Use the Google Plus Hangout to get SEEN on Google

google plus hangoutThe Google Plus Hangout is a great place to connect with people and share EASILY.

With Google Plus, you can create and share with specific Google Circles.  Work circles, friend circles, however you want to categorize them.  You can create posts that can be seen only by certain circles.

When you create a Google Plus Hangout, you can invite specific friends or co-workers, it is very flexible.

If you want to get found more easily in the Google Search Engine Results, consider using Google Plus Hangouts to record your videos.  Current research is showing that the Google Search Algorithm is LOVING Google Plus Hangouts!

If you are in business, you should know that Video Marketing is VERY POWERFUL.  People can connect with you more easily.  But you need to help them find you.  Getting ranked in Google Search results can be challenging.  This is a skill that can be learned.  Recording your video with a Google Plus Hangout is a great place to start because Google already loves that content.  So all things being equal, if you are trying to rank any kind of content to get seen on the first page of Google, Google Plus vids have high authority now.

This is so easy to use.  Simple create your gmail account.  Create your Google Plus account at  Then go ahead, click the Hangout’s on Air button, then click the Start a Hangout and voila.

You can invite friends or colleagues for a group hangout or just record your message.

A post will automatically be made to your Google Plus timeline and the video will be streamed to YouTube.

This is SO EASY!  I’m a busy mom so whatever I do has GOT to be easy.

If you are looking for a great online business that is just as easy as doing a Google Plus Hangout (remember it’s easy…  I’m a busy mom!), you can learn how to get content seen on the first page of Google too.

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  1. Veronixaveronica says

    I’m with Dov on this, I’m not quite sure what type of business this is or what product or service is being offered. Maybe a missed a video on your blog explaining that? But great info on google +

    • Julie Becker says

      Hi! Well my intention was to give people information. Hence the title of the Article. At the end of the post, you can click the link to get more information on one of my businesses if you wish.

      My intention with every blog post in not to shove my business or product in people’s faces. Most of the time, people don’t go to websites looking to buy something…. UNLESS of course, it is a retail or sales site.

      People are looking for information and if I provide good information, they are more receptive to products, services or businesses I recommend.

      I’m very happy that you liked the information on Google +. :) Thanks so much for stopping by!

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