Is College Worth It : A Worthwhile Question for Parents and Grads

is college worth itTo go to college or not?  Is college worth it?  That is a worthwhile question today.  With college tuition prices soaring and student loan debt crushing down, this is a totally worthwhile question for today’s parents and their kids to look into an research.

If you’re a parent reading this, you know you’re always thinking about how much you can save to pay for your child’s education.  The reality is, that in this economy, most middle class parents cannot save much and what they do save will not pay for a 4 year degree.

Is it worth it to advise our children to take out loans to make up the difference?  This is a FINANCIAL investment, and as such, you should educate yourself and your kids. I am a big believer in education. But what type of education to pursue? Here’s an interesting clip.

Now, this clip bring up some interesting points.  You need to research the degree that is being sought.  What are the wage rates and employment rates for that particular degree?  Not only that….  you need to look at the school and it’s statistics on percentage of grads that are employed after graduation.

There is a really cool tool that show you how long will take to pay off a specific degree from a particular university.  Check it out at  Now just know that no tool is perfect, and these guys show you how they do their calculations and what the assumptions are.  I think it a great starting point for analysis sake.

Here, I took a look at the University of Georgia with a 4 year degree in Health Sciences.  It shows that it would take about 3 years to pay off AND pay less over your lifetime.  Note:  the calculation assumes that 100% of your salary will be used to pay off the debt.  So, realistically it will take longer.

If you look at an Engineering Degree from the same school, it makes sense to get the four year degree.


And we’re back to the question.  Is College Worth It?  As you can see, it depends on the degree you’re looking to pursue and the school you’re attending.  In addition to a conventional college education, I would also encourage you to research entrepreneurial education as a tool to help you earn additional income.

I can tell you that I do have an advanced degree in engineering.  I even moved up to management to make a pretty nice income.  But I worked a lot of hours…  and traveled.

Before my husband and I started having children, I had already decided that I didn’t want to be working like that and never be able to spend any time with them.

So I started researching ways that I could go into business for myself.  Now owning your own brick and mortar business is a ton of work, and while it can be very lucrative, it would definitely require that same amount of work, if not more, than the career I had before.

My research led me to Network Marketing Business Models, which show people how to leverage their time to create an income.  I started up a business online.  A lucrative business.  And the income potential is far beyond that of my previous j.o.b., with a lot less hours.

Do I advise people do this instead of college?  Not at all.  A college education is important for many different reasons.  And the pursuit of an education that will enrich and benefit your life is extremely important.  However, expanding your education to include other non-traditional means of building a business and creating passive income streams with leveraged business models is SMART.

If you are wondering how you are going to pay for your child’s college, or want to look into additional ways for your child to earn an additional income and build their OWN business, you deserve to see THIS.  I help people build their own businesses and residual income every day.

By the way, this is so powerful, that a 12 year old is profitable with it….



Want more information?  Check out this post.

Live Your Best Life!

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