What are Backlinks? – It’s OK to Ask!

what are backlinksEvery once in a while I like to write a blog with the newbie in mind.  I remember what is was like when I first started online and was looking for information.

So step right up!


What are Backlinks Anyway?

A backlink is simply a link on an external site that points back to your internet site, blog or domain.

Think of backlinks this way.  They are like ‘votes’ of confidence from similar websites.  Other sites are recommending your content.  Getting backlinks from other sites is a strategy for increasing the number of qualified visitors you get for your web site (otherwise known as traffic).

Backlinks have a few different characteristics, but there a basically two types – Internal and External.

What Are Backlinks – Internal Links

Internal backlinks are basically links on a webpage to navigate to different pages or content on the the same site.  Some common internal backlinks are the “Contact Us” “FAQ” and “Homepage” links on a website.

Too many internal backlinks on your pages could get somewhat over-bearing and make the content look cluttered. If these backlinks are a needed, use them sparingly as to not give your reader too many choices and confuse them as to what you wish them to do.

Google also looks for internal backlinks.  They send “spiders” to navigate around and index a whole internet site, so make sure your internal links are working properly.


What Are Backlinks – External Links

An external backlink is nothing more than an outside website linking back to one of the pages on your website or blog.  In essence, someone site is pointing back to yours.

External Backlinks are Actually “Votes” and the are backbone of getting your content found in Google and rest of the search engines.

In the past, many internet site owners paid less than reputable sources to generate tons of backlinks for them because he who simply had the most backlinks ranked.  These links were typically a bunch of entirely irrelevant, spammy backlinks and Google has developed complicated algorithms to analyze what types of backlinks you have.

Google doesn’t like to see irrelevant links coming into your site.  It’s makes them NOT TRUST YOU, and they won’t want to ‘recommend’ your site, i.e. give it a higher position in their search engine results.


Building Backlinks to your Site


Building your personal backlinks may be very tedious, time consuming and boring work. And it requires consistency… it’s something that should be done daily.

Google wants pages and backlinks on pages which are relevant to your own. It will do you NO good to obtain backlinks from websites promoting fish food if  you are in the automobile insurance market!

You commonly hear a term being utilized known as PR, brief for Pagerank.  Pagerank is Googles personal type of “link currency” they assign to pages according to how crucial their algorithm calculates them to be. A single backlink from a PR5 is worth hundreds from PR0 internet sites, get it?

To get the biggest results for the effort you put in – focus on acquiring a handful of hyperlinks from high PR pages.

Locate blogs and forums RELEVANT for your site’s principal subject. Become a regular contributor and leave comments. That way you turn into trusted expert in your field and as you construct relationships with other people on that blog or forum they will click through for your website. This increases your targeted traffic and sends a positive signal for the search engines.

Here’s yet another tip: go back and comment on blogs IN YOUR NICHE and go back regularly to comment on new posts. Show people you are not a spammer and you’ll quickly obtain a foothold on a well-liked internet site or blog, thus increasing visits for your own site!

The crucial point in creating backlinks for ranking purposes is constant activity. Strive to obtain 20 to 30 great high quality backlinks each day, consistently, for an extended time period. Depending on the competition inside your niche you might or might not ever “be done” with getting more backlinks.

Automate getting Backlinks!

automateCreating backlinks can be tedious, so you may want to automate some of it!

My favorite service for beginners is SocialADR because it creates social bookmarks, which Google loves AND it is EASY for beginners (as well as veterans) to use.  The bookmarks are all generated manually by people and I get traffic and ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, as well as bookmarks.  I still use it and love it!  You can find it up in the Tools of the Trade portion of my site.

And if you are looking for some great training that can take you from beginner to advanced in different areas of Internet Marketing, such as ranking in Google, Facebook Marketing or YouTube Marketing, go check out the Training section.

I hope this post his been helpful you to begin to understand backlinks!  Please ‘like’, ‘Google +’ and share if you enjoyed it.  🙂


Live Your Best Life!

Julie Becker

Article Marketing for SEO | Article Marketing isn’t Dead!

article marketing for seoArticle marketing for SEO is really a highly effective approach that may get great results, but only if you use using a plan and stick with it.

A question you might be having is, “Why might I use search engine optimization? How will it help me?” Simply put, SEO will make your website or blog post reach a higher placement on the search engines when people search for a particular keyword, and the more traffic you get, the more revenue you generate.

You’ll need a system. Success with internet marketing is all about discovering the proper tools that work and not worrying about which tool is ‘best’. There’s an excessive amount of chatter and talk about generating tons of money quickly with internet marketing.  But know this, if you are just getting into it, it requires time. It’s a business.

Article Marketing for Search Engine Optimization WORKS

What is Article Marketing, exactly?  Well, there are several great answers to that question.  It allows you to build a connection with your potential audience, attract new visitors and build backlinks for starters.

