How to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom

Before children, I didn’t think I wanted to be a Stay at Home Mom.  I had a great career, made great money and got to travel.  I always used to think I would be able to handle a career AND children.  Then it came time to actually have children and I thought, ‘who is going to be with them all day?’.  I wanted to see their first smiles, first steps, hear their first words.  Then I thought, ‘If I am out of my career for several years, how hard will it be get back in?’

Can you relate?  Well, thankfully I was blessed with a husband whose income could allow me to stay home at the time.  So bam!  I became a Stay at Home Mom.  I loved being with my kids, but I’ll be honest, I did miss my career a little bit (or at least having adult conversation!).  Then the economy tanked – remember that?  My husband’s business was struggling and we talked about me going back to work.

I was terrified.  I didn’t know and still don’t know how women are able to work full-time jobs and do everything that it requires to take care of a family.  It’s amazing to me.  Some of them really love what they do and I have no idea where they find the energy!  I do, however, know lots of moms who work full-time, take care of their families, and wish they could quit their job.

I didn’t want go back to work full-time, so I started up a Network Marketing Business with a Health and Wellness company that I could work part-time.  I really enjoyed it and built a great business.  Then my husband had to work crazy hours and I couldn’t do home presentations because I needed to be home with the kids.  I kept my base business, but couldn’t grow it like I wanted.  So….   I started searching….  online.

I was determined to find out how to Make Money as a Stay at Home Mom in the online arena.

I searched for a long time.  You find all sorts of crazy stuff when you’re trying to find out how to make money online.  Most of the things I found were really hard to understand and were going to take a long time to figure out.  Then I found it.  When I first saw it, I’ll be honest, I thought ‘Can this really work?’.  And then I thought, ‘Can I really do this?  I don’t know anything about the internet!’.

I became a blogger (which means I write articles like this one and post them on a bog website) and an Internet Marketer.  It sounds scary when you say it like that, but I didn’t have to learn it myself.  I joined a company that provides you with a pre-configured blog and great training.  I posted an article on my blog the very first day I started!!  This business has changed my life.  My three-year-old is literally playing with his cars right here while I’m finishing this post!

There are no special skills needed to get started.  I had NO internet experience.  HOWEVER, in order to make money, you do need to learn and you must be consistent.  If you will spend 1-3 hours EVERY day, learning and executing what you learn, you CAN be successful!

Being a Stay At Home Mom ROCKS!


If you want to see how I got started, please read this article to get the details.  Or click on the banner below to see the free video..



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