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passive income streamsAre you one of many individuals that would like to create multiple passive income streams to help pay the bills during these stressful money times?

If are considering this and need more information about how it works and where to start, read on and see if this clicks the switch for you!

Take this fast affiliate marketing test, but I’m going to warn you, it contains some mathematics. Let’s see how you do, it isn’t too difficult!

Are you ready?  Consider the following 2 common, real-world marketing strategies. Your job is to work out which one will be more provide a higher return in the long run.

In one promoting scenario, it takes one hundred clicks on your ad or link to make a sale. The commission received once that sale is created is $100. The ordinary refund rate for the item is five percent. If you pay eighty cents per click, what’s going to be the return on your first sale (I did say there was math involved!)?

In the other scheme, again it takes one hundred clicks to make a sale. Each sale again pays a $100 commission, PLUS a once per month commission of $10 for a subscription. There’s a five percent refund rate and the average regular subscription lasts for four months. If you pay $0.80 per click in this example, what amount of cash will you make upon your first sale?

OK, in the 1st example it would cost you $80 for your clicks to make one sale. So you would make $20 minus the 5% refund rate thus ending up with $19, in other words, an ROI of 23%  That’s not such a bad investment.

Now, in the second example you get the same result for the initial sale — $19, but your net profit is far more inspiring because of that 4 months worth of subscription commissions.  On that recurring subscription commission, you will make that extra $40…. for a total of a 73% return on investment!

This recurring, or monthly commission is referred to as Passive or Residual Income.


Passive Income Streams Makea A Giant Difference!

Learn from the masters.  If you were to examine any Super Affiliate’s promoting model, you’ll soon find out the only time they are going to offer a product that pays only once for the first sale, is when they can leverage that sale into making extra cash.  Let me explain.

Plenty will supply a free report or special bonus if you buy this product through their affiliate link.  The leverage part of the equation comes in when they collect your opt in info from their selling page.  What they are giving you for free involved you giving something away for free too, your contact information!  A targeted opt-in list is very often worth up to five dollars per name each month to its owner.  Many times there will be a later upsell offered through an e-mail that gives them the chance to earn yet one more commission.

The heavy hitters in the affiliate internet marketing business take it one step further.  They focus on promoting a product which provides a commission from one sale, but go on to supply an upsell to something that provides a monthly residual income, such as a membership site.

So the key to the best affiliate marketing success strategy isn’t about the first commission, it’s about what follows later on. Can you blame them? In this example, it’s the most notable difference between 23% and 73% investment return.


Multiple Passive Income Streams can form a Waterfall of Residual Income!

passive income streamsThink about a river, being fed by streams and tributaries.  The more water that flows into it, the larger it gets, and the faster the current goes.

Taking your affiliate marketing income to the next level is often a matter of making your own RIVER of income by creating multiple, little streams of income.

Start promoting services and products that pay a once a month residual income. And only those products. And then simply kick back and watch the wizardry occur.

Because when you have residual income coming in – you never start the month at nil! Think about that.

No more wondering how much your income will be and whether you will be in a position to pay the bills.  Your passive income will soon build up to be enough to cover the bills before you even start on any other income-producing projects.

If you are wondering how to go about finding and promoting these types of affiliate programs and don’t know where to start, I will show you the easiest place to get started.  It’s where I got started.  It is a simple to follow to system, it works, AND it pays out 100% commissions.  Plus, I have tons of resources and training to provide to you to help you be successful.

Let’s start creating your River!

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Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker

The Most Profitable Affiliate Programs: A New Paradigm

Are you spending your time wisely – marketing the Most Profitable Affiliate Programs?  There are lots to choose from.  So just how precious is your time?  With traditional affiliate programs, you make a commission depending on how much you sell.  If you get a certain number of visitors to your site every month, you make a certain number of sales.  So, if you’re optimizing your traffic and conversions, your going to reach a plateau and will never be able to increase your income because you’re meeting the demand.  If it’s around $500 a month for that site, given that demand stays constant, you aren’t going to make any more.

Large affiliates like Amazon are stable, reputable and easy to work with.  However, their commission percentages are very low (like 6%) so you have to sell A LOT of products to create a good overall income.  Smaller companies commissions tend to be higher (20 – 50%).  Now, we’re talking!  Generating multiple streams of income is a wealth building strategy and while I do take advantage of this affiliate marketing model, it’s always a good idea to incorporate different strategies.

