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internet-traffic-formula-reviewSo you’ve heard about this cool, new product.  But is it what you’re looking for?  Get a detailed Internet Traffic Formula Review and make an informed decision on whether or not it’s for you.

Internet Traffic Formula Review – The Background

Internet Traffic Formula is brought to you by Empower Network, an online company who specializes in providing digital training products that teach people the latest techniques and strategies to market on the internet.

The creator of the product is Vick Strizheus, an online marketing prodigy who has topped many leader boards in various affiliate contests and made the most money ever in his first month with  Empower Network, than anyone in the history of network marketing has ever made in their first month.


He attributes his success to mastering everything there is to know about online traffic.

So… let’s take a look inside…

Internet Traffic Formula Review- The Inside Scoop

There are 3 main segments in this training product.

  • Capture Mastery
  • Traffic Mastery
  • Conversion Mastery

This is different than most traffic training courses in that most often, when people talk about traffic, they only focus on methods of generating it, whether it be by blogging, seo, social media, ppc, etc.

This is refreshing, because this one product provides training on the 3 essential areas required to not only get targeted and relavent traffic, but how to CAPTURE as much of that as possible and how to CONVERT it into sales.

Module 1:  Capture Mastery –  This component contains 12 Modules ranging from the strategy and psychology of how to create a capture page (otherwise known as a landing page) that converts, as well as covering the back-end piece, making sure that your marketing messages are cohesive.

Imagine being able to compel someone to give you their email, and then giving them the exact information they want.  You create trust right off the bat.

It sounds simple, but there is a psychology and methodology to it.  Most marketers consider a capture page to be successful if they can get 20 people out of 100 that see it to opt in and provide their email address.

Vick achieves 50-90% opt in rates and that is what he teaches his students how to do.

One of the most important aspects of your capture machine is being able to measure HOW effective it is and how to optimize it.  If you can’t measure it,  you can’t improve it.  That is covered in great detail in this module and learning how to do this will elevate you from amateur to master.

Module 2:  Traffic Mastery – This component also contains 12 modules.  The strategies range from media buys, utilizing traffic agencies, mobile traffic strategies, PPC traffic, Social Media, Facebook & Video Traffic, CPA and more.   Most of the strategies covered are paid strategies, with some attention to free methods.  The reason is simple.  Mastering paid traffic pays more.  A lot more. Because you can scale it.

However, if you do not have a marketing budget to start, you can learn the free methods and then move on to the paid strategies.  This course has all the material you’ll need to make the transition.

Learn the CURRENT strategies that work within each of these areas and details on to execute them properly.  You’ll learn how to track, measure, and test so that you don’t lose money.

AND there is a section on a super ninja strategy which teaches you how to amplify ALL of this traffic, while lowering your cost market.

The traffic amplifier module is something I have been looking for, for a while, and that information alone is worth $500.  Imagine getting leads and being able to follow them wherever they go on the internet and being able to market to them.  It’s called re-targeting.  Learn how to do it right and it will explode your return on investment.

Module 3:  Conversion Mastery – This portion of the training encompasses learning how to utilize and execute extremely effective email marketing and follow up.  The first part of the equation is learning how to create a large amount of targeted traffic.  The second part is capturing as much of that traffic as you can.

But arguably, the most important part is learning to master the art of conversion.

Did you know that most people who see your offer the first time, will not buy?  Furthermore, if it’s an opportunity and they do get in, these are the people most likely to give up and leave first.

Effective follow up will develop a relationship and loyalty.  Statistically speaking, in a good follow up campaign, it takes 5-7 emails for someone to make a decision about your offer/opportunity.  That’s because during that time-period, they are trusting you more.

This is why marketers say ‘The money is in the list.”  If you are NOT getting conversions, from the traffic you capture, you will go broke.


limited accessInternet Traffic Formula is a limited-access product.  After the product originally launched in April, the demand was so large the the doors were closed.  Access is now limited.

Because of the that, I cannot tell you at the time that you read this, whether it is open or not.  Click HERE.  If it is open, you will be able to get access, if not, get on the waiting list to find out as soon as there is an opening!



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