Are you ‘Just Another Statistic’ in the Home Business Arena?


Does is take Super Powers to Succeed in the Home Business Arena?


You know, to be completely honest, there’s this crazy statistic that says 95% of people in the Home Business Arena will fail.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales, Internet Marketing, etc.   But let’s examine what that really means.

You can break it down like this.  If someone comes into a Home Business as a hobby, and with the mindset of, “I’ll give it a try and see what happens”, they are setting themselves up to fail.  These people often jump into a program without skill, knowledge and experience (which is OK if you are realistic and willing to learn) and will most likely quit on themselves at the first sign of discouragement.

Now let’s take a look at a someone who is dedicated to their business.  These people “Develop” and Maintain unwavering beliefs.  Beliefs that They CAN and WILL succeed if they simply don’t quit.

These types of people absolutely commit themselves to personal and professional growth and development. They soak up knowledge, and training and implement it into their business without hesitating. They do this because they KNOW what the outcome will be when they simply educate themselves, and apply what they learn.

home-business-statisticIf we were to look at that statistic and apply it only to those who “Stuck With It”, The True Home Business Arena Success Rate would then be closer to 95%, as opposed to 5%.


The great Wayne Gretsky said,

“You Miss 100% of the Shots you DON’T Take”.


Imagine if he never took his first shot, or worse…  if he never took another one every time he got stopped…..

The only way you can succeed is if you continue – even when things aren’t working out the way you want.


“The Only Way To Fail Is To Quit”

This path to Home Business Success will require you to stay determined and focused on your goals by maintaining the belief that you will get there with effort, and consistency.

With that being said, I wanted to share this inspiring video. It really embodies the struggles that some will go thru on their path to victory, yet with effort, eventually reach their goal.


I’d love to hear your comments on this.  Are you part of the 95% that quit, or are you writing your success story…  I’d love to know.  🙂

Live Your Best Life!

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