I also love incorporating affiliates programs for companies that offer monthly memberships.  There are lot of great internet marketing tools, like Unique article wizard, Tribepro, Article Builder and others that are subscription based and pay affiliates a monthly commission on active memberships.  The reason I love this model is because if you sell a monthly subscription and get a percentage of that subscription every month, you can increase your income month over month….   adding more subscriptions adds more income.  And if you can increase your income month over month, with the same amount of effort it took to make one sale, why wouldn’t you??


Now, let’s think big.  What if there was an affiliate program that offered valuable memberships in the billion dollar home business and network marketing  industries???  There is some BIG affiliate money here.


I will caution you that there are companies out there that are truly reputable, but there are others that are not.  You need to be careful.  Look at the recent instance of Zeek Rewards.  This company sold memberships in return for bids to be used on it’s auction site.  The bids never had to be used.  The Fed argued that people were strictly receiving commissions on memberships where no real product or training was provided.  Not to overdo the saying, but when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  You’ve got to  choose wisely and choose companies that are established, reputable and provide great value to people.

With that said, I feel completely confident in saying that the following companies offer great value and are some of the most profitable affiliate programs available because they not only offer monthly memberships that appeal to those in the huge home based business arena, they also offer 100% commissions on highly valuable products.  This is a much different model of affiliate marketing than most people are used to, but it is exploding.  So if you are willing to shift your vision, you’ll see it.  And you’ll profit… big time.

My first recommendation is MyLeadSystemPro, the brainchild of Brian Fanale, Todd Schloemer and Norbert Orlewicz.  This program specializes in providing training and resources to teach network marketers, or people looking to start up a home business, how to generate their own leads online through facebook marketing, twitter, blogging, solo ads, ppc, etc.  This is a HUGE market.  And if you are or have ever been in network marketing, you know the lifeblood of your business is in having qualified leads that are interested  in you and your business.  The training and community are excellent.  There are several different memberships available, and as an affiliate marketer, this is what will interest you.  The top level Mastery membership ($150 per month) offers $100 commission per month to you for all Mastery Members you refer AND you get ‘resell’ rights and receive 100% commissions on highly sought after products from the top income earners.


>>>MyLeadSystemPro Mastery Details<<<



My second recommendation (and the one that is the most lucrative for me personally) is a program called Empower Network.  This company provides a fully configured blog on a high authority domain and products that will teach you  what you need to know to be successful at marketing online.

This affiliate program within Empower allows you to sell the highly valuable training and receive 100% of the profits.  This is very attractive because it allows people who have always wanted to start up a home based business easy entry.

The leadership in this company is excellent.  If you are truly looking for the most profitable affiliate programs, offering products and services that will teach you HOW to market on the internet, and provide income from monthly memberships and income from the best available training products available, this is it.  Empower Network leaders are bringing $50,000 to $100,000 per month.

Even with no prior experience (like me), people can and do generate $10,000 per month within their first year.  Be warned… this business takes work.  You WILL NOT get something for nothing.  You will have to learn new skills.

But if you are willing to do this, take a look….


>>>Get the Details On Empower Netork<<<


Both of these affiliate programs can be highly lucrative, but here is the thing I like best about them.  I feel good as a leader, marketing and recommending them to people because they DO bring immense value.  You do have to learn and work to succeed and that is the way it SHOULD be in building a long-term, sustainable and reputable business.

Hope this have given you some food for thought!


Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker

My Lead System Pro – MASTERY Unleashed!

If you are only slightly acquainted with My Lead System Pro, fasten your seatbelts!!  The Mastery Membership is now available and it is gives me goosebumps when I think about it….  I’m TOTALLY serious.

Are you getting enough leads to get you to the top of your business?  If not, are you just getting burned out trying to ‘bump’ into people and chase them down?  Is the conversion rate on paid leads really worth what you pay for them?  Is there an easier way to get quality leads that are interested in YOU?  These are all questions that Network Marketers, including me, ask themselves.

If you want to be a top recruiter for your MLM, My Lead System Pro is an absolute requirement.  Harness the power of the internet!  My Lead System Pro is the STANDARD when it come to training Network Marketers how to get leads online for their primary business.  They will teach you how to market online.  You don’t need to know html, or php or any other code.  They’ll show you how to set up you online media.  They’ll tell you how to market it.  It just comes down to you!

Now with Mastery membership, not only can you create your own laser-targeted, YOU focused leads online, that are interested in YOU….  you also have the potential to earn amazing affiliate commissions and residual income streams, selling products that are branded to you.  And the marketing campaigns are already done for you.  You just need to get them in front of people!

