Simple Residual Income Business Opportunity: So Simple, A Caveman can DO IT!

residual income business opportunityGenerating multiple streams of Residual Income is the fastest way to generate wealth… you can’t argue with Robert Kiyosaki or Donald Trump!  If you are looking for a Residual Income Business Opportunity that is LUCRATIVE and SIMPLE to start up and implement, look no further.

People typically talk about residual income when they are referring to Network Marketing opportunities and that’s because you have an opportunity that you sign up for and there is a monthly requirement, or product purchase, you have to make to stay active.  You are paid when you build a team of people, and you receive a percentage of whatever they buy and ‘sell’ to others.  Network Marketing is a great way to build residual income, however, it should be noted that it can take 3-5 years, or longer, to build six figure income…..

This is NOT a Network Marketing Model.  It works MUCH FASTER than that.


Is this system REALLY so easy, a caveman can do it???


Well, it is SO easy to execute that a 12 year old can do it!  Yes, it’s true.  An entrepreneur from Holland enrolled his son in this business and the kid made $12,000 in 3 months!!  No special training, no know-how…  just a willingness to learn and DO.

The thing I love best about this opportunity is that it’s done ALL online.  You do not have to be knowledgeable about techy stuff to get started, either!  It was designed to help people get going quickly…   I can testify, I didn’t know anything about generating an income online and I now have a successful business!


Residual Income Business Opportunity on STEROIDS

This opportunity uses a funded proposal, combined with an affiliate program.  With a steroidsfunded proposal, you can earn an income that offsets the cost of your advertising and the residual income comes from a subscription to a highly valuable and preconfigured website, as well as top-notch, ongoing training.

So many people have been successful with this because it is so simple to start up, learn and duplicate.

You may have seen this opportunity while searching the internet and if you didn’t join it, you either DIDN’T UNDERSTAND IT OR THOUGHT IT WAS TOO HARD.

And just a quick note.  I am part of the MOST SUCCESSFUL AND FASTEST GROWING TEAM in this organization.  That means I have a ridiculous number of resources and highly targeted training for you.

Get the REAL INFORMATION on this Powerful Residual Income Business Opportunity.


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The Fastest Way to Get Rich: Bet it’s Not What you Think!

Seriously.  Who DOESN’T want to know the fastest way to get rich?

fastest way to get rich


We are living in a time where things are uncertain…  the economy, social security benefits, stock market performance, govenment stability, etc…

You need to make money to survive…..but if you generate wealth you can thrive.

Think about the wealthy people you know….   what do they do?  Are they in real estate investing or development, have their own business, invest in the stock market or work as a broker, are a doctor, etc?  What do all these things have in common?  It takes time to develop the skills necessary to be successful… and then once you develop the skills, you have to start building your business.  It may takes years before you become wealthy.  I’m not saying it’s not worthwhile, but it will take time.

Not only that, but after learning all these skills, people must know HOW to manage money in order to be wealthy.  I know people that make a lot of money, but never seem to have enough.

The first thing you have to have on your path to the fastest way to get rich, is a good relationship with money.  How you think about money will determine how much of it you keep.

Do you have a poverty mindset?  Do you think having money is bad?  Do you think money think richis evil?  Really think about that.

Our minds become magnetized with the dominating thoughts we hold within them.  And your dominating thoughts determine your actions and thus your results.

So, if you want to get rich, THE FIRST THING YOU HAVE TO DO is think like rich people do.

If you are looking for a place to start, I highly suggest T. Harv Ecker’s ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ or Napolean Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’.  Don’t want to change the way you think?  Then you will stay EXACTLY where you are.

Once you get your MIND in the right place to become rich, the way will show itself.  If you are already in that mindset and looking for a faster way than the avenues I mentioned above, you need to look at a leveraged or funded proposal business model to generate wealth.

