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Trying to gauge whether DS Domination is worth looking into?

I hear you.  Let’s just dive right in and take a look….


DS Domination Review – What is it?

The DS stands for Drop Ship.  In a nutshell, DS Domination is a training program that shows you HOW to drop ship products for a profit on Ebay and Amazon.  It really is as simple as that…

Now, at fist glance, drop shipping doesn’t sound very sexy….  but here is the deal.

If you could find cheap ‘in-demand’ products, sell them on ebay an or amazon at a nice profit, and not have to stock or ship any of that stuff AND do all this with a few clicks of a mouse and a very short period of time….   well, some people consider that to be sexy.  🙂

DS Domination Review – Quick Income

This training will show you WHERE to find cheap ‘in-demand’ products, HOW to price and list the products on Ebay or Amazon, and HOW to drop ship the products from Amazon directly to your purchasers.

One of the things I really like about this method is that you SELL the product first, THEN purchase and ship to the customer…  So you don’t have to worry about selling inventory.

AND you can execute this in a very small amount of time.

86% percent of people who use DSD are successful and stay with it.

Take a look at this guy…


Click here to check out these results….. 


DS Domination Review – Build a Residual Income

In addition to being able to earn an income by drop-shipping, you can also earn an affiliate income by sharing the DS Domination Program with others.

It costs $9.95 per month to become an affiliate with DS Domination (although this in NOT required) and the Pro Subscription is $19.95 per month.  You can learn the basics and make some money at this level.  Plus, with the ongoing subscription, you get great automation tools to help make listing and tracking much easier AND live weekly training webinars that include a Q&A session.

The Elite Membership is $99.95 per month and it will cover more in-depth sourcing options and how to reduce ebay fees, as well as provide you with Price Tracking Tool.   In addition, you will get software that helps you to source products to list for some huge time savings and there is live weekly training specifically for Elite members.  All of this is designed to increase your profit margin on the drop shipped items and put more money back in your pocket for the products you purchase for your customers (oh, by the way…  get Elite through me and I’ve got a template guaranteed to double the returns – this is just for people on my team) .

If you so wish to build a residual income, in addition to the drop shipping income, this is a nice perk.  Earn 50% commissions on all front-line referrals.  Just 2 referrals on a subscription and YOUR monthly service is FREE.

And here’s a cool feature.  DSD offers a product called Marketing XTreme.  This product contains lessons on how to market the product online, as well as providing access to a highly targeted traffic source.

Here’s some info on the DS Domination Affiliate Compensation Plan…

DS Domination One-Time Purchase Products

Unleashed, Monopoly and Marketing XTreme are one-time purchase products.

‘Unleashed’ gives the top-tier places to obtain products cheaply and shows you the best places to get cash back on the products your purchase for you customers, putting even MORE money back in your pocket.  It also shows you how to reduce Paypal fees and tons of other great stuff like how to make hundreds of dollars per sale.

‘Monopoly’ focuses on helping you become a powerhouse Amazon seller, with super ninja strategies and tricks to eliminate all other competition, setting you up to make huge profit margins.

As mentioned above, ‘Marketing XTreme’ shows you how to market DSD online so that you can earn a residual income that way, as well.  You earn commissions on ALL of the products your referrals purchase.


OK…  there one more product… which is absolutely, ridiculously good.  DSD launched this product in May 2014 and it is causing a sensation.  This isn’t my first rodeo and this product impresses me beyond all others I have seen so for.

It’s called Genesis.  I really need to write a whole blog post on this and I will, shortly, with all of my amazing results (I’m doing my own case study).  This training will show you how to source hot-selling products and sell loads of them on Amazon…. this is about volume selling, my friend.  And when you can sell 100 of 1 item per day and make $4-$5 per sale…   you do the math.

Get more info here.

My Plans with Respect to DS Domination

I don’t just decide to put my time into any old affiliate program out there.  I purchased the products.  I went through them.  I KNOW several people with various levels of online experience from basic beginner to more experienced than I, who have had success with this.

I get excited when I come across a product, service or opportunity that I feel gives people with little to no online experience a chance to make some money.

The fact that the product teaches you how to make money using 100% of your own efforts is a plus because not everyone wants to build a team of people.

On the other hand, for those who like creating residual income streams, the fact that DS Domination has such a high retention rate makes marketing this product VERY attractive.

I am pursuing this as a six figure income stream to add to my portfolio.


I have ALL of the products and have already begun to execute the first strategies.


Click Here to Learn More


Having all of the advanced courses immediately puts the odds of success more greatly in my favor by learning how to drop ship high-ticket items – which is where all the big bucks are actually made.  🙂

Want to see first hand what DS Domination is all about?  Purchase the $19.95 Pro Subscription here. 

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