Looking for the Best MLM Leads for your Business?

best mlm leadsLeads are the lifeblood of your MLM business.  Any leader will tell you that the growth of your business depends on how many people you are able to expose to it.  But when it comes to getting leads, you want to spend your time wisely, focusing on those people who are right for YOU and YOUR business, because the best MLM leads are the ones that result in a sale or business partner who will bring new sign ups into your MLM business.

So let’s first take a closer look at the best types of mlm leads and how they are generated.

Once you know the ‘who, what, where and when’ facets of mlm lead generation, then you will be in a much better space to decide type, quantity and quality of mlm leads will be ideal for you and your team.


People That Know You are some of the Best MLM Leads

The reasons why people work with people is really because they like and trust them and that’s why the big brand name companies do so well, their brands are respected and trusted. The people that like and trust you are usually your family, the people you work with every day, people you interact with on forums and blogs, your real-life friends and the buddies you engage with on social media sites. These people are your warm market.

Of course not everybody that knows you is going to really need your product, neither will they want to join your business.  BUT they are often agreeable to introducing you to their friends to help you in your efforts to build your business.

The best MLM leads will ALWAYS be those with whom you’ve established some sort of a relationship, or those these people introduce you to. That is truly all there is to it. What you have got to do during your network marketing career is to be consistently working on building relationships, and warming up those people who start out as cold leads.


How to Purchase the Best MLM Leads

Go to Google and put in a search for “the best MLM leads” and you’ll be confronted by many pages offering you leads that cost from one penny to $10 each ( and more ). All of them guarantee that they will provide the best leads on the planet, and many of these lead brokers offer business opportunity hunter leads, which may get you a bit more interested because that is what you really need.

As with anything else in life, typically the less you pay, the lower the quality you get.  The same is true with buying leads.  The less you pay for leads the worse they’ll be, as no 2 leads acquired this way will be the same.

You will get groups of leads that may include telephone numbers and e-mail addresses that are extinct, and most of the others will be pointless. The most important thing to know is how these leads were generated, and when, and also how frequently they’ve been recycled.

Unfortunately, most low cost leads you find online are called co-registration leads and are, in several cases, not even a genuine business opportunity searcher.

Actually the call to action was nothing less than “Complete this short form and enter for the chance to WIN” something.

These leads are literally pointless.throwing money away

Generic business opportunity leads come next. These are potentially being gathered from other online opportunities with headings like “Do you want to kiss your repulsive boss goodbye and work for yourself?” we’ve all seen them. Here is the question on those leads.  How long was that particular ad has been running?  It may have been for the last three years!

If you purchase this kind of lead, it is highly likely that the person that filled in their name and email address a long time ago and has probably forgotten about it.  The ‘fresher’ these types of leads, the better, but leads that are attracted to YOU and YOUR business are by far the best MLM leads.

But here’s where it starts to get expensive.  You should expect to pay $10 for these types of leads and if you’re not a pro at closing you will be throwing money away.  You’re doing this to earn income not give it away!


How to Generate the Best MLM Leads

Your OWN marketing efforts will bring you the best MLM leads possible. By creating your own MLM leads, you know they are 100% exclusive and fresh.  You can then go on to use your own qualifying and sorting process to find the best of these leads, and those will be the people that are genuinely interested in starting their businesses, have the finances or money in hand and have the right mindset.

mlsp1My Lead System Pro is the Top Tool I recommend for generating your own hot, branded leads in real time.  And not only will you get the Best MLM Leads possible for your business, My Lead System Pro also gives you the chance to earn a secondary income stream, even if the majority of those hot leads don’t join your primary opportunity.

Thousands of successful network marketers use My Lead System Pro every day and it’s a proven system that’s been around for years. If you want to learn more about this excellent program for getting the best MLM leads check it out here.

Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker

Fresh MLM Marketing Strategies

mlm marketing strategiesAre you looking for a fresh perspective on MLM Marketing Strategies?  If what you’re doing isn’t working, or you just want to scale up to include additional marketing methods, follow me.

Many MLMer’s focus on marketing the products and the opportunity.  And those of us that make serious money focus on the latter, know that BUILDING our organization is the key to building residual income.

Your focus on marketing should always be finding the right prospect for you and your business.  This is a shift for some people because they get so fixated on the ‘sale’ or the ‘sign-up’, they forget to think long term.  It’s not only OK, but it is the mark of a successful business person to bring mutually beneficial partners into your business.  If you are going to take the time to teach, train and build people, don’t you think you should spend a little time focusing on the types of business partners you’re looking for?

Think about the traits that are important to you: someone who is willing to listen to you, someone who is organized and has a sense of urgency around priorities, someone who keeps their word and is punctual, someone that can work independently and doesn’t get discouraged easily.