When I say leverage, I mean, you find a way to utilize the efforts of others to help your business grow.  In the business world, if you have limited start up capital and want to create your own business, Network Marketing utilizes the leveraging model and allows anyone to start up a business that can become extremely lucrative.  Look up Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump.  They are huge proponents of these business models.  The downside to this model is that it may take 3-5 years, and in many cases longer, to build a team large enough to create a expansive residual income.


The Fastest Way to Get Rich

Is your mind in the right place?

funded proposalThen look at utilizing a Funded Proposal combined with a high commission affiliate program.  What exactly is that?  A Funded Proposal is program in which you sell an inexpensive educational or informational product to your target audience in order to get qualified leads for your primary business.  The revenue coming in from these sales pays for your advertising costs.

With a funded proposal it’s easy to qualify leads, as a person who invests in the product you’re offering on the front end is far more willing to consider your primary opportunity once they come to know and trust you as a leader who can show them how to get results quickly.

There is a unique and highly profitable online program that combines the funded proposal with a 100% commission affiliate program to deliver fast money-making results.  This particular program is so successful that complete beginners have been able to go from 0 six figures in under a year…  some in as little as six months!

However, you shouldn’t confuse this with a get rich quick scheme….   as you will have to learn what to do and how to do it.  But the training I have to offer my team is second to none.  As I said earlier, people with no online know-how have been very successful with this business… and I am one of them.

The Fastest Way to Get Rich is to

Get the Right Mindset


Follow A Leader with a Proven Business Model

Live Your Best Life!

Julie Becker

Join the Prosperity Team : Empower Yourself to the Top!

So you’re looking at Empower Network as a business opportunity and trying to figure out WHO to join.  Clearly you’ve heard about the Prosperity Team and may wonder what that actually is.  Let me give you the info!

Prosperity Team is a group of top Empower Network leaders that have pooled together resources to create a resource site  and mastermind with the sole purpose of helping you make money and build your business faster by putting together a training system and integrating seamlessly with Empower Network to streamline the process and increase the level of duplication.



Why is the Prosperity Team Formula so Successful?

If you’ve researched the compensation plan at all, you know that you receive 100% commissions for your sales, with the exception of the 2nd, 4th, 6th and then every 5th after that.  Those get ‘passed up’ to your sponsor.

So while you can earn by sharing Empower Networks products, if you duplicate well, your team will be able to ‘copy’ your success and you’ll receive some commissions from them as well.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

prosperity team logo small

Inside Prosperity Team, you’ll get access to ADDITIONAL killer training and resources, sales funnels, reporting that works seamlessly with Empower Network, and tons more!

The training inside Prosperity, coupled with the done-for-you marketing resources is arguably the most comprehensive available to anyone coming into Empower Network on OUR TEAM.

We will provide you with huge value and, quite frankly, if you’re not successful with all this…. it’s ALL ON YOU…..

Helping you be successful is my TOP priority and showing you how to be profitable QUICKLY is my goal. Prosperity Team Training is purposely designed to help move people quickly and easily through the training and ‘set up’ process so that they can position themselves as soon as possible to start earning an income.


  • Don’t know how to blog?  –  We’ll give you content.
  • Don’t know how to drive traffic?  – We’ll teach you AND, at the 15K level, you’ll be able to buy highly targeted traffic to get your business going quickly!
  • Don’t know how to follow up? – Yup.  You’ll get that training too…  AND, when you’re ALL-IN, like me (meaning you have every product that Empower Network offers), you’ll get Personal Business Assistants who will CALL YOUR MEMBERS for you, to make sure they understand how it works and how best to use the system.  Using PBA’s has increased our income because they explain the value of the products and the system and basic members upgrade to get the products they need.


If you have been researching Empower Network, search no further.  I have trained and learned with the best.  Now it’s your turn to get what I have.  The best training, resources, leadership and earning potential available within this incredible, life-changing business.

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register now


Live Your Best Life!!!

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Prosperity Team Rocks!  The definition of Prosperity. 🙂

Lucrative Ways to Work from Home

ways to work from homeThere are several ways you can work from home, but what exactly are you looking for?  A 9-5 salaried job, a pay per task job, or are you looking for a an opportunity to build a business for yourself from home?

