INFINii News – Week of 2/12/2016

Below is an INFINii News Update for the week of 2/12/2016.  We are well under way now in our Public Launch and will stay in Beta Phase for the First Quarter of 2016.



Our members are having incredible results and the company is taking feedback from the field on the Q&A portion of our live webinars and executing that in the form of updated training and enhancements to the tools.

I have been receiving great feedback and testimonials from my team members with respect to the company, as well as our personal team support!

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INFINii Overview – Get the Straight Talk Here

On Saturday, October 31st, 2015, the INFINii business was unveiled at the DS Domination Event in Orlando, FL.  INFINii is the brainchild of the DSD founder/owners and was created with additional key players/partners to ensure that it was brought to market with all of the bases covered.

New partner, Kevin Thompson, is a top MLM attorney, as well as an entrepreneur.  He’s a stickler for compliance and bringing him in says a lot of about the leaders.  Also partnering up are Ken Eggleston and John Kinnear, 2 of the most successful leaders in the MLM space.

Now…. if you are a DSD member, or someone who is attracted to DS Domination, this may actually be a turn off.  After all, the reason that most of DSD’s members got involved with the company was because they were sick of having to recruit to make money.

There.  The elephant is out of the bag and freely roaming around the room.

But let’s just dive into this a little bit more.  If you’ve been involved in MLM, it’s the ‘guru’ leaders that we secretly despise.  They always have one more training or tool that will magically make our business take off.  It’s the unethical people that drive us nuts… oh… and the fact that the big paycheck you’re chasing is dependent on your ability to build a really big team.

So what’s going on with INFINii?  Should you be excited or not?

In all honesty, DSD itself is an MLM.  That component was never really pushed much, because the founders wanted the focus to be on people making money with the PRODUCT… i.e. the training that DSD provides.

And INIFINii is also going to be very customer-centric.

INFINii is, in fact a larger entity.  It was always the plan that DSD would be an offering within INFINii, it was just never known to the general populace.

The idea behind INFINIii is to offer solutions on a much larger scale and encompass the whole supply chain.


INFINii Member Benefits


One of the most unique benefits of being an INFINii member is gaining access the Springboard Co-op System.

This is a unique offering for those who want to get started in ecommerce, but want to start generating some profits while they are learning how to source, sell and manage their own stand-alone ecommerce business.

INFINii has been able to purchase tens of thousands of popular products.  As an INFINii member, you’ll be able to buy into a co-op purchasing a certain amount of product at a very low price.  INFINii will then sell those products on your behalf and send the profits to your account.  You don’t have to source it, list it, optimize your listing, market it, nothing.

Just pick the product you want INFINii to sell on your behalf.

Main Member Benefits

The main goal always has been to help people to create their own, stand-alone, profitable ecommerce businesses.

In addition to the Springboards,  there will be training on how to go out to start building an ecommerce income on several different platforms, including eBay, Amazon and Bonanza.  Everything from selling products on eBay for a higher price and then purchasing and shipping them from an online retail store to the customer, at a cheaper price (retail arbitrage),  to going on shopping trips to local retailers and scanning inventory with smartphone apps to sell for profit on Amazon.

There is access to automation tools, which allow you to create listings super fast, from within the INFINii system, tracking software and product research software, as well as access to step by step support as you create your own product line and you learn how to exploit Amazon’s FBA system.  I personally do this and it is incredibly lucrative.  😀

INFINii also offers a series called Master Class.  This is a set of trainings that go into more detail and are designed to give you more insight, as well as prepare to you become an ecommerce coach.  Each membership level will have access to additional Master Classes.

Master Class

The Master Class series is geared toward those who want to increase their knowledge and potentially add a consultancy aspect to their business, or become a partner who can provide more value to their team.

Classes started at the Prime Level on 1/27/16.  Master Class Training is provided with your membership.



Different INFINii membership levels will have access to different types of training and benefits.

There will be 3 different membership levels.  Prime at $49.95/month, Surge at $149.95/month and Excel at $399.95/month.

Prime membership


  • Access to purchase 15 Springboard products to sell yourself on an ecommerce platform or have INFINii sell for you (3% management fee).
  • Training on eBay Retail Arbitrage.  List and sell your products high, then purchase from an online retailer for less and ship directly to your customer (after they have paid!).
  • Training on using apps to go on shopping trips and turn that into profits on Amazon.  Everything you need to know from packing, shipping, bundling & trend strategies, getting into popular niches and scaling up!
  • Training for selling on Bonanza – the entry to Google shopping.
  • Software tools – Advanced listing builder to list products in minutes, and Eloquent Product Research to find profitable products fast.

Surge Membership


  • Includes all the benefits of Prime.
  • Advanced eBay Training to increase your eBay sales.
  • Better prices on Springboard products…  AND you get access to 30 (only 2.5% management fee)!
  • Analysis and Strategies software to determine your best selling products, those which you can drop and recommendations for those that will do well with your current listings.
  • Boosting traffic to your product listing via Facebook Targeting, Customer follow-up, Amazon PPC and YouTube PPC.
  • Training on other ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento.
  • Your own marketplace store (coming Q1 2016).