Within this article we’re going to concentrate on obtaining backlinks by means of article backlinks-chainmarketing for SEO.

After the last round of Google updates, websites that were on the first page of the search engines, lost their positions and people were left scrambling trying to figure out what to do.

The fact is that people would send out tons of bogus articles to blog networks and directories to get links back to their original document, but the content was…. WELL…. crappy.

Many directories and blogs in these networks were de-indexed and people’s sites lost lots of links and in some cases, got penalized.  And for this reason, people were running around yelling that ‘Article Marketing is Dead!’.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Google just doesn’t want to have to index ridiculously crappy content.  And it forces the companies that provide article marketing services to maintain ‘high’ quality networks.  Now that’s not to say that their algorithms may or may not place more or less emphasis on links from directories or blogs.  That is why you must use a diversified strategy and get backlinks not only from article marketing, but also from social media, etc.

I use some very reputable article marketing services that provide great results and they maintain very ‘high quality’ networks.

Until Google tells us something different, backlinks are still vitally essential for ranking. Your aim would be to get your web site as high as possible within the SERPs, then all the other rewards will come naturally. The system or plan you come up should allow you to regularly write value-driven articles are SEO optimized, for your internet site and for the article directories.

Look at your competitors and see how many backlinks they have and where they’re coming from. If they possess a thousand backlinks you are going to require more than that, and much higher quality links if possible.

Recipe for Effective Article Marketing for SEOarticle marketing strategy

Good Keywords

The correct search phrases will be the genesis of generating a fantastic article marketing campaign. At the start of any #1 Google ranking post is actually a keyword.

Use key phrases that meet two criteria. The first is to possess a good size of search volume. Say more than 5,000 searches a month. The second criteria is a term with low-medium competition.

If you have actually put in the time to effectively search for your key phrase on Google, you might be astounded and anxious by number of websites that are competing for that keyword. Don’t stress! The true competitors are the first 10 sites on the front page. That’s it!

Utilizing Google’s keyword search tool, locate a keyword with excellent search volume.

Employ software like Keyword Canine, to discover a wide variety of key phrases your industry is seeking – and just as important, analyze the competitors’ links to see how many they have and where they come from.  Look at the top 5 sites’ backlink.  Can you beat them?

Giving people an answer to what they want will give you an opportunity to yield a profit, so make sure you know what they’re searching for and that they can find your content!

Keyword-Rich Anchor Text

Always use your keywords and phrases inside your anchor text. ‘Click here’ is not going to accomplish squat.

High Quality Articles

Now it’s time to write your articles. Once complete, you are going to submit them to an authority article directory/directories. By distributing your content, you improve the number and quality of backlinks you are obtaining at the same time as giving more opportunities for your audience to locate your quality content.

Article Distribution

When article marketing for SEO, you will need hundreds of backlinks from various places. These can easily originate from blogs, online forums, guest posts – you name it. You can even analyze your opponent’s links and snatch a few of those.

Making use of an article distribution service or software to syndicate your article by means of the directories is actually a very good approach to leverage your time and increase your reach.  One of my favorite article marketing services is Unique Article Wizard.  It is highly reputable and an industry standard.

This is a good technique to follow as long as you continue to produce good-quality posts. After some time, your competitors’ lists of backlinks will certainly be tiny in contrast to yours in simply a couple of weeks – and it works if you follow this article marketing for SEO strategy.


Live your Best Life,

Julie Becker

P.S.  If you are unsure about how to implement SEO and need more detail, I HIGHLY recommend Predatory SEO by Rob Fore.  It is EVERYTHING you need to know!

Find the best link building services

Is there really a best link building service?  There are lots of options to search from and sometimes it feels like sensory overload, trying to sift through all the information.

One thing is for certain, as defined by the ongoing Google updates, you need to build various types of backlinks.

Some of the very best strategies involve article marketing and social signals.  With article marketing, you submit articles to directories and they link to your site.  If you use the right service, these are backlinks that you can trust and that last.  See my post on the best services to use to accomplish this.

Social signals have become very powerful, indeed.  And Google wants to see people who tweet, like, share and bookmark your website or post.  This has become a much more powerful source of link building, since it required a human to do it and not a bot.  Too much automation used to allow duplicate content to rank at the top of google and one of the ways they are trying to combat that is to see how actual people are sharing a site.  Check out my recommendations for the best ways to create social signal links.

Now, let’s talk about completely automated link building services.  Ones in which you submit your URLs to a service and links are built automatically for you.

You want to make sure you pick the very best link building services available to do this.  Preferably ones that have their own, high PR network.  This means it will be tightly controlled, the sites and links will be of high quality and reliable.  I also look for services that are EASY to use and automate.  My goal is to spend more time blogging and less time promoting.