Now that you know WHO you want to market to, WHAT is it that you want to market?

Instead of marketing your opportunity, I want you to think about marketing YOU.  market yourselfLet that sink in a minute….   This is one of the most powerful mlm marketing strategies you can learn and let me tell you why.  It’s called Attraction Marketing and here is why it is so powerful.

In most circumstances, if someone will even entertain the idea of joining your business, they must view you as THE LEADER THEY ARE LOOKING FOR.  They want to identify with you, know what you are passionate about, and feel connected to you.

How do you market yourself?  The answer is to provide value.  For example, people searching on the internet for additional mlm marketing strategies came to this post, and I am providing that information to them.

I love this marketing strategy, because it attracts the right people to you and my time is levereged by utilizing the internet to help you and others find me!  I have done the work once, posting this article to my site, and people continue to find me through looking for additional MLM marketing strategies.

Online MLM Marketing Strategies

mlm attraction marketing systemI started really embracing Attraction Marketing as my main mlm marketing strategy when I got involved with a powerful online training platform for Network Marketers, which uses the attraction marketing model and teaches people how to execute it through online media like facebook, twitter, youtube, blogging and other media.

Social Media is playing a huge role in how we connect with people today.  Learning how to market in this arena will propel you past your competition and allow you to open up to a whole new audience.

The program I use allows me to provide free, valuable trainings on how to use social media to attract prospects, hugely successful sponsoring methods from industry leaders, and so much more.

Because of this training program, I have a successful blog, I have a fantastic Facebook Fan Page and I know how to utilize Facebook Marketing and search engine optimization to get leads!  It ALSO creates another ‘residual’ income stream for me so I can get paid, regardless of whether people join my primary business or not.

Sound good?  If expanding into Online MLM Marketing Strategies and using Attraction Marketing is something you are interested in taking a look at, follow the link below and enter your contact information.  Just for taking a look, I’ll provide you with a FREE 86 minute webinar that shows you how to get started with Facebook Marketing!

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MLM Sponsoring Tips for Serious Leaders

mlm sponsoring tipsYou MUST Master MLM Sponsoring in order to Build it BIG

Successful MLM businesses are built on MLM sponsoring and despite what people tell you, there are no mlm sponsoring secrets.  There are strategies that work or don’t.  I find that most people try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to this.  You need to find the RIGHT people, ask the RIGHT questions, and follow up to collect a decision.  And then you need to utilize one of the most important MLM Sponsoring Tips:  Once you SPONSOR someone, you MUST be able to teach THEM how to do this.

By the “right” people, I mean, those that want to succeed as much as you do and will do whatever it takes to be successful.

It’s amusing though, in reality most individuals who ask to be sponsored simply do not have the “right stuff”. Are you finding that most of your MLM sponsoring efforts attract totally the incorrect kind of person?

Many people who become involved in mlm have no clue about building their own enterprises, and actually don’t know how to do it. I hate to say it, but the majority are lazy.  They may be all fired up at the beginning but their enthusiasm shortly wears off.  Many of us are fearful of success, ironically enough, and without any sales or selling experience they give up and fail to create an effective MLM sponsoring system.

MLM Sponsoring Tips – Finding the Right People

The general public will not show too much initiative, they’ll simply follow the directions given by their upline and create a list of all the folks they know and focus all their MLM sponsoring efforts in one place. This is the way most people begin and it is good advice at the start.   At the very least you can practice on some people that you do know and maybe get one or two sales under your belt.

As we well know, the MLM sponsoring challenge occurs when people run out of people they know to contact as prospects, and just can’t seem to figure out how to talk to new people or generate leads.  Their MLM sponsoring efforts die an exceedingly ugly and premature death.  As a leader, in order to sponsor people into your mlm business, you need to be able to generate high quality leads (the “right” people) and you need to be able to teach your recruits ‘how’ to do this.

The reality is that most people have no idea how to generate leads and simply do not have the sales and promoting talents to get past these issues.

Actually the average distributor who joins a network marketing business with the absolute best of intentions to get in and get it done will only recruit 2.2 new team members in their entire career. And, candidly, you will NEVER build a moneymaking business if all you do is bring in 2.2 folks.

That’s just the way that it is.

Qualified leads are those people that are truly serious about learning about your business, your opportunity, and your service or product.  Lead prosperity is the foundation stone to unlimited MLM sponsoring. The keystone to success.

So what’s the easiest way to find these qualified leads? The reality is that you have to start understanding what “sales and marketing” essentially involves. You simply have to find the most efficient and effective way of creating quality leads. And plenty of them. Leads are the way to network marketing success.