Excel Membership


  • Best price on up to 60 Springboard products (only 2% management fee)
  • Advanced Amazon training to explode sales, leverage other sellers, import your own products and even a Branded Product Series!
  • Increasing your profits with Cashbacks, Discount Management and Advanced Tracking and Sales Analytics
  • Software to do Inventory Management and Reprice your Items Competitively (coming Q1 of ’16).


Affiliate Plan

In addition to ecommerce training and access to co-ops, INIFINii members may choose to participate in the company’s cutting edge compensation plan…..

This means that if you refer other INFINii members, you can receive commissions based on their usage of products and services with the system.  For example, you may join INFINii as a member and refer someone else.  You’ll earn a commission on their monthly membership + commissions on any products they buy within INFINii + commissions on people they refer.

The compensation plan is a Binary Tree Plan, with uni-level components built in.  70% Payout.  Cost to be an affiliate is $9.95/month. 

Just to be clear, if you are a DSD member, joining INFINii is joining a separate entity.  There are separate fees for joining as mentioned above.

Here is the slide presentation used in the above video, illustrating INFINii for you!

In The Pipeline……

INFINii Digital Marketplace

Within INFINii, there will be a digital marketplace that will house digital courses.  These can encompass any niche and entrepreneurs will be able to create affiliate programs around them as well.

DS Domination’s current customer base are focused on ecommerce and marketing and any info products in that arena, as well as personal development will be a great fit of that marketplace.  What about managing your finances and managing your time?  These are also skills that entrepreneurs need and they information can be supplied digitally.  Not to mention, DSD’s current customer base rivals that of Clickbank and JVZoo.

Just a quick note for DSD members…  DSD products are Digital and are a product offering in INFINii.

INFINii Commerce Marketplace

Also within INFINii, there will be a marketplace where suppliers and vendors can advertise their available products to potential buyers.  DSD members are always looking to source products to sell and this marketplace will give additional options to buyers.


INFINii members can refer Digital Product Suppliers, as well as Physical Product Suppliers.  And the referring member will get a small percentage of each sale of the digital or physical products from their referred partner.

In essence, you can create revenue by referring suppliers who will benefit the community.  There will be a rating system, similar to Amazon, for customers to rate the products.


Important Dates

11/9/15 – 12/1/15 – INFINii Pre-launch executed.  Invitation – only links were shared with leaders to get their teams moved into position for public launch.  The purpose of this was to allow current DSD members first positioning, and also to work out bugs, tech glitches, etc.  No memberships purchased in the this phase.

12/3/15 – Beta Phase – Public Launch of INFINii Digital and Co-ops.  Invite Only members will be allowed to activate INFINii memberships and will be able to add new members.



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Work Online from Home – Should you or shouldn’t you?

work-online-from-homeWhen people get sick of their jobs or start feeling like they’re not getting paid what they are worth, they start looking at other alternatives.  In my case, I was completely sick of Corporate America politics and I started thinking about starting up my own business. 

Did I have dreams that I would find work online from home?  No…. not at first.

I was looking to start up a brick and mortar business originally.  A novelty store.  And then I started looking into the reality of what that would take.  It was going to take a lot of time, a lot of work.  And I found myself asking ‘will it be worth it?’

I set some criteria for myself.  If I was going to work that hard to make something work, I wanted to love it.  If I earned a good income, I wanted to be able take vacations.  And when I had kids, I wanted to raise them.

So in the beginning, it wasn’t ‘working online’ that I wanted.  It was more freedom

Being an entrepreneur and running your own business can be extremely rewarding and I kept coming back to the same issues.  Time commitment and return on time investment (time is my most valuable currency so I put a big price tag on it!).

Work Online from Home – Is it Worth Looking in to?

If you are considering whether or not you want to work online from home, you have to examine your motives.  What do you want to get out of it.  Why work online as opposed to on location somewhere?  Do you have a family member or child you need to be home to care for?  Are you wanting a more flexible lifestyle?

The reason you need to ask those questions is that there are several different ways you can work online.  If you don’t really NEED to work from home,  you’ll just be trading one job for another and you’ll need to learn new skills.

In my case, I had very clear intentions.  I wanted to work online from home because 1) I wanted to be home with my kids, 2) I wanted to be able to work part-time, and create a full-time income.

So what I was really looking for wasn’t another full-time job or business to manage, spending 40-90 hours a week on.  I was looking for freedom and flexibility.

Traditional business models, whether online or offline, will NOT offer you that, but leveraged income business models will.  Having said that, these business models require you to be your own boss and run your own business… 

If you have reasons to work online from home, but don’t want to be your own boss, you might want to look at these traditional stay at home jobs or even data entry jobs, instead.

After some soul searching, digging and researching, I finally found what I was looking for.  A way to work online from home, using a leveraged income model that would allow me to build a full-time income.  I am now running my own online business, working part-time and I’m home with my  4 year old and running my 8 year old all over for soccer tournaments!

