Self Empowerment: It starts with Faith

self empowermentSelf empowerment is something that seems to comes so easily for some and elude others…

It allows you to act with confidence, posture and calmness.  When you FEEL empowered, you feel centered, lifted and fulfilled.  Instead of anxiety, you have anticipation.  Instead of dread, you have hope.

Where does one start on their journey toward self empowerment???  There is plethora of information, books and cd’s, seminars and trainings.

Let me tell you where it starts.  It starts with your belief or faith in yourself.  Your belief that you have something valuable to bring to the table. Because the fact is that you DO have something that NO ONE else has.  Talents and abilities that you were born with…  I call this your MAGIC.

If you cannot develop a sense of faith in yourself…. that you ARE where you’re supposed to be, that you are enough, that you have value….  then you will never be able to move yourself forward.

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  But it actually takes active focus and constant attention develop and deepen your belief or faith.  Our brains are wired to ask and answer questions and our subconscious is always doing these things.

One strategy that people use to work on their subconscious is to ask themselves purposeful and positive success questions repeatedly, like ‘How do I find it so easy to generate $10,000 per month in my business?’  This is a very powerful way to incorporate a goal in to a success question.  When you ask yourself questions like this, your subconscious mind finds a way to solve it.  Not only that, but doing this repeatedly allows you to believe that you can achieve.  This feeling of belief changes the way you act and as it gets stronger gives you more confidence and more successful action taking.  It feeds itself.  But YOU must feed IT.

Take the first step and ACCEPT and ACKNOWLEDGE the fact that you have something special – a MAGIC that only you have.  It IS real and it IS there.  Make a choice to believe just that and see how that makes you feel.  You will start thinking differently immediately and new possibilities will appear.

Self empowerment and building a successful online business are what we teach and train on our Prosperity Team.  This is a place where you will find the highest caliber of entrepreneurs who will uplift, edify, encourage you, and help you in developing an entrepreneurial mindset, as well as providing guidance and “how to” knowledge in developing a profitable and successful business.

If you are looking for self empowerment and prosperity in life, join together with me and unleash your MAGIC!

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Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker


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  1. Taiye Ogunsanya says

    In two month time i will be a graduate,considering my age (36) i want to be independent,either working online,which i prefer most.
    Please i need your assistance.
    Taiye from Nigeria

  2. says

    I love this post Julie very inspiring! We are all unique and have the ability to change others lives. You Rock!

    Blog With Passion!

    • Julie Becker says

      Thank you Jonathan. 🙂 I love seeing all different people’s points of view. Everyone truly has a voice that will resonate with someone else. All anyone ever need remember if they think their voice is not important enough is that EVERYONE starts somewhere!

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