Here are some of the amazing benefits of Mastery Membership with My Lead System Pro:

  • $100 PER MEMBER PER MONTH on any of your referrals that join Mastery.
  • You get the “Resell Rights” to the most sought products online today created by the BIGGEST names in our industry. You sell them, YOU KEEP 100% OF THE SALE! (from $7 – $2,497 paid DIRECTLY TO YOU!)…
  • 100% Pure Profit Products in YOUR “One-Time-Offers” that range from $297 – $1,497… YOU KEEP 100% OF THESE SALES TOO (HUGE!)
  •  get PAID IMMEDIATELY….  you can integrate your OWN merchant account so that you RIGHT NOW MONEY goes directly to your bank account!

My Lead System Pro Inside

Get the details on the My Lead System Pro Memberships…


Let me also say that you can take a 3-day test drive of the basis MyLeadSystemPro membership for just $2.  There really is nothing to lose here.

But I telling you, you just have to see what is available to you at the Mastery Level.  It’ll just put a smile on your face!

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Make sure to Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker

The Empower Network – Heroes or Hype?




Is Empower Network a bunch of hype or is it a legitimate,  real means to create a lucrative business on the internet?  I’ll give you the information without making you fill out a lead form!  If you are a sucker for big, splashy ads telling you that you are going to making thousands of dollars in 30 days, you will not find that here.  What you will get here is real information that you can USE to make an informed decision.

Let me tell you what Empower Network is.

It IS an affiliate program which offers a unique and unusually high profit potential.  It most certainly IS a blogging platform.  And it most definitely IS a VISION.  Let me give you some details on how it works!

Let’s start with blogging.  A blog is a website you can use to basically create webpages from an article that you write.  So, say you have a pet grooming business.  You can create posts on pet grooming products that you recommend, pet grooming services that you provide, pet grooming specials that you are offering, etc.  You get the picture!  People can also leave comments on a blog and sign up for your email or newsletter list.   Blogs are a great, easy way for people and businesses to have an internet presence!

A blog creates TRUST.


Empower Network’s Products

  • Viral Blog – a preformatted, yet highly customizable blog that is optimized for marketing.  $25/month
  • Inner Circle – a collection of audios from successful entrepreneurs.  This is Mindset Training and when you join us, you’ll understand how serious we take that.  Your success is based 90% on your mindset.  $100/month
  • Costa Rica Intensive Training – the lessons in this product are designed to improve anyone’s business, regardless of what they are selling.  $500 one time
  • $15K Formula – the ‘how to’ strategies and marketing tips from successful marketers.  This training is updated continuously to share what’s working TODAY.  $1000 one time
  • Master’s Course – this is designed to help you scale up your success.  There are several different phases of growth in your business and after you go through the Masters Course, you will know exactly where you are in your business, and you will have a game plan to reach your goals.  $3500 one time

Here’s where the affiliate marketing comes in.  There are several different blogging sites, but here is why you want to blog on Empower Network if you want to make money…

You can promote whatever you want on the Empower Network Blog AND if you share Empower Network with people and they sign up to use it, you will receive 100% commissions for their subscription AND any training they purchase.


The Details

In order to become a member of Empower Network, you need to find a sponsor.  You sign up for the program under this sponsor and with that membership, you get a pre-configured blog.  This is the easiest to use blog on the market.  It incorporates drag and drop technology for picture and video and there is NO complicated html to learn.

The basic membership is $25 per month and that gives you the blog.  In addition to the blog, you get access to a training area with education videos, splash (or capture) pages for you to collect peoples information and videos to provide them with more detailed information about Empower Network, and follow up emails to the people who have given you their information.

Here is a screen shot of my Empower Network Blog.

Now that is what everyone gets when they start up with Empower Network, which is a great value for the money.  If you were to set up your own blog (like this one) for a bona fide and serious internet business, you would need to get a hosting site (like GoDaddy) and install WordPress yourself.  You would need to configure the layout, set up security, lead capture pages, make your blog pretty, set up social share buttons, etc.  And if that’s not enough, get this! You can blog from your Smartphone!  WHAT?!

With Empower Network, you can start blogging the same day you start!

In order to be an affiliate and resell the products, the fee is $19.95 per month.   You are given an e-wallet money manager, which allows you to receive commissions when people register to use Empower Network or purchase additional Empower Network products through your website.  It’s basically your shopping cart, and connects right to your bank account to deliver your commissions.  All the work is done for you and this price is very fair.


Now let me just say that I had NO prior experience blogging before Empower Network.  I do, however, have Network Marketing experience and picking a good sponsor for me is a must.  I didn’t want to be left in outer space to figure it out myself.  And to be honest, I am about developing Residual Income from multiple sources, and wanted to learn how to market more than just Empower Network.