I am also a huge fan of finding and providing value, and I can recommend these tools because I have used them myself to get results!  Things don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg to provide great value if you know how to leverage them.

Let’s talk about Social Monkee.  What is this?  Well, in short it is a service you can use to build a minimum to 25 dofollow back links daily and up to 750 per month, using their basic service.  All this for $7…. ONCE.  .  Each day you submit a url, along with a title and description of the url you are linking to and you can utilize spin code to make the submission more unique.  If you have a membership to Spin Rewriter, this service is incorporated.  If you do not use Spin Rewriter for your content spinning, you need to get it.  They just launched the newest version which is extremely powerful AND easy to use.

Once you have submitted your links to Social Monkee, they are then submitted to a private network of unique C class IP’s.  You can use this service to build backinks to your pages and also to build backlinks to your current back links for 2 -Tier link building!  Pay a little bit more and you can submit more urls.

Submit your  content Every Day to 25 social  bookmarking sites, all on unique  C class IPs... FREE.

The links are created over a period of days and you then get a report with all the new link urls.  Now, you can let the search engines find these on their own eventually, or you can ping them so they get indexed faster, which I would recommend.  With Social Monkee’s highest level of service, you can get 150 backlinks daily and also have your posts submitted to really high PR sites and they’ll also ping them for you.  However, here is what I do for a super powerful link building experience that also does the pinging for me.

I utilize a program called BacklinksIndexer.  I know I am going to sound totally ’80’s here, but it is awesome!  Quite simply, BacklinksIndexer is a service which builds massive backlinks to your backlinks, using unique ip blogs, web 2.0 blogs, micro blogs, bookmarking sites & rss aggregators.

The basic service lets you submit 1500 back links and will create 20,000 back links to those urls.  This, at a cost of $14.99.  The highest plan allows you to submit 15,000 urls per month and they will create 210,000 back links to those!

You know, I’m a little bit of a nerd.  I love numbers.  And even if you’re not a nerd, you’ll love THESE numbers….

A case study involving 7 services, including Backlinkindexer showed this:

Another great thing about BacklinksIndexer is that it is integrated with other services like Social Monkee, so that the process of url submission can be automated!!

So, my process is to submit my post urls to Social Monkee, which then forwards the backlink urls they create to BacklinksIndexer, which then builds links to those backlinks and pings them for me.  Powerful 2 Tier link building with minimal effort and at a great value!!

Backlink Indexing Service

I sincerely hope this post has provided value to you!

Live you Best Life,

Julie Becker

Hot Social Bookmarking Service

social bookmarking serviceHi Y’all!  So….. today my head is spinning with topics I could blog about.  But what to blog about??? Well, I just love the topic of social bookmarking!   I love researching and I really love that there is so much great information out there.

Social Bookmarking has evolved a lot over the last few years and it IS a part of Google’s algorithms which calculate Page Rank and since it’s such a relevant topic, I wanted to share my thoughts on a really great Social Bookmarking Service that I use.

Many of you know that social bookmarking used to be very cumbersome.  You used to have to bookmark webpages manually!!!  You can still do this of course and there are actually some services that have you do that if you can believe it…

With all we have to do today to create a blog with useful content, utilize strategies to get quality back links, create capture pages so we can create a relationship with people, and so on, I find it’s a constant exercise in managing my time….

I’m going to assume that if you are reading this, you know how important it is to incorporate Social Bookmarking into your toolset for creating backlinks.  If you are new and want a really great read on this, check out this post by my mentor, Rob Fore.


My personal favorite right now is SocialADR and here’s why.  It is SO easy to set up.  You submit whatever url’s you want bookmarked, tweeted, google +’d, etc., and real people bookmark, tweet, google+ and whatever else to your page!  AND, pinging is done too.  🙂  And hey, if you’re anything like me, when I hear the words ‘It’s so easy’… I think a) yeah, right OR b) it probably doesn’t do anything.

Nothing could be further from the truth here – it works exactly as advertised.  It is totally impossible not to like this service!  If you have not utilized a Social Bookmarking Service yet, you will love this.  If you are experienced and using some form of Social Bookmarking but want to add more or replace what you’re doing, here is what I will promise you.  It will NOT take up a ton of your valuable time.

SocialADR is a web-based service and there is a monthly fee to use it.  It is VERY affordable and you can utilize it from any computer, anywhere.  It is fully automatic.  Links drip in at all times of the day because they are NATURAL and provided by real people from trusted sites.  They pride themselves on quality links that stick!  For all these reasons, SocialADR is a hot social bookmarking service!

OK.  I was going to keep this post short and just give you my take on SocialADR, BUT, I really have to tell you about this brand-new Social Bookmarking Service.