You can generate leads ‘belly-to-belly’ in person, or you can utilize an online mlm attraction marketing system. The ‘in-person’ approach includes doing local networking, sometimes known as the “3 foot rule”. Approach and connect with everybody you meet each day. Ask qualifying questions like  – ‘how do you like your job?’ or questions related to your products like – ‘how do you stay so active, do you use supplements?’.  You are looking for a way to turn them into a lead so that you can follow up.

I used to use this method exclusively when I first got started in Network Marketing and once you get the hang of it, it’s really quite fun.  But it does get tiring and difficult when you have small children in tow.  🙂

Which is why I incorporated an online mlm attraction marketing system to generate leads that were interested in me, without having to go out and do the leg work to find them.  I have found this to be the fastest and highest quality MLM sponsoring and lead generation system.

MLM Sponsoring Tips – Asking the Right Questions

This is critical because it is NOT all about you.  It IS about finding out what your prospect is looking for and seeing if you can fill a need.  Your agenda should be about HELPING them.


Do you enjoy your current job?  Do you think you are you earning what you are worth?  Do you have enough income to do all things you want to do?  Are you happy with the amount of time you have able to do the things you want to do? Would you consider yourself financially independent and is that important to you?

You MUST ask questions and let people answer.  Ask questions that may uncover a pain or pose a problem for your prospect and then listen.

There is a more to MLM sponsoring and it is challenging to put it all in one post.  That’s why, for the MLM Leaders reading this, I am providing a FREE 89 Minute Webinar Training on the BEST MLM Sponsoring System.

BECOME the leader people WANT to FOLLOW.


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Do MLM leaders know something you don’t?

mlm leadersAre there insider strategies only top producers know and, if this is the case how are you able to learn these secrets?  Guess what?  They don’t have any methods.  There isn’t any hidden order. There is, however, one thing that MLM leaders do share and that is likely their mindset –  the entrepreneurial spirit.

So how did they get there? Most use an mlm lead generation system to produce their results.

So Why Are They such A success?

Their business is a business – that may sound simple.  They understand that starting and running a business successfully is a significant matter. Everything they do to promote and move their business along they treat as an investment in their future monetary security, regardless of if at first they only paid a buy-in charge of five bucks! These folks are what are called entrepreneurs. That is the secret they share. They are hard-working, devoted, patient and determined.

They started their enterprises with a practical target. They started on their path to achievement, knowing that each step they took would get them to that goal. They make plans, and have goals in mind. They also understand that success takes considerable time and difficult work. These are the individuals that are out of bed long before us, and still up burning the midnight oil after normal people are fast asleep.

Rewarding network marketing businesses do take a long time to build, and the top producers had the experience to grasp when the right opportunity was presented to them, and then they put all of their efforts into it. Persistence pays. Forget the chances. Forget the problems, just learn from them.


MLM Leaders WORK

They may “work from home” but they do, indeed, work.

They may give the illusion they do nothing but the actuality is most top income earners have simply put in more hours and have made more shows to more folks than those who are still fighting to make money in the business.

MLM leaders will spend the great majority of their time teaching and sponsoring because they understand this is the only true way to earn money. Just mull it over. The company can only book a profit by moving product, therefore the more people you have in your downline promoting and selling things and also instructing others to do the same, the more money you can make.

Have you got what is needed to be one of these MLM leaders? You may think you do. But here’s a number of things that you should consider. Could you commit up to 5 years of your life, each day living and respiring your business so you can reach success? Are you going to set aside time every day to plug and move your business a long?

  • Do you have a destination under consideration? A goal? How about a written plan?
  • How does one propose to market the products, service and business proposition and train your new team to do the same?
  • What will you do if the economy takes a dip or if your company shuts their doors? What is your backup plan?

True MLM leaders will build a success business no matter what. Failure is simply not a choice they entertain.

They target selling. They focus on presenting their opportunity new prospects on a regular, consistent basis over an extended time period.

They focus on becoming the leader people are trying to find and basically lead their team members to success.

So are you an entrepreneur, and could you shoulder this responsibility???


 As an mlm leader, you need to use and know the latest tools to reach people.  You always look for the best ways to leverage your time.   MLM Leaders harness the power of online lead generation systems to reach their goals.

red down arrowThis is where mlm leaders learn to be great.

Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker


MLM Attraction Marketing System – Build Your Brand

mlm attraction marketing systemMLM Attraction Marketing is what works when you want to have people search you out regarding your products, your business, and most importantly, YOU.  But how do you implement it?  Is there a cohesive, easy to understand and EFFECTIVE MLM Attraction Marketing System out there?

As an experienced MLMer, I know what it takes to get out there, network, get in front of people and strike up conversations!  I do love making those personal connections and building those relationships.  But then there’s the balancing act of training your team, following up, and doing your personal development so that you can bring more value to all of those you come in contact with.  It’s a matter of managing your time while trying not to get burned out.

