Legit Ways to Make Money Online – A Little or a Lot!

legit ways to make money onlineIn researching this subject, I came across the some interesting tidbits.

When looking for legit ways to make money online, you can make a little or a lot, so have a goal in mind when thinking about the avenue you want to take.

You also need to consider how much effort you want to put into it.  You’re not going to get paid big-time for little work.  That is NOT legit.


Legit Ways to Make Money Online – Pay Per Task

Micro-gigs.  Something you may want to consider is to offer services on fiverr.com or gigbucks.com.  These are sites that connect buyers and sellers with services for cheap.  I have seen all sorts of things on there.

People will create video testimonials, run backlinks to your website, create graphics and logos, write articles, perform songs and tons of useful stuff.

If you have a specialty or expertise in an area, consider selling your services here.  If your not sure what you can do, just hop over there and check it out…  you’ll get lots of great ideas.

I’ve even seen people offer to come up with a practical joke to pull on someone or offer to be a creepy clown for any occaision.  I am totally serious!creepy clown

How much you can make depends on how many gigs you can turn around in the smallest amount of time.



Answer questions.  Are you a walking vessel full factoids that would win you first place in jeopardy?  There are companies out there, like JustAnswer.com who will pay you as an ‘expert’ to answer questions that come in to them from across the internet.  You’ll be screened and tested to be a certified expert in specific area.  Then you’ll get paid for answering questions.  Just a note, you will be paid small amounts of money to do this, this is not a big money maker!


Online surveys.  You can sign up with several companies to complete paid online surveys to rate products and services.  You be paid a small fee for completing the surveys and the best way to generate a little money would be to sign up for several sites.  GlobalTestMarket.com is one and you can Google them.  Again, this doesn’t pay a lot of money, but you might be able to fill up your gas tank.

Legit Ways to Make Money Online – Commission Based

Internet and Affiliate Marketing.  Bottom line?  You’re selling products or services online for a company, like Amazon, internet marketing for beginnersEbay or countless other.  You can create  A LOT of money doing this, but the caveats are that you have to learn how to drive traffic (get eyeballs on your offers) and there is no guaranteed income…  it’s commission based.

This area offers a wide range of different opportunities and compensation structures.  It can be highly lucrative, but you’ll have to learn skills and work at it.  Essentially you are building your own business.

There are places that are ‘newbie’ friendly and offer great internet marketing training products and courses that you can turn around and sell for a profit…. kind of like a training platform and affiliate program all rolled into one.

If this is something that interests  you… check out the program I recommend HERE.

Hope this post has given you some good food for thought!

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Can a Pizza Guy Really Create a Real Online Income???

real online incomeWhat does it take to earn a Real Online Income and is it even possible for a regular pizza guy or girl to create one that’s worth working for?

Before I started up my online business, I researched like crazy… there is a lot of ridiculousness out here!  But, there ARE many great and legitimate ways to earn a real online income.  One of the things that seemed hardest for me to discern in the beginning was weather or not any of these programs were things a person who was new could learn how to do and implement (without it taking a year).

Here is the the real deal when it comes to creating a Real Online Income.  You MUST learn how to market online.  Now, that can seem scary to a beginner….   because you have to learn skills.   But all marketing really is, is getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time.

So – having said that.  If you really want to be successful as quickly as possible, you should EXPECT that you will need to invest in some online marketing training AND tools to implement your marketing.

But then, you wouldn’t go try to build a house unless you knew how and had the right tools to do it, right?

OK.  Now where to get the training?  There are lots of great resources.  But I like to be efficient and profitable at the same time.  So if you can find a company where you can purchase some great online marketing training AND earn a real online income by promoting and selling their products, then you are leveraging your resources.   That’s just smart business.

There are several programs I could recommend, but my favorite is a company, in which the first product you buy is a blog.  This is instrumental in developing not only a real online income, but a real online business.  The blog is optimized and already set up, with options to modify it to make it more congruent with your message.  The  additional products provide increasing levels of online marketing training.  They teach you how to market and how to use your marketing tool, the blog.

You are able to generate income as an affiliate by marketing the blog and internet marketing training products and receiving commissions on those products that you sell.