This service is brought to you by the creators of Unique Article Wizard.  If you are not familiar with Unique Article Wizard, get a brief overview here.  And since UAW is a leading article marketing and backlink building service, I think that classifies the Social Exchange Wizard as a hot social bookmarking service!

The Social Exchange Wizard comes free with your UAW membership and is an internal community.  You are given a certain # of seeds in your account.  You can assign seeds to promote a given url.  For example you can assign 100 seeds to a blog post and every time someone in the community tweets it, you give them 10 seeds.

So by giving away seeds to people, you can promote your url with a social signal and by liking, sharing, tweeting someone else’s url, you harvest seeds.  And if you are running a really big campaign, you can purchase additional seeds!

You can restrict the signal to your url’s to come from those in the same category as you.  The idea is to increase your credibility, gain social influence and trust.  Not to mention there are some really great people in there with a lot of knowledge!  Remember, you become most like those you most closely associate.  🙂

Currently supported Social Networks in the Social Exchange Wizard are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

If you need to promote a blog and don’t currently have Unique Article Wizard, there really is no excuse anymore since your membership also has a social bookmarking service included!

Live your Best Life!
Julie Becker

p.s.  I truly hope this post has been useful to you!  If so, please like, share or comment.  🙂

Link Building Strategies you can Trust

So.  In order for people to find to your website, you need it to rank…  which means getting backlinks.  Now, now all backlinks are created equal.  You want to use link building strategies you can trust, meaning that you are building links naturally and that you can trust the sites sending you the backlink – BECAUSE – Google doesn’t like naughty sites!!!  And you DON’T want to be associated with those.

In this article, we are going to talk about building links that you can trust, meaning the links come from quality sites and WILL STICK.  (Links from new or unestablished sources can disappear. 😮 )

If you blog (and even if you don’t), you should utilize a service or services which will send articles of yours to hundreds or even thousands of reputable web directories and sites.  This is called article marketing.  You write an article, then use a service that helps you create hundreds of unique articles (this is called spinning) to submit it to lots of directories.  All of these articles include a link back to your website.  Directories that accept your article will post it and backlink to the url that you specify.

And you can thank me now because these programs are browser based!  No need to worry about which operating system you have or which computer you are using!!

Link Building with Unique Article Wizard

Unique Article Wizard is a leader in article marketing and creating a link building strategy you can trust.  They will submit your article to hundreds of directories and establish long-lasting links to your website.  Keep submitting articles and they will keep creating backlinks!

This service allows you to create unique articles with a patented process that produces beautiful, readable content.  You can then submit your articles to hundreds of high quality directories.  The review process is done by humans and is very thorough.  They want all of your articles to be approved by blogs and directories so that you get tons of backlinks.

They have fantastic customer service and phenomenal blog plug-ins to help you establish, maintain and strengthen your backlinks.  The more I use this service, and the more I learn, the more I love it!  fyi – their Newsletters are excellent!  Unique Article Wizard is a service my mentor recommended to me, and I can whole-heartedly recommend to you.  It does take a bit to set up an learn, but the time is well worth it!  The articles are of the highest quality and directories love these.  And get this, with your membership, you can request articles to use however you see fit.  Install a Plug-in to your blog, pick a category, how many you want and boom!  They are delivered right there! They even have a Social Exchange to help you get Social bookmarks to your site!!!  Extremely important since Google is placing a heavier emphasis on Social bookmarks these days.  This is a subscription based service and an absolutely fantastic value for all the high quality services you get.  My TOP pick!

Submit your article to hundreds of sites


Link Building with Spin Distribute

Another one of the link building strategies that you can trust and is very affordable is Spin Distribute.  It is really easy to use and they have just added over 200 additional quality directories to submit your articles to! If you are new to this business, you will love this.  It is the first service I used.  Totally user friendly!  AND my favorite thing… quality backlinks.  The reason we are using the service in the first place!!!  You can also order articles here.  It’s a fee-based service and for the price, you really can’t beat it.

Create Unique Articles Fast with Spin Rewriter!

Now, very important, if you are looking to submit unique content to all of these directories, and/or if you syndicate your content, you definitely want to consider using this article spinner, which rocks!  It’s called Spin Rewriter, and it’s a sister service to Spin Distribute.   Spin Rewriter is SO very easy to use.  The articles are quite readable and unique with little modification.  Create a completely unique article in minutes!  Once your articles are *spun*, hop on over to Spin Distribute and Unique Article Wizard to send your articles out to hundreds of directories.  It’s simply one of the services I just can’t do without!

Check out this video to see how Spin Rewriter works!


These tools are a great place to start and to KEEP in your arsenal long-term to build backlinks that you can trust and that will last.  Please Like, Tweet or Google Plus if you enjoyed this post.  🙂

Live your best life!

Julie Becker

p.s.  If you are a blogger who is building backlinks and looking to make additional income, you’ll want to check out my post on internet marketing blog.