How to Become Successful in Life: Quit Making it Harder than it REALLY is…

how to become successful in life todayLearning how to become successful in life is not hard.  It merely requires disciplining your mind.  Everything you have in your life today is what you attracted to yourself.

If you want something different, really define what success would look like for you.

Think about how you would ‘feel’ if you had the thing that you defined as your success.

You absolutely MUST let your thoughts dwell on what it is you really want.  Be specific!  Because what you focus on EXPANDS.  Now… if you want maximum expansion, you have to incorporate BELIEF.

Why?  The thoughts that have powerful emotions accompanying them generate action.  If you BELIEVE you can achieve it, you feel powerful, centered, confidant.  Focus and belief will generate powerful actions.  Listen to Jim Rohn’s lesson on attracting success to yourself.

Are you thinking about how what is would look like to become a success in life?  Define your specific success goal, write it down and look at it in the morning and night.  Read it out loud.  Believe that you have already achieved that goal and feel that emotion.  Now, think about the things you do everyday.  Is everything you are doing leading you to accomplish your goals?

You CAN control your actions, so look at your daily habits and make sure they coincide with you attaining your definition of success.

I love this Habit Poem.  I have it on the cupboard at eye level in my kitchen so I see it multiple times per day. Habits are actions that we take on a routine basis.  Be consistent in the habits that support your success goals and your belief will get stronger.  It’s a powerful circle that works.  🙂

Habit Poem


Remember that every decision is a choice.  Make it a good one!


Live Your Best Life!

Julie Becker


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