My colleague, Chris is an Ex-Pizza Delivery Guy.  He not only makes a Real Online Income, he makes an executive online income.  He uses the viral blogging and marketing system I am referring to.  I love sharing his story because hey, a lot of people feel like underdogs in this world.  I know Chris did at one point.  But it wasn’t true.  He just had to learn and do. 

pizza boy image


Listen to Chris’s story.  If you are looking to make a Real Online Income, follow us (we only eat Gourmet Pizza now!).  Click the button, get the information and lock arms with us to make things happen.  Life is too short…  let someone else deliver the pizza!


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Hope you’ve enjoyed the post on what it takes to make a Real online income.  Additional info on e-business.

How to Profit From FaceBook Ads

facebook adsIn order to get good results from Facebook ads, you need to do a good deal of research on a number of things.

Successful social media marketing is more about personalized communication, not spending huge amounts of money. If an individual wanted to purchase a product from Sears, they’d go straight for the firm website.

Facebook is incredibly powerful for smaller businesses as they can provide a more customized experience, unlike bigger businesses. Using Facebook ads as a social media marketing method, you can increase awareness of both your brand and your products.

Astoundingly, one in four customers are influenced to purchase only right after soliciting feedback from other social media users, and 6 out of 10 will recommend a certain brand to a buddy. So, there is a massive amount of potential revenue from running FaceBook ads.

Before you dive in to ads, Set up a FAN Page.  You CAN create Facebook Ads without having a Fan Page, but having a Fan Page for your business increases your credibility AND there are many more options with the TYPES of Ads you can create and utilize.  Plus, Facebook rules can be tricky and having a Fan Page will help you stay out of Facebook Jail!

Know WHAT You Want To Advertise

When placing Facebook Ads, you can select WHERE your prospects will go when they click on your ad, such as a particular page on a website or blog, a capture page, OR to specific parts of a Fan Page if you have one.

facebook ads 1

This is where it gets fun!  You can create an ad to focus on getting more Likes to your Fan Page, promote a particular ‘post’ on your Fan page that you want people to see, or Customize your ad with additional options.

facebook ads 2

Know Your Target Market

As with any marketing, the more targeted it is, the more powerful it’ll be.  FaceBook Ads make it possible for you to target particular demographics and deliver particular ads to specific users.

You can choose particular countries, age and gender, and particular interests.  Even target those that are currently connected to you or those that are not.

facebook ads 3

In addition to that, you can Target FaceBook Ads to ‘Friends’ of People who like your Page or Ad.

Consider this.  IF the typical Facebook user has 130 friends, and that person ‘likes’ your ad, you can get additional visibility to 130 people and  you might find oneself going “viral”.  ‘Sponsored Stories’ shares your ad in the Newsfeeds of friends of people you like or comment on your page or posts.  :)

facebook ads 4

Choose a Great Visual for your Facebook Ads

This image was taken from an AD that did really well for me.  If at all possible, choose something that doesn’t have the color BLUE…  as that blends with Facebook and doesn’t pop.  Also, adding a border really helps draw the eye to the image.

Make sure the picture is congruent with your message.  In this case, the wording I used indicated that by implementing Predatory SEO, you could ‘eat the competition for lunch’ when looking to rank content on the first page of Google.  :)

**Be careful not to add a lot of text the image or the ad will not be approved!

ferocious owl


Create and Rotate Facebook Ads Regularly

Facebook earns income every time somebody clicks on an ad, just like Google Adsense. Within this medium people are less inclined to shop. Most who check out FaceBook want to socialize with their friends.  But by producing eye-catching ads and altering them frequently, you can get past “banner blindness”.


Monitoring Facebook Ads

Here’s the bottom line when it comes to operating Facebook advertisements.  Ads cost money and money has no emotion, so show no mercy with regards to making a profit. If an ad is not yielding you profit, pull it.

Understanding which market reacts better with specific ads is essential to your success in profiting from Facebook Advertising. Split-testing your ads by using a different image, different wording or targeting a different group should be a part of your process.

I usually create 3 or 4 versions of the same ad and see what does the best.  Then I continue to tweak it from there!

As a final note, keep in mind that the Facebook advertisement click-through price is rather reasonable, as people are not going there to stop, so use the cost-per-click (CPC) pricing option, and name your own price!


