5 Best Internet Marketing Strategies | Establish Your Brand and Increase Sales!

best internet marketing strategiesTo be a REALLY successful internet ‘marketer’, you absolutely need to embrace the best internet marketing strategies available in order to differentiate yourself from every other Tom, Dick and Harry out there…  no offense, guys!

Let’s face it, there are lot’s of ‘irresistible’ offers out there and while they are effective, you can get a leg up on the competition my making ‘YOU’ irresistible.  Brand yourself as a trusted, reputable and knowledgeable source and people will come to you.

Here are 5 of the Best Internet Marketing Strategies available.  They are very powerful and I guarantee that if you implement them, you will see a huge increase in your bottom line.

#1.  The Law of “Reciprocity”

Quite simply, this law states that if you give someone something, they will give something in return.

Think about it this way.  If you want a lead for your business, give the person something valuable in exchange for their contact information.

Always start out by leading with VALUE.  It may start with a blog post, video, or facebook post that has valuable information that your target audience is searching for.  You may want to let your audience know about your business, affiliate program or products, so go ahead and offer a free training video, ebook, coaching session, etc. in exchange for their contact information.  Always be thinking about how you can go ‘above and beyond’ what everyone else is doing.

You’ll feel great giving valuable information to people, and they will be grateful for your help and attracted to your giving attitude!

#2.  Become an Authorityauthority

This is very important if you are in a multi level or even an affiliate program where your success is dependent on the success of those who sign up to be a distributor or affiliate under you.  People do shop for sponsors so place yourself in a position of authority.

Host webinars, hangouts and team trainings and you will be perceived as a leader, because leaders in MANY industries, and particularly this one, teach others.  Put together a bootcamp for your prospects to help them learn.

Also consider creating your own products – things like a video course, or your “blueprint” for success.  This unequivocally establishes you as an “authority” on your subject!

Become an authority and you will double your conversion rate.  Turn more leads into Sales.  If you need some help in this department, I have a FREE 46 minute training here.

#3.  Be “Likeable”

People do business with those they “Like”.  People also like people who are ‘like’ them.  You need to relate to people.  Tell stories about your journey to success, your struggles, your triumphs, what you did to get to where you are.

Build a rapport with prospects by asking them questions and showing a genuine interest in them.

Do use and be engaging on Social Media.  Interact in facebook goup discussions, share your favorite stories, post comments to a blog article that you enjoyed, follow someone’s cool pinterest boards and let them know what you love about them.

Let your personality shine through.  People love to hang around those that inspire them and make them laugh!


#4.  Apply ‘Urgency’ and ‘Scarcity’ to your Marketing

Give away trainings you’ve done, resources that work for you or coaching bonuses and limit it to “X” number of people.  After so many people sign up to get what you are offering, the offer is gone.  This is the ‘scarcity’ tactic.  It works!  I know my heart pumps a little faster when I think I’m not going to be able to get something I want because there are only so many available.  :)

Include ‘fast action’ bonuses for people who take advantage of your offer by a certain date and time.  This creates a ‘Sense of Urgency’ and is a great strategy if you company is launching a new campaign or product!

#5.  Show Social Proof

How often are we looking for reviews on products or programs?  I do it all the time!  Third party reviews and feedback are a very powerful tool and give another point of reference for people.  So ask for testimonials from peers and post them to your site or Fan Page!

Tell stories on Facebook and in your email messages about people who are having success with your business or products.  Definitely link to a video if you can.  Videos are powerful and relational and provide a more personal appeal.


simply the best

There you have it…. 5 of the Best Internet Marketing Strategies available to help take you to the you to the next level.  I have learned all of this and more, from a training platform that I originally got involved with to learn how to generate leads online and add an additional income stream!  Crazy!  I’ve made great partnerships, learned ‘how to’ strategies for multiple marketing platforms including blogging, facebook and twitter AND increased my bottom line!

This program is NOT for everyone.  It is NOT for the hobbyist or the occasional marketer.  But if you a serious about taking your internet marketing business to the next level…then CLICK THE LINK….



Live your Best Life!!!!

Julie Becker


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  1. says

    Great Post, Julie….As i was reading it, I kept saying to myself…”she’s right about that”…or “That’s true too”.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


  2. says

    This is a Great Post Julie! I love the fact that you’re providing the information to inspire not push people with this post.

    Blog With Passion!

    • Julie Becker says

      Thanks, Jon! I have been so blessed by people who have taught me just that. If I can convey that message and pay if forward, I’ll strive for that every time. :)

  3. says

    I agree 100% with those 5 internet marketing strategies and I think that perhaps one could add a well written press release and submitted to a ton of press release services.

    I also want to add that the scarcity method really works because I am using it right now.

    • Julie Becker says

      Great points Oliver. Scarcity is a powerful method as it creates a sense of urgency greater propensity to heed your call to action.

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