So, in the end working online from home is totally worth it for me!  And the funny thing is, it wasn’t all that hard to get started.  It just required my commitment and focus.

Want to learn how to do what I did?  You can do that HERE.

I wish you every success in finding what you are looking for and living a life that YOU want to live.

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Online Business Ideas for EVERYDAY People


Looking for a business you can run from your computer?  There are tons of great things you can do online, but I wanted to take some time to create a post with online business ideas for people who don’t necessarily have a lot of internet savvy.

So, even though being a social media consultant or a website designer are cool businesses, this post is for people looking for an online business that doesn’t require a 6-12 month learning curve!


Top Online Business Ideas for Anyone


    1. Nutrition/Weight Management Coach – The Weight Loss industry is a $61 Billion industry, with an increasing number do-it-yourself dieters.  According to current research, this trend in fueling the growth of online programs. You don’t need to be a certified nutritionist or personal trainer to get into this industry.  If this is an area of passion for you, starting up a website that offers meal plans, exercise regimes and personal counseling could be a great fit.
    2. Hand-made Craft Retailer – Are you a crafter at heart?  If you make jewelry, clothing, pottery, decorative wreaths, embroidery, anything really, you have an online marketplace already set up for you to set up a store.  Etsy is one of the most successful e-commerce sites of its type, with over 60 million unique monthy visitors.  If you can order supplies wholesale and produce items quickly, you can make a tidy profit.
    3. E-Book Publisher – With the advent of all the e-readers in the marketplace, a new opportunity has opened up for aspiring writers and now you don’t have to worry about getting ‘published’.   Set up an account at Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and you are on your way!  Amazon’s site has great tutorials for formatting your book and is a lot of great info on the web, too.  With the right marketing, you could make some great income this way.
    4. Blogging – Have something you’re interested in and like sharing it with others?  You can blog about what you like and put advertisements on your site to generate income.  You can also recommend products or tools and earn affiliate commissions if people purchase the products.  
    5. E-Bay Drop Shipping – List, Sell, Order, Ship.  ALL from your computer.  This process has become much easier and can be a great money maker if you follow the rules.  The great news is, there is a company called DS Domination that provides step-by-step instructions on HOW make money with drop-shipping. They’ll show you how to set up an account, how to find products to list and how to list to get products sold.  DS Domination boasts an 83% customer retention rate, which means its training products work.  I personally have many testimonials from people who make money within a week!  And once you learn how to do it, just 30 minutes of your time could produce $100 or more.


These are practical and reliable Online Business Ideas people have used to establish profitable online businesses.  I’d love to hear you feedback.  Get going on your online business today and keep me posted on how you’re doing!

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Live your BEST Life!

Can you Truly Start a Turnkey Business from Home?

turnkey business


We are all familiar with the franchise business model and trust it as a reputable Turnkey Business.  Is there truly a Turnkey Business that you and start up from home?  Let’s examine that concept.  A true turnkey business has a system in place.  Best operating practices and procedures.  You’re given a guideline….  a map, if you will.  The whole reason you buy into a franchise is because it’s a proven business model.

There is no guesswork, as far as that goes.  The trial and error part to see what works is one of the hardest parts of starting up a new business.  That’s why you pay a hefty franchise fee.

So what if you don’t have the capital to dish out to buy a franchise?  And what if you want the flexibility of working from home.
People who want to have their own turnkey business and work at home, I think, often have the mistaken impression that turnkey means minimal work.  Why do people always want something for nothing???


Turnkey Business from Home – The MLM Model

Here is the whole point of a turn-key business.  The business plan has already been done for you.  There is a system in place that gets results.  But you STILL have to learn the business, learn the foundation and operate it efficiently.

When it comes to a turnkey business from home, people turn to MLM.  Why?  MLM is a proven business model.  Interestingly enough, there are still people that put these businesses in the pyramid or scam category.  If that was true, those mlm’s that have been in business for 30 years or more would be gone.

An established and reputable MLM company has clearly defined systems in place for distributors to follow.  Duplication is key, since your success is dependent on helping other people to be successful.


But what if you don’t want to chase people around, trying to tell them about your business?  This is the common complaint and why many people who get into MLM burn out….  you need to keep a steady stream of leads coming in to keep building your business.


Many people turn to the internet to search for solutions.

But then you find out that you have to learn all of this marketing stuff…. and where do you start?  What products do you sell?  Which affiliate program is the best?  How do you learn how to do it?

Now don’t get me wrong.  There are some great programs and trainings out there.  But again.  It’s tough to figure out where to start.  And not all of these ‘things’ have a full SYSTEMATIC process.  You might get bits and pieces from different locations, but where to go for a one stop shop? 


Keep it simple.  Whatever is simplest to do will be the WINNER.


If you are looking for a Turnkey Business you can do from home, that is SYSTEMATIC, and easy to understand and implement, with no additional tools or training required, you can get more info HERE.

And hey, after you’ve checked it out, leave me a comment on what you thought.  I’d really like to know!


Live your Best Life!!

Julie Becker

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