There are lots of options, so lets take a look!


Ways to Work from Home with a steady j.o.b.

I have seen some interesting stuff out there.  There is a demand for medical coders and transcriptionists.  You will need to complete a 2 year course to become certified, but this is definitely something you can do from home.  I know people who do this, and while it pays, I wouldn’t call it lucrative.

In fact, many of the jobs that you can do from home will require some experience or specialized knowledge.  And in my most humble opinion, are low paying, but steady.  If this is what you are interested in, there is a great article at Woman’s Day – go check it out!

Ways to Work from Home through Network Marketing

Most people have been exposed to MLM or Network Marketing.  This business model is one in which you get into business for yourself.  You become a representative for a company, and then you earn an income by selling products and recruiting additional representatives.  This can be a very lucrative business, but it will take 3-7 years to build a team big enough to earn a nice, lucrative income.

I also know people who have been successful with this.  However, while your house is technically your home office, you will be out and about THE MAJORITY of the time, because you will need to be networking and meeting new people.  If you are interested in pursuing this, the best companies are registered with the Direct Sales Association.

Lucrative Ways to Work from Home ONLINE

If you want the best of both worlds, working from your HOME, ONLINE, with the possibilitymake money online
of generating a VERY lucrative income, consider looking into a funded proposal affiliate program.  With this type of a program, you get a subscription to a training platform and can  earn while you learn by sharing the platform others.

The particular program I recommend is EASY to startup and geared for beginners.  You can build a business just writing about things that you love…  and sharing it with others.  You will be provided with the platform for sharing, as well as training on how to share with with people.  Start up cost is $25 for the platform and $19.95, so that you can earn from it.

There are three steps to building this business.  Write an article about something you love, share it with people, and collect commissions. 🙂

You will be provided with a professional site, training to help with what to write and how to share it, a personal facebook group for asking questions, private training sites and a of course, I will be there to guide you!  Find out more by filling out this form.

If you want to work from home, on your own time, and get started the same day you start, go to the form, fill it out, and let me guide you!


Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker


Highest Paying Affiliate Programs – Welcome to the ERA of 100% Commissions!

highest paying affiliate programsWith so many people turning to the internet to generate income, visionaries created a 100% commission affiliate program almost 2 years ago and it has absolutely taken off and spurred additional 100% commission affiliate programs to create the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs available.

Let me explain.  In October of 2011, Empower Network was launched.  In a nutshell, the basic subscription provides an pre-formatted, highly customizable, and high authority blog.  EN also provides top quality products teaching you how to market on the internet.  The reason they are one of the highest paying affiliate programs in NOT because you make 100% commissions on $2 – $100 products.  You received 100% commissions on the recurring monthly $25 platform fee and $100 training/mindset system fee (if people choose to upgrade), AND 100% commissions on the $500, $1500 and $3500 training products that they offer.

These products are absolutely value packed and contain blueprints on how to execute powerful and effective online marketing strategies.  The idea was so help people earn while they learn.

Many people were skeptical of such a model, but the company is exploding all over the world and that has prompted additional businesses to add 100% commission programs to the marketplace.

My Lead System Pro, a training site which has been helping Network Marketers to learn how to generate targeted, quality leads online, recently added the powerful Mastery Membership to it’s arsenal.  Mastery members earn high commissions on the membership commissions AND 100% commissions on powerful internet marketing ‘how to’ training courses like Robe Fore’s Predatory SEO and Michelle Pescosolido’s Social Media Mastery.  MLSP’s 100% Commission products range in price from $47 to $477, gearing them up to be one of the highest paying affiliate programs.

So if you are an affiliate marketer making 4% selling goods at Amazon, why not add the 100% commission programs to your portfolio???

With more ‘integrity based’, 100% commission structure companies currently starting to enter the scene, starting an Online Business has never been EASIER.

On this hangout with Rob Fore and several of our other Team Leaders, we discuss the Paradigm Shift and the new ERA of Affiliate Marketing with the incorporation of these new opportunities.


