The Most Profitable Affiliate Programs: A New Paradigm

Are you spending your time wisely – marketing the Most Profitable Affiliate Programs?  There are lots to choose from.  So just how precious is your time?  With traditional affiliate programs, you make a commission depending on how much you sell.  If you get a certain number of visitors to your site every month, you make a certain number of sales.  So, if you’re optimizing your traffic and conversions, your going to reach a plateau and will never be able to increase your income because you’re meeting the demand.  If it’s around $500 a month for that site, given that demand stays constant, you aren’t going to make any more.

Large affiliates like Amazon are stable, reputable and easy to work with.  However, their commission percentages are very low (like 6%) so you have to sell A LOT of products to create a good overall income.  Smaller companies commissions tend to be higher (20 – 50%).  Now, we’re talking!  Generating multiple streams of income is a wealth building strategy and while I do take advantage of this affiliate marketing model, it’s always a good idea to incorporate different strategies.

I also love incorporating affiliates programs for companies that offer monthly memberships.  There are lot of great internet marketing tools, like Unique article wizard, Tribepro, Article Builder and others that are subscription based and pay affiliates a monthly commission on active memberships.  The reason I love this model is because if you sell a monthly subscription and get a percentage of that subscription every month, you can increase your income month over month….   adding more subscriptions adds more income.  And if you can increase your income month over month, with the same amount of effort it took to make one sale, why wouldn’t you??


Now, let’s think big.  What if there was an affiliate program that offered valuable memberships in the billion dollar home business and network marketing  industries???  There is some BIG affiliate money here.


I will caution you that there are companies out there that are truly reputable, but there are others that are not.  You need to be careful.  Look at the recent instance of Zeek Rewards.  This company sold memberships in return for bids to be used on it’s auction site.  The bids never had to be used.  The Fed argued that people were strictly receiving commissions on memberships where no real product or training was provided.  Not to overdo the saying, but when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  You’ve got to  choose wisely and choose companies that are established, reputable and provide great value to people.

With that said, I feel completely confident in saying that the following companies offer great value and are some of the most profitable affiliate programs available because they not only offer monthly memberships that appeal to those in the huge home based business arena, they also offer 100% commissions on highly valuable products.  This is a much different model of affiliate marketing than most people are used to, but it is exploding.  So if you are willing to shift your vision, you’ll see it.  And you’ll profit… big time.

My first recommendation is MyLeadSystemPro, the brainchild of Brian Fanale, Todd Schloemer and Norbert Orlewicz.  This program specializes in providing training and resources to teach network marketers, or people looking to start up a home business, how to generate their own leads online through facebook marketing, twitter, blogging, solo ads, ppc, etc.  This is a HUGE market.  And if you are or have ever been in network marketing, you know the lifeblood of your business is in having qualified leads that are interested  in you and your business.  The training and community are excellent.  There are several different memberships available, and as an affiliate marketer, this is what will interest you.  The top level Mastery membership ($150 per month) offers $100 commission per month to you for all Mastery Members you refer AND you get ‘resell’ rights and receive 100% commissions on highly sought after products from the top income earners.


>>>MyLeadSystemPro Mastery Details<<<



My second recommendation (and the one that is the most lucrative for me personally) is a program called Empower Network.  This company provides a fully configured blog on a high authority domain and products that will teach you  what you need to know to be successful at marketing online.

This affiliate program within Empower allows you to sell the highly valuable training and receive 100% of the profits.  This is very attractive because it allows people who have always wanted to start up a home based business easy entry.

The leadership in this company is excellent.  If you are truly looking for the most profitable affiliate programs, offering products and services that will teach you HOW to market on the internet, and provide income from monthly memberships and income from the best available training products available, this is it.  Empower Network leaders are bringing $50,000 to $100,000 per month.

Even with no prior experience (like me), people can and do generate $10,000 per month within their first year.  Be warned… this business takes work.  You WILL NOT get something for nothing.  You will have to learn new skills.

But if you are willing to do this, take a look….


>>>Get the Details On Empower Netork<<<


Both of these affiliate programs can be highly lucrative, but here is the thing I like best about them.  I feel good as a leader, marketing and recommending them to people because they DO bring immense value.  You do have to learn and work to succeed and that is the way it SHOULD be in building a long-term, sustainable and reputable business.

Hope this have given you some food for thought!


Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker

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