Become a Pro at Facebook Marketing and Advertising

This Blog post was designed to give you some great guidelines to get you started, help you avoid some pitfalls and spend your money wisely when placing Facebook Ads.  But realize that there is a learning curve and there are skills you need to learn.  😀

I HIGHLY recommend that if you are going to do Facebook Marketing and Advertising, you need to get the best tools to help you become successful.

This following course is the BEST FACEBOOK TRAINING available and will tell you everything you need to know in detail so that you can Make Money on Facebook and Place Facebook Ads that will yield results!

I only endorse products and training that I have used myself, so if you are serious and want to completely maximize your returns, get this course.  You can thank me later.  :)
Attraction Marketing System

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Use the Google Plus Hangout to get SEEN on Google

google plus hangoutThe Google Plus Hangout is a great place to connect with people and share EASILY.

With Google Plus, you can create and share with specific Google Circles.  Work circles, friend circles, however you want to categorize them.  You can create posts that can be seen only by certain circles.

When you create a Google Plus Hangout, you can invite specific friends or co-workers, it is very flexible.

If you want to get found more easily in the Google Search Engine Results, consider using Google Plus Hangouts to record your videos.  Current research is showing that the Google Search Algorithm is LOVING Google Plus Hangouts!

If you are in business, you should know that Video Marketing is VERY POWERFUL.  People can connect with you more easily.  But you need to help them find you.  Getting ranked in Google Search results can be challenging.  This is a skill that can be learned.  Recording your video with a Google Plus Hangout is a great place to start because Google already loves that content.  So all things being equal, if you are trying to rank any kind of content to get seen on the first page of Google, Google Plus vids have high authority now.

This is so easy to use.  Simple create your gmail account.  Create your Google Plus account at plus.google.com.  Then go ahead, click the Hangout’s on Air button, then click the Start a Hangout and voila.

You can invite friends or colleagues for a group hangout or just record your message.

A post will automatically be made to your Google Plus timeline and the video will be streamed to YouTube.

This is SO EASY!  I’m a busy mom so whatever I do has GOT to be easy.

If you are looking for a great online business that is just as easy as doing a Google Plus Hangout (remember it’s easy…  I’m a busy mom!), you can learn how to get content seen on the first page of Google too.

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Online Lead Generation: Get Targeted Leads to You

Are you looking for an online lead generation system to assist you in your business building efforts?   I was in that boat at one point in time.  I got tired of having to chase people around and wanted to harness the power of the internet to help me find the right people who were looking for me an my opportunity.

Never, ever buy a lead again.  And no more looky-loo, tire-kickers!!!  Attract people who are targeted to YOU and YOUR BRAND.

Utilize Attraction Marketing Principles to generate qualified leads on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkdIn, Banner Marketing, Solo Ads, PPC, etc.

online lead generation


My Lead System Pro is a training platform that will help you to learn these marketing methods.  They provide powerful training webinars for members, multiple times per week on various topics, so that you can choose what you want to train on.

And don’t worry about having to learn all of these methods to be successful at online lead generation.  Master just one method and you will be able to generate leads on auto-pilot.

What is learning a skill like that WORTH to you???

Cut out the middleman, stopping chasing people down and learn how to do this for yourself…  once and for all.  Click the button, enter your information and get more on what MLSP can do for YOU.

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Video Marketing – Captilize on What WORKS!

video marketing


Video Marketing is very powerful.  Why?  People want to see you, connect with you, get a sense of who you are.  Video is a great way to show people who you are.  It conveys your personality, your vulnerability and your power…. all at the same time.


I have been online a while and I have been utilizing the written word in blogging & SEO as well as utilizing some paid advertising methods.  And these methods work.

But I am always one to stretch myself.  Not just for me… although I do believe that getting uncomfortable and learning to do things you know nothing about is powerful… but for people who join one of my businesses that want to know HOW to do video marketing.

I am leading by example.

I will always strive to be a leader who stays on the forefront of what is working and what is relevant.  And video marketing it extremely relevant!

YouTube Video Marketing is on fire.  And let me give you a little SEO hint.  Google owns YouTube…  so Google LOVES YouTube Videos….  meaning it can be much easier to get your content seen on Google through videos vs. blog content, especially if it’s a very competitive keyword.

If you are looking to take your internet marketing to the youtube video marketing level, you have to get the best course available to teach you all of the tricks.  I travel in the best circles and have great resources.  Get the best YouTube Marketing Course HERE

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