Free MLM Leads – The Secrets to Getting Them

free mlm leads

I am a Network Marketer and know, by trade, how to generate Free MLM Leads by talking to people face-to-face.  But I got to a point where I just didn’t want to chase people around and wanted to harness the power of the internet to generate leads online.  Can you relate?

You’ve probably seen lots of programs where you can buy leads online.  Don’t waste your money.  The services that provide these leads do not qualify them for you.  So you will pay money to get the leads and them spend of lot of time sorting and trying to qualify them.  Conversion rates are VERY low.

Why not learn how to generate Free MLM Leads online yourself?  There are many different ways to do this online.  Craiglist, Facebook, Twitter, a Blog…  you can post to all of these places for free, and you should.  Maybe you already have.

But  here is the key question you MUST learn how to answer – How do you get people to see your posts?

In the case of Craigslist, people will see it, but there are so many opportunity posts….   so how do you distinguish yourself so that people will actually look at it?  In the case of fb, twitter and your own blog, there are millions of accounts and blogs out there.  How do you get people to come look at yours???

Let me continue on to say that while it is true that you can generate free MLM leads yourself, if you currently do NOT know how to do it, you WILL need to invest in training to learn how and tools to do it.  But once you make this investment, you will be able to generate free MLM leads on demand.  A skill that can pay you handsomely over time.  I highlight this point because I am in sincere in saying that you can generate FREE MLM LEADS, but I am also sincere in saying that you will have to invest some time and money to learn how.  Nothing TRULY VALUABLE comes for FREE.

In order to generate Free MLM leads online, you will need to learn the concept of Attraction Marketing and Promotion.

Attraction Marketing is learning to find out what people NEED and learning how to present a SOLUTION that is VALUABLE to them.  Promotion is getting your Valuable Solution SEEN.

I learned Attraction Marketing & Promotion from a company whose main objective is to help Network Marketers generate leads.  Not just ANY leads.  These people are in a home business or interested in one.  This program takes the pain out of getting great leads.  It will teach you how to set up a Facebook fan page and promote it, how to set up a blog and promote it, how to set up a Twitter account and promote, etc.  You get the picture!

This program in NOT expensive and you can even take it for a trial run to see if it’s what you are looking for.  Pay just $2 for a 3 day test drive to see if it’s a good fit.  When I wanted to get FREE MLM LEADS, this is exactly where I learned to do it.

Need more info?

Watch this 29 minute video to see how you too can generate FREE MLM LEADS yourself!

Live Your Best Life!

Julie Becker

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