Who’s your favorite Game of Thrones Character?

favorite game of thrones character

Yes, it’s true…..I am a Game of Thrones Fan….  such a complicated, twisted and yet intricate plot line.  Hey, even successful entrepreneurs have their guilty pleasures!!!!

I love it!  The cast of characters is expansive, but amazingly enough, I am able to keep up with all of them and it really makes it fun because when one of them doesn’t show up on an episode, you wonder what they’re up to….

So, who is your Favorite Game of Thrones Character???

I find my favorites changing as the story continues…

tyrionLast season, my favorite was Tryion Lannister.  I mean, how could you not love him after Season 2??  He was a sarcastic, witty, boozin’, philandering, ‘who cares’ kinda guy.  If he had seen the Lion King, his mantra would have been ‘Hakuna Matata’!

He was smarter than everyone but didn’t play the game until the chips were down.  When it came down to it…  when things got hairy, he put on his ‘big boy pants on’ and defended his family.

He is still one of my favorite characters because he carries on… despite the smack-down from his father, sister and evil brother.  He even ‘made himself’ marry Sansa Stark.  :)   I love perseverance… it’s one of my favorite qualities.

But this season, my new favorite is…..

daenerysDaenerys Targaryen – Mother of Dragons.  Why?  It’s because of the way her character developed.

She was traded off by her brother to marry a brute.  At first, she just put up with her situation…  but then she made a CHOICE to thrive.  She ended up leading the clan after her husband died and most importantly, she sharpened her focus on obtaining the Iron Throne.  It is her obsession, her mission…. and because she is so focused on her goal, every single one of her actions is perpetuated by it.

In a recent episode, when asked how she would succeed since she had no ships, she stated ‘A fortnight ago, I had no army.  A year ago, I had no dragons’.

This is powerful and strikes a cord with me.  Because in order to be successful at  anything, being Queen of the Seven Kingdoms or having a successful online business, you MUST BELIEVE you are capable of anything and FOCUS your attention on accomplishing your goal.

You ARE what you believe you are, because your thoughts drive your actions.

Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite character and what you love about them.  It’s OK, your secret’s safe with me!!  😀


Julie Becker

P.S.  Wonder what a post like this is doing on an affiliate blog???  Well, even though I love making money online, I’m still a game of thrones junkie.  I simply like connecting with people who have similar interests.  And hey, if one of your interests includes creating an income from your computer, check this out.  😀

P.P.S.  This has been out there for a while, but it STILL makes me laugh!


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