Choosing Keywords to be the Queen (or King) of Google!

choosing keywordsChoosing Keywords can be a lengthy process, but when you are trying to get your content on the first page of Google, only winning matters!

If you have unlimited resources at your disposal and a staff of people working on search engine optimization for you, you might not care about this.  But if you’re in business for yourself, you need to be crafty and savvy when choosing keywords!

First things first.  It’s ALL about the competition… meaning, that when you are choosing keywords that you want to rank for, you need to know what your competition is doing so you can BEAT them.   It really all comes down to that….  a game, really!

Everyone typically let’s you know about the free Google Keyword Tool.  And this is a great tool for telling you how many searches people are doing every month.  Many people will tell you to focus on terms that get thousands of searches every month.  But if you do not know what your competition is doing, you don’t know whether the tools you have will be able to get you to the top.

Ranking in Google is all about getting lots of backlinks from various different sources and doing is over a period of time.  The flaw with just looking at the number of searches is that top competitor for your keyword many have 3000 backlinks going to his site and many of them may be high authority.  If your backlinking tools only get you 2500 backlinks OR if you can get 4000 but they are lesser authority…..   you lose.

Can you see how important it is when choosing the keywords that will work for you?  Listen.  There are lots of great keyword tools out there.  I LOVE the one I use….  Keyword Canine by Jonathon Leger.  This thing is amazing AND there is no software to download….  it is browser based.  I learned about it because I use Article Builder (another Jonathon Leger product) for creating unique articles for submission to article directories, backlinking services and auto blogging.

Take a look at this…  this is snippet of results I obtained when looking for related affiliate marketing keywords.  The program rates terms for their ease of ranking… green being the easiest, yellow – moderate, red – hard and flames -fierce.  🙂

keyword canine 1

When you research or click on one term, you can get detailed info that term and the top 10 ranking url’s.  You can see social engagement too – tweets, likes, +1’s.  You can click on the PageLinks and run a report to show you what kinds of links the competition has.

keyword canine 2

And this is just the tip of the iceburg!  Check out the Keyword Canine Demo to get more information.  This program is easy, quick and powerful.

Keyword Canine

There are several facets to ranking on the first page of Google.  Choosing the right Keywords starts the whole process.

So go grab the right keywords.  Use a professional tool to help you find them!


Live Your Best Life!

Julie Becker

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