So, I got a great sponsor in Rob Fore.  He is a great teacher and great mentor.  And thanks to Rob, I am now an internet marketer.  I can promote whatever I want.  I know how to drive traffic, I know how to get people to see my content and I know how to make money with Empower Network and other online programs.

In fact, I’m enjoying $2000 days and scaling up!!  **fyi – No results are typical.  They depend on what YOU do.**

But most importantly, I can Pay it Forward.  😀

I love Rob’s Strategy because he thinks long term.  He is about building a stable, strong foundation with lasting results.  And by the way, he is making $40,000 per month now…. just with Empower Network…

I was really nervous when I first started, but his strategy is proven, easy to learn, and it works.  Even for Newbies.  Period.

We are about building Wealth through a stable, strong foundation with lasting results.



How to get additional value out of the $25 to start up.

Plus, if you choose to Join My Empower Network Team, you’ll receive FREE Access to The Prosperity Team Training Site.  This is easily worth $1997 in itself!  Prosperity offers OUR team specific bonuses and content that you will not find ANYWHERE else in Empower Network.

We are part of  Empower Network’s largest growing team, the Prosperity Team.  Joining our Empower Network team will get you access to Prosperity Team’s coveted turnkey daily training, done-for-you content and traffic.  This is an additional training platform full of detailed training and resources available only to us….

The bottom line is, if I want to be successful – I need to help YOU be successful.  And that is exactly what I aim to do!

Is Empower Network for You?

Nervous about the blog thing?  I know how you feel.  But I will tell you that prior to Empower Network, I SCOURED the internet looking for a way to make money online.  I really wanted to create additional income streams online and after tons of research and hours of time I discovered that it was going to be hard… trying to learn how to become an affiliate and sell products online and I had NO idea how to do it…  dead-end after dead-end.  I was about to give up.

This IS the EASIEST way.

There are 3 main steps to follow to be successful.

  1. Blog Daily
  2. Promote Your Post
  3. Make Money

If you join my Empower Network Prosperity team, we’ll teach you how to blog, what to blog about, and even create content for you to help you get started.  We’ll show you how to promote your posts so that you can get free traffic to your blog (a blog’s only good if people get to it and read it!).

I have so much to share with you and your success is my success.  So if you’re willing to do your part, I’m ready to help you today.  And every day going forward.

Ready to get started and make it happen now that you’ve found the right person to help you?  I’m right on the other side of this post, ready to help!


Get Started – Right Here, Right Now!

Need just a little more info?  I can relate, I’m a visual person!  Watch the video…


Live Your Best Life,

Julie Becker

p.s. See Income disclaimer here.


Figuring out Which is the Best Affiliate Program

best affiliate programOn my quest to find the best affiliate program, I eventually started getting 20 emails a day from people promoting ‘their’ affiliate products and programs.  This is what a typical affiliate does when they are promoting the so-called best affiliate program which is launching ‘now’.

How successful can people be with this, as everyone else is doing it?  I get inundated and most of it goes into the trash.

If you’ve been around a while, you know it’s very difficult to be successful doing this.  Especially because you not only have to have a long list, it also needs to be very targeted.  Put that together with the superstar big marketers who offer bonuses that you have no possibility of putting together yourself and….  well, you get the picture!

So which is the best affiliate program out there?  Well, I have done a lot of digging since starting up my online business and I actually came across something that really got my attention and changed the way I would ‘normally’ have rated affiliate programs.

Interestingly enough, I found this information in the WarriorForum, which is a good source of information, but also full of all the ‘latest’ WSO affiliate programs.  And here’s the funny thing.  I found this information in a report that was a whopping $1.97.  Yup.  I know what your thinking.  How good could it be?  Good enough for me to change the way I looked at affiliate marketing and my definition of which is the best affiliate program.  And good enough to get me results!

This site is focused on creating residual income, not just for me, but for you too.  So when I read this report, I actually got excited.  Let me just say that this information is as relevant today as it was when it first launched.  In fact, it floors me that so many people still do not know how to find and market the best affiliate programs in this way.  Oh well!  I only share what works for me.  I’ll give you an overview, but you can purchase the report here from the WSO thread (it’s not like you have anything to lose at $1.97…  I promise you will get some value from it).

The Basics

Let’s use Amazon as an example.  I have little kids, so let’s say you’re promoting a LeapPad via review, video, etc. and you include your Amazon affiliate link.  Someone clicks through your link and purchases a Leapfrog Explorer instead.  You still get a commission.  And if you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, you rarely buy just one thing!!!  You’ll get commissions on whatever they buy.

One characteristic of the best affiliate programs are those that pay you commissions on products that you didn’t promote.

