Attract Qualified MLM Leads that are Perfect for YOU

qualified mlm leadsTired of getting leads that aren’t interested in what you have to offer?  Streamlining the lead sorting process will help you attract Qualified MLM leads that are interested in YOU and your opportunity.

When people are new to MLM, they may be satisfied to find any leads.  But they quickly learn, especially if they have limited time to work their business, that qualifying their leads before spending time on the prospecting actions is the most desirable scenario.  It is fairly simple to get some basic info out of people, but when they start asking you about your product or MLM business, that’s when you hit gold!

If you are considering purchasing leads, many companies attempt to convince you that the leads they will provide to you are, indeed, qualified.  Purchasing leads is always a option, but the best way to ensure that you are getting qualified MLM leads is to generate them yourself.  That is the ONLY way to be certain they’re not recycled, old or unimportant.


The Most Qualified MLM Leads are the ones you Create YOURSELF….

When you generate your own leads, you have already started the relationship building component.  This is crucial in order to more quickly qualify people, as leads make build-your-list1decisions to work with or buy from you, based on how much they like and trust you.

It’s possible that you may have helped these people with questions through email, using your site or blog, or maybe you met up with them offline.

If you do have a blog or website, you absolutely need to learn as much about search engine optimization as possible, as this will drive people to your site that will opt in to receive more info about YOU or your opportunity.

By consistently writing optimized articles around actual key search phrases, you will attract traffic that is interested in your topic, get better rankings in the search engines, and as a consequence, a lot more qualified leads.


In order to ATTRACT Qualified MLM leads, you need to be subtle and supply people with VALUABLE INFORMATION THEY NEED before you introduce your opportunity.


I use a system called My Lead System Pro, which is a training platform that shows people how to generate leads online through Attraction Marketing, while earning an income to offset the price of the training.  They can teach you the technical aspects of online lead generation through blogging, facebook, youtube, etc. AND they also provide training on attraction marketing so that people will want to search you out, instead of you having to chase them!


Your Customers can become Great Qualified MLM Leads

The people who are interested in buying your products will always be interested in getting them at a discount, because people love SAVING money, not SPENDING it.

Your MLM most likely offers a great discount on the products if you become a distributor.  Provide this info to your prospective customers.  Many people will join, just to get the discount, and now you can educate them on how they can make additional money by sharing them with others.  This is one of the easiest ways to create Qualified MLM Leads.


Email Leads Can Be VERY Productive – IF YOU FOLLOW UP!

Email leads can also become Qualified MLM Leads, although it might take around 10 or so follow up emails for the prospect to feel that they believe you are genuine.  Adding a compelling video of you talking about your product or opportunity in an early email.  People love videos because they can see who you are and get a sense for what you are about.   Also, by communicating in this way, you can go ahead and address some of the concerns and questions some people may have.


Make sure to do email follow up during the week, as on weekends, the majority of people spend time with their friends and families.  :)


Attracting Qualified MLM Leads on Autopilot

As mentioned earlier, you can attract very Targeted and Qualified MLM Leads by posting to a valuable article to your blog, promoting your article so that it will be seen on the first page of Google, and providing all your resulting visitors with and opt-in form, which collects all of your prospect’s info, including a phone number.

Once you have their info, remember to follow up immediately, as these people are checking out many other opportunities.  So do not let them go someplace else and enroll in somebody else’s opportunity because you didn’t follow up right away!


If learning how to attract qualified leads online is something you want to do, but don’t know where to start, spend just $2 and take a 3 day test drive of MLSP.  You’ll be glad you did!


Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker


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