Internet Marketing for Beginners – It Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult!

internet marketing for beginners

This post is for anyone trying to find the most valuable information on Internet Marketing for Beginners, including tips you need to know NOW, not LATER, and resources to get started.  I’m here to help!

Of course, the absolute FIRST thing you need to do is find something to sell.  You may already have a business and just want to market online.  If not, continue reading to the end of the post and I’ll give you some great ideas for products and services you can market online.

Let me give you a million dollar tip on Internet Marketing for Beginners right now:

If you are going to be successful at Internet Marketing, your primary goal is to ‘build a list‘.

What is a list and why do I need to build one??  Your ‘list’ contains the name and email of people who are interested in your information, products, or services.  You NEED to build this list because people may not quite be ready to buy your business or product when they first look at it.  However, they may need it in the future.  Not only that, but you may have other great products or services that they need.  And if you don’t get their information – how can you let them know about it?


Building a list allows you to build a relationship.  This is critical to your success because people do business with those they know, like and trust.


So how do you get people to join your list online?  Once you discover that, you are in the game, my friend! There are numerous ways to do this.  You can create websites, blogs, Facebook pages, a Twitter following, paid advertising, free advertising, etc.  You need to GET people to your website or Facebook page so they can see WHAT you have to offer and you need to have a WAY to entice them to enter their information, so you can add them to your list.

Let me just say that this can take while to figure out.  Not just that, but it requires a lot of internet geek know-how.  This used to be out of the scope of Internet Marketing for Beginners.  But a few years ago a company was formed.  And the purpose of this company was, and is, to help people Build a List (or get leads) online!  It is basically a training service.  They will teach you how to build a site, set up a Facebook account, or whatever online presence you want to market from.  They will show you what you need to do so that people can find you on the internet AND they have a great way to collect people’s information so you can start building your list.

So many big names in Internet Marketing today, got their start with this program.  I have gotten HUGE value out of this program!

If this excellent training isn’t valuable enough, read on.  Do you remember at the beginning of the post when I told you I’d recommend something great for you to market if you didn’t currently have anything?  If you choose, you can register as an affiliate for FREE and make money when you share this extremely valuable service with others!

The name of the company is MyLeadSystemPro and they were created to help youThey ARE Internet Marketing for Beginners.  It’s completely risk free to check out, as it’s a whopping $2 test drive for 3 days!


It’s OK if you don’t believe me.  No hard feelings. :)

This video will solidify it for you.

Live Your Best Life!!!

Julie Becker

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