The concept of Attraction Marketing is not new.  People love to buy, but they hate to be sold to.  We all know that people like to buy from who they know, like, and trust.  They will join those that have integrity and are accessible.  They are attracted to YOU.  They LOOK for you.

This can be a challenge for Network Marketers because many don’t understand how to implement this strategy, instead feeling that they need to chase people down to be able to get in front of the them, so they can share their value.

Instead of focusing on the sale, or gaining a new business partner, focus on asking questions.  What issues is your audience struggling with?  What are their pain points?  Provide solutions with your knowledge.  Find a way to truly connect with people.  And if it doesn’t involve your business, but helps them anyway, you are building trust.

Asking relevant and thoughtful questions PULLS people to you.  Think about it.  🙂

How you act and behave leads people to form an opinion of you.  Attraction Marketing is all about pulling people to you, so first impressions count!  It’s an absolutely fabulous quality to be outgoing, but you don’t want to bombard people with your business or opportunity or spam them with unsolicited links or emails if online.

Better:  Always lead with value – ask a relevant question and answer it, highlight a problem and offer a solution – show people what’s in it for them to give you their precious time.

The internet has become an amazing attraction marketing tool and is it’s own animal.  You can get access to tons of people online.  But learning how to do this will take lots of time, trial and error and money.  Or, at least, it used to…

You know, the best Network Marketers I know also have the biggest hearts and truly care about helping people.  You probably know leaders like that.  You may be a leader like that.  I strive to be better at that – every day.    There is an MLM Attraction Marketing System, created by truly gifted, giving leaders that helps people to connect with YOU and the VALUE YOU BRING.  If you are not sure how to market yourself, and not just your products and opportunity, you must be willing to grow.

This MLM Attraction Marketing System is EXTREMELY powerful.  You will learn how to execute Attraction Marketing so that people will search YOU out.  When you do this, you are branding yourself as the leader, you will have time to follow up with more people, time to train people, and time to learn more so that you have even more to GIVE.

Part of your success is determined by the people you surround yourself with, so that you can do more and be more.  Learn how to establish yourself as a LEADER with VALUE, and how to help the people that need you, to FIND you.

You need to see this to understand what I mean!

As Always,

Live Your Best Life!   -Julie Becker

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MLM Recruiting Tips you Must Follow to Win

If you want to be successful at MLM recruiting, and have people run TO you and not FROM you, leave your ego at the back door and listen.

1.  Be interested in other people.  When you meet someone, don’t say ‘I’m Julie.  I sell XYZ, ever heard of it?’  Turn off.  Literally.  You just lost them because you’re trying to sell the something.  Instead, introduce yourself, get their NAME and ask, ‘What do you do?  How long have you been doing that?  Do you enjoy it?’

When you ask a question, stop and LISTEN.  People like to tell you about themselves.  This is how people talk when they don’t have AN AGENDA.

2.  Don’t spew information!  What does this mean?  Ever get so excited about something that you have to tell someone everything about it?  That’s OK if you don’t care what the person thinks when you do that.  Otherwise, stick to the facts.  Too much info makes people glaze over and whatever attention they gave you at the beginning of the one-sided conversation is long gone.  Not only that.  Too much information may be confusing.

A confused mind always says NO.


3.  Let people tell you what they NEED.  I mean, you know how you feel when you go into a store and someone comes up to you and asks, ‘Is there something you I can show you?’.  My answer is always, ‘No – just looking.’   Doesn’t it just feel better when some just says ‘ Hello!  My name is Julie.  Just let me know if you have any questions or need anything in particular. Here’s a flyer with our specials.  I’ll check back with you in 15 minutes!’  When someone says that, my response is always a smile and a ‘thank you’.

They’ve taken the  pressure off me and I can enjoy looking.  You never want to put pressure on people.

After I’ve given a presentation, I don’t say ‘So, who interested in starting a business?’  That equals pressure.  I ask, ‘Who here works full time and wishes they had more time with their kids?  Who has more month than money?  Who hear believes that you are being paid what your worth?’    This allow people to think about the questions and formulate their own answers.

4.  Collect a decision.  If you have talked to someone about your products, ask them if they are ready to get started, would like more information or are just not interested and let them tell you.  Qualifying people respects BOTH of your time.  And if they want more information…..

DO FOLLOW UP – the average person needs to see the opportunity 3 times before making a decision!!!!!

The best mlm recruiting tips are the easiest.  Keep it simple and keep your ego out of it!

This brings to a topic that will really build your business FAST.


If you are want to take your mlm recruiting to the next level, you will want to see how I use attraction marketing to recruit leaders into my business.  I have a FREE training for you that will show you how to do it.  You are valuable.  Your business if valuable.  If you are attracting too many tire-kickers and people who just don’t want to do the work, find out how to recruit the leaders you are after!


Live Your Best Life,

Julie Becker