POSITION yourself as a Leader in this Industry TODAY.  GET PAID  handsomely for your efforts and Empower others to do the same.

fyi – I like marketing both of the these programs because they both help people by solving their problems.  People that get started with MLSP are looking to solve the pain of generating leads for their primary business.  MLSP has great training, tools and community to help you brand YOU.  You have beautiful capture pages and, at the Mastery level, resell rights to their great training courses.

People who join EN  want to create an Online Income.  EN’s blog is already set up to give you a web presence.  The Internet Marketing Products available within will show you how to use the blog, how to drive traffic so that people can find you and how to interact and follow up to turn traffic into sales.  This online business in my main bread and butter and is helping thousands to create an online income.  (On top of that….  I am on EN’s Prosperity Team, which has done for daily content, traffic, training and more!).

Whatever your goal, I am here to help and get you where you need to go.


Addtitional Info on EMPOWER NETWORK.

Additional Info on My Lead System Pro MASTERY.


You are NOT here by ACCIDENT.

Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | Let’s get Started

affiliate marketing for beginnersHere’s a quick rundown on Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. This list offers you a short outline of what you need to do to start your successful internet affiliate marketing business.

1.  To begin on the right foot you will want a plan in your hand. Be clear about your intention for how much work you are able to put in operating your affiliate marketing business – will it be a part-time or full-time endevour?  Know there will likely be a germination period. This is the time where you will not get paid. Stick to your plan and the action that it requires and it’ll come into fruition.

2.  Choose a market niche.  Start by brainstorming on what sort of valuable content you’ll be able to develop for your audience. Deciding on a niche and focusing on one particular niche marketplace is important. By doing this you’ll be able to offer greater value and offer solutions to problems that your target audience is searching for. This beats the blanket approach of attempting to provide everything to every person. You might cringe at the thought, but now’s a good time to think about acquiring social media platforms and/or services for distribution of the content. Facebook and Youtube for instance.

3.  Select products to promote.  Now the selection on what products to promote is up to you. Ideally you should choose products which can be in your market niche and aligned with your own hobbies and interests. By doing this, you will be greater qualified to write content and evaluations for said-named products. Internet sites that offer generalized info are skipped rapidly. Be particular and passionate about what your selling.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, Finding Products to Promote


Now you most likely already know you will find 1000’s of products and affiliate programs on the market today. A frequent place to start signing up for products is It’s simple to signup. Just find their affiliate sign up page, enter your specifics and press submit. Inside a few moments you should receive a confirmation e-mail with details on how you are able to login for your affiliate plan and tracking location. could serve your needs too (aka, They possess a wide range of firms that use their services – main brands like Adidas, Macy’s and Verizon all use’s services. It really is not typical that you’ll find an affiliate system on CJ that delivers something more than say a 40% commission, with the typical being about 10% – nevertheless you will get the option of applying to promote main brands which can be a major plus.

Among the challenges you may discover with firms hosted by Commission Junction is you have to apply for each and every company you need to promote and a lot of of them have difficult standards. is where several people start their affiliate marketing journey. This really is merely due to the fact that their range of products is so vast. They sell just a little bit of everything. There you’ll be able of promote items from fish tanks, to dog shock-collars, to Apple software and digital cameras.  The downside is that commissions are small, 4-6%.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Promoting your Content

Marketing products and services on the internet can be a difficult and rewarding venture to undertake. Like most fields of profit there will probably be a sizable quantity of competitors. Even so, this competition fuels evolution and guarantees that you reap the rewards of stepping up to and conquering the competition.

Content IS the fuel that drives site visitors for your website. This indicates that adding useful content for your website or blog on a constant basis is crucial towards the results of one’s business. You will expand market place reach by using Facebook, Twitter along with other social media outlets like forums and article directories.  You’ll need to learn how to drive traffic, or get people to your website to see your offers.

Assume marathon race versus a sprint. Which means you will want to produce, publish and promote fresh content on a regular basis over an extended period of time.


