clickbank

– Ability to create articles in spintax format

– Utilize LSI for anchor text diversification

– API functionality

 Article Builder Review – Details

If you do any kind of article marketing for backlinks, you have to have articles to submit.  While there are many places to get articles, this program is quick and cost effective if you use a lot of them.  And, as I mentioned, if you want to use it with Unique Article Wizard, it works great!

And if you are building and/or maintaining several blog sites, this is an absolute auto-pilot product for you.  It really doesn’t get any easier.

This program is limited to a certain number of users and the uniqueness of the base articles is around 70%.  This is fine for most sites.  But, as I mentioned in the video, The Best Spinner is integrated.

Want more info on Article Builder?  CLICK HERE.


Hope you’ve enjoyed the review!

Live Your Best Life,   ~Julie Becker


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