The real downer here is that commissions are, well, puny.  They start at 6%.  You better know how to sell thousands and thousands of products…   AND, if the person that clicked through on your link doesn’t buy anything in 24 hours, the cookie expires.  If they come back to buy, no commission for you! 🙁

How to Define the Best Affiliate Program

Thankfully, there ARE some product owners that have affiliate programs that are, in this marketer’s opinion, superior to Amazon.  Programs where you will get credit for every single purchase on current and future products for each lead you send to this affiliate company’s sales funnel, whether it be next week or next year.  In my book, that’s the best affiliate program there is!

There are specific requirements that a product owner must have in order for this to work:
•    Provide you commissions on the FUTURE sales of all leads you send.
•    Have MULTIPLE, proven, high quality products, with plans to release more.
•    MUST know how to cross-sell across product-lines.

Finding an affiliate program like this is invaluable. Tweeting to your followers, posting to your blog, or sending an email to your list can potentially create an amazing, lifetime residual income stream.

One such vendor is provided in the $1.97 report I mentioned above.  Let me say, I have discovered some great vendors in my research…  I think a vendor that pays 100% up front qualifies as one of the best affiliate programs out there.

Don’t be one of the people that does what everyone else does and promotes all the affiliate programs you can handle.  Spend your valuable time and resources promoting the best affiliate programs.

If you would like to know about my top affiliate program, the one that earns me the most money, you can find out about it right here.

prosperity banner

Live your Best Life,

Julie Becker

Residual Income Affiliate Program

Looking for an incredible opportunity? This company is just launching. Global One, LLC has a fantastic online money making opportunity in the form of Ultimate Power Profits!   I have been involved in Network Marketing for years…. and this Residual Income Affiliate Program has huge potential!

I learned about it from Master Networker. In fact, there are lots of them promoting the business. It’s one of the most trafficked websites IN THE WORLD. Which is exactly why you should take a look!

The company has several Profit Centers, which feed into Profit Pools.

And get this, you can MAKE MONEY WITHOUT SPONSORING or referring affiliates or customers. Yes, you did read that right… However, I will say that your residual income potential increases dramatically if do sponsor and refer!

There are five membership levels:

$10 – Tin, $25 – Copper, $50 – Silver, $75 – Gold, $100 – Platinum

With each membership level, you get access to more products. Also, each increasing membership level allows you to earn a larger percentage of profits and earn on increasing generations of referred affiliates.

There are 3 compensation plans tied to 1 membership:

1.  Spinfinity
2.  Go Global Profit Pool
3.  Infinity

Spinfinity is a patent-pending and revolutionary compensation plan. Every 3 days, the membership rotates between Payout Zone #1, which pays the most, Payout Zone #2, which pays less, and Payout Zone #3, which does not pay out.

So, WITHOUT REFERRING ANYONE, you will get paid 6x per month!!!!

If you want to refer people, you will get a 20% matching bonus on increasing levels of referrals, depending on your membership level. Platinum members get paid 20% matching bonus 5 levels deep!!!


If this is as clear as mud, take a look at this video describing the Spinfinity Program:

In Go Global Profit Pool, you earn points based on activity. Like giving bids away to customers, using bids yourself, and utilizing the companies additional profit centers.

Like Spinfinity, you get paid every 3 days. Pay level is based on points and you get a 20% matching bonus on qualifying level of referrals.

There is no additional effort required to earn from Infinity. It is just an additional income stream. Simply put, Infinity is a 3×10 forced matrix. Don’t worry if you know know what this is. Basically it does allow you to earn without referring anyone. But if you do refer, you will earn a 20% matching bonus down the level you qualify for based on your membership level.

And here’s the really cool thing. You will earn a 20% matching bonus on the 4th level of your matrix ( that’s up to 81 people), regardless of whether or not you have sponsored anyone!!! This is called spillover and it is excellent!

As with Spinfinity and Go Global Profit Pool, you will be paid every 3 days on yourself and all qualifying levels in your matrix.

There are additional, amazing profit pools for those who sponsor platinum members.

What’s the bottom line?

There are THOUSANDS of people who have never made a dime online.  The Ultimate Power Profits business model guarantees that you will earn money!

This is a new opportunity and has a great potential to create a huge residual income fast!  It has already attracted serious marketers like me, and more are joining.

Is there a downside?

Well…. it’s a new business.  With start-ups, there is always a risk that they will not make it.  That is true anywhere you go in the business world.

But if you want to generate WEALTH, you need to create MULTIPLE STREAMS OF RESIDUAL INCOME.  That way, if one of them doesn’t work out, you have others flowing in.

Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker



P.S.  If you want to learn how to market the Ultimate Power Profits Program online AND earn additional residual income, check this out!