Content is king on the internet and in case you intend to be the ruler of your personal domain you have to create new content regularly.
Affiliate Marketing in a Nutshell? Pick a market place, pick products, create content, publish and promote. That is the plan. Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get busy.


Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – Is there ONE place where I can get Started???

frustrationIf all of this seems a bit daunting, take a deep breath.  Affiliate marketing has evolved over the years and there are some great programs that make it easy to get started.  I help people get started in affiliate marketing with one particular program that is absolutely geared for beginnersIt’s where I got my start.

You will be provided with a blog that’s already set up for you, a private training site, access to a private facebook group full of like-minded online entrepreneurs, and a highly lucrative commission program.  All for $25 a month!

If you’re interested in an online affiliate marketing business that is easy to start up, easy to learn, provides you with great private training resources on how to create content, how to promote your content and how to earn commissions, get access to a free video that gives you all the information.  There is no obligation to join, simply get the information and decide.


Live Your Best Life!

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High Ticket Affiliate Programs | Follow the Leaders

high ticket affiliate programsWhat are you looking for an affiliate program?  Are high ticket affiliate programs the best way to go to make money?  You might think that you’ll make the most money by selling the most expensive products, but that may not necessarily be the case.  I really like Perry Marshall’s initial take on this, and he makes the following points.

(1) When prospects click affiliate links, sometimes cookies are attached so that if the prospect doesn’t buy right away and comes back, they are still ‘coded’ for your affiliate link and you can get credit for the sale.  However, most cookies drop off within 90 days.  If you are marketing a high ticket product,  the real high-end sales cycles take at least 60 days and longer.  You might lose that sale…

(2) High Ticket products rarely convert well, and for the ones that do, it’s short-lived and you have to be “in the know” to find out about them.

(3) The High Ticket products and services don’t usually have a good program that pays a decent commission and they probably don’t have high converting website.

This is SO true.  Just research it.  You would be much better served (and probably much less stressed) by going with an affiliate program that has a range of products, pays high commissions AND something that may be out of the box for you.  A MONTHLY subscription fee.

A monthly fee for a valuable service is call RESIDUAL INCOME.  Build that into your vocabulary.  Leaders (those who are building WEALTH) focus on building residual income streams.

If people are willing to pay a fee every month to have a service, and you get a commission on that, you earn every single month on work you did once.  That, my friends, is called leveraging your time!  And the more subscriptions you obtain, the larger your income becomes.

Imagine knowing that you can start off the next month with a certain amount of income coming in….

There are some great high ticket affiliate programs out there that combine an affordable monthly membership fee with high tickets products.  And not only have a great commission structure, but also have the monthly residual income component.

There absolutely are affiliate programs out there that pay 75 -100% commissions for a monthly subscription service AND 100% commissions for high converting, top quality products.  This is absolutely true AND the companies are established… NOT brand, spanking new.  You are not going to have to worry about them folding…

One of my favorite affiliate marketing programs is Empower Network.  Why?  The vision of the leaders in this company will just blow you away AND there are people making $20,000, $40,000, $100,000 and MORE per month.  It is absolutely amazing.  This company pays out 100% commissions on their monthly membership for their viral blogging platform AND 100% commissions for their ‘high ticket’ training products ranging from $500 to $3500.  The monthly membership provides a high authority blog and valuable training.  The high end products provide detailed Internet Marketing Training and Strategies.

The company provides ‘high converting’ splash pages and the blogging platform is on a high authority domain.  If you are marketing online, you know how powerful that is.  Check out there current Alexa Ranking…  413th most trafficked site in the WORLD.


 If you are an experienced Affiliate Marketer, this should be a ‘no-brainer’ for you.


Here’s what I find truly fascinating.  This business has attracted many TOP Internet Marketing Professionals.  But there are also people who start up with no prior experience who are making incredible incomes!!!


Stop running around searching for the perfect high ticket affiliate marketing programs…. you are here.  Click the Button to see what Empower Network can truly offer you!

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Live your Your Best Life!

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