Legit Ways to Make Money Online – A Little or a Lot!

legit ways to make money onlineIn researching this subject, I came across the some interesting tidbits.

When looking for legit ways to make money online, you can make a little or a lot, so have a goal in mind when thinking about the avenue you want to take.

You also need to consider how much effort you want to put into it.  You’re not going to get paid big-time for little work.  That is NOT legit.


Legit Ways to Make Money Online – Pay Per Task

Micro-gigs.  Something you may want to consider is to offer services on fiverr.com or gigbucks.com.  These are sites that connect buyers and sellers with services for cheap.  I have seen all sorts of things on there.

People will create video testimonials, run backlinks to your website, create graphics and logos, write articles, perform songs and tons of useful stuff.

If you have a specialty or expertise in an area, consider selling your services here.  If your not sure what you can do, just hop over there and check it out…  you’ll get lots of great ideas.

I’ve even seen people offer to come up with a practical joke to pull on someone or offer to be a creepy clown for any occaision.  I am totally serious!creepy clown

How much you can make depends on how many gigs you can turn around in the smallest amount of time.



Answer questions.  Are you a walking vessel full factoids that would win you first place in jeopardy?  There are companies out there, like JustAnswer.com who will pay you as an ‘expert’ to answer questions that come in to them from across the internet.  You’ll be screened and tested to be a certified expert in specific area.  Then you’ll get paid for answering questions.  Just a note, you will be paid small amounts of money to do this, this is not a big money maker!


Online surveys.  You can sign up with several companies to complete paid online surveys to rate products and services.  You be paid a small fee for completing the surveys and the best way to generate a little money would be to sign up for several sites.  GlobalTestMarket.com is one and you can Google them.  Again, this doesn’t pay a lot of money, but you might be able to fill up your gas tank.

Legit Ways to Make Money Online – Commission Based

Internet and Affiliate Marketing.  Bottom line?  You’re selling products or services online for a company, like Amazon, internet marketing for beginnersEbay or countless other.  You can create  A LOT of money doing this, but the caveats are that you have to learn how to drive traffic (get eyeballs on your offers) and there is no guaranteed income…  it’s commission based.

This area offers a wide range of different opportunities and compensation structures.  It can be highly lucrative, but you’ll have to learn skills and work at it.  Essentially you are building your own business.

There are places that are ‘newbie’ friendly and offer great internet marketing training products and courses that you can turn around and sell for a profit…. kind of like a training platform and affiliate program all rolled into one.

If this is something that interests  you… check out the program I recommend HERE.

Hope this post has given you some good food for thought!

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