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law of attraction affirmationsRhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’ was captivating wasn’t it?   The book and the movie are magnetic and focus on how to manifest your desires using law of attraction affirmations and intentions.  Your thoughts and your words are very powerful, but your mind MUST be congruent with what you are telling it to believe.  It is not enough to be just in the right place at the right time.  It IS enough to be the right person at the right place and right time.  So how do you get there?

There are a lot of subconscious reasons which explain why some people are successful and others are not. Most often, it is thanks to the way successful people think.  Thoughts are VERY, VERY powerful.  They drive your ACTIONS. And your actions are what take you in a a particular direction, good or bad.

Law of Attraction Affirmations are a great place to start when retraining your brain how to think positively and how to focus….  how to think in a way that they can defeat the reasons why you cannot achieve what you would like to.  Successful people commit to not giving up, while other people may give up on something after the first try.  But an affirmation is not enough.  If you state something that is not yet true, your brain knows that and says ‘yeah, right….’.  You have to realize that you have been conditioned to think a certain way since early childhood and you have to ‘unlearn’ what is holding you back.

In terms of generating wealth, wrap your brain around this.  T. Harv Ecker states that “the vast majority of people simply do not have the capacity to create and hold on to large amounts of money and the increased challenges that go with more money and success”.  Think about it.  Most lottery winners go back to where they were because they simply are not ‘programmed’ to be able to deal with large amounts of money.

Ecker goes on to elaborate on the powerful differences between an affirmation and a declaration.  An affirmation is “a positive statement asserting a goal that you wish to achieve is already happening”.  A declaration is “to state an official intention to undertake a particular course of action or adopt a particular status.”

With respect to an affirmation… although it is positive in nature, you have the little voice in the back of your head that says it isn’t real.  The little voice is your subconscious and it is VERY powerful.

A declaration is not merely stating what is true.  It is stating an intention to do something or be something.  This includes ACTION.  And you must take action to make your intentions reality.

Our physical reality is a merely a manifestation of what we think and how we feel.

Start off with this powerful Declaration and repeat it out loud, daily:

“My inner world creates my outer world.”

This is very powerful because now you have AWARENESS.

Then you can move on to the next Declaration:

“I observe my thoughts and entertain only those that empower me.”

If negative thoughts start to surface, you can recognize that and CHOOSE to think about what is true.

To really execsecrets of the millionaire mindute this strategy in full, go pick up a copy of T. Harv Ecker’s ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’.  You will learn how to understand how you have been programmed and what you are conditioned to believe and how you can CHANGE that programming to produce the results you want.  Truly understanding where you are right now will determine the actions you need to take to get to where you want to go or become who you want to be.  Learn how to THINK like a Rich Person.


Jeffery Combs, another very powerful coach and speaker, talks about dreams vs. reality.  Dreams are wonderful and beautiful, but unless you can take real, practical, productive actions, they will NEVER become reality.  You must be methodical and disciplined in your intentions in order NOT to procrastinate.  And procrastination is the killer of productivity and your success.  If you have problems with procrastination, you need to understand WHY you are doing it in order to break the cycle. As Jeffrey says, don’t ‘should’ all over yourself!  I highly recommend checking out his resources, it’ll be a real eye-opener for you.

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