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high ticket affiliate programsWhat are you looking for an affiliate program?  Are high ticket affiliate programs the best way to go to make money?  You might think that you’ll make the most money by selling the most expensive products, but that may not necessarily be the case.  I really like Perry Marshall’s initial take on this, and he makes the following points.

(1) When prospects click affiliate links, sometimes cookies are attached so that if the prospect doesn’t buy right away and comes back, they are still ‘coded’ for your affiliate link and you can get credit for the sale.  However, most cookies drop off within 90 days.  If you are marketing a high ticket product,  the real high-end sales cycles take at least 60 days and longer.  You might lose that sale…

(2) High Ticket products rarely convert well, and for the ones that do, it’s short-lived and you have to be “in the know” to find out about them.

(3) The High Ticket products and services don’t usually have a good program that pays a decent commission and they probably don’t have high converting website.

This is SO true.  Just research it.  You would be much better served (and probably much less stressed) by going with an affiliate program that has a range of products, pays high commissions AND something that may be out of the box for you.  A MONTHLY subscription fee.

A monthly fee for a valuable service is call RESIDUAL INCOME.  Build that into your vocabulary.  Leaders (those who are building WEALTH) focus on building residual income streams.

If people are willing to pay a fee every month to have a service, and you get a commission on that, you earn every single month on work you did once.  That, my friends, is called leveraging your time!  And the more subscriptions you obtain, the larger your income becomes.

Imagine knowing that you can start off the next month with a certain amount of income coming in….

There are some great high ticket affiliate programs out there that combine an affordable monthly membership fee with high tickets products.  And not only have a great commission structure, but also have the monthly residual income component.

There absolutely are affiliate programs out there that pay 75 -100% commissions for a monthly subscription service AND 100% commissions for high converting, top quality products.  This is absolutely true AND the companies are established… NOT brand, spanking new.  You are not going to have to worry about them folding…

One of my favorite affiliate marketing programs is Empower Network.  Why?  The vision of the leaders in this company will just blow you away AND there are people making $20,000, $40,000, $100,000 and MORE per month.  It is absolutely amazing.  This company pays out 100% commissions on their monthly membership for their viral blogging platform AND 100% commissions for their ‘high ticket’ training products ranging from $500 to $3500.  The monthly membership provides a high authority blog and valuable training.  The high end products provide detailed Internet Marketing Training and Strategies.

The company provides ‘high converting’ splash pages and the blogging platform is on a high authority domain.  If you are marketing online, you know how powerful that is.  Check out there current Alexa Ranking…  413th most trafficked site in the WORLD.


 If you are an experienced Affiliate Marketer, this should be a ‘no-brainer’ for you.


Here’s what I find truly fascinating.  This business has attracted many TOP Internet Marketing Professionals.  But there are also people who start up with no prior experience who are making incredible incomes!!!


Stop running around searching for the perfect high ticket affiliate marketing programs…. you are here.  Click the Button to see what Empower Network can truly offer you!

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