Social Media SEO – The New Standard

social media seoDriving Traffic.  Those of us who work on the internet depend on it.

If you are utilizing SEO and struggling to get traffic, one of the factors you may want to look at is Social Media SEO.

Google is always changing it’s algorithms and that will always be the case.

They are currently heavily favoring social media links and signals and with the continuing surge in social sharing, you can bet this is a trend that here to stay.

Now, in case you are thinking about going out and getting a ton of twitter accounts and tweeting your url, don’t bother.  While getting a bunch of tweets is good, all the signals are coming from one ‘domain’, if you will.  AND if you tweet them all at the same time, it doesn’t ‘look’ natural.

Better is to have bookmarks and likes, shares and tweets, all coming in from many different sources at different times.

Now doing this yourself is time consuming, so whenever I can find a way to automate something, I’m on it!

There are several tools out there for Social Media SEO.  Here is quick overview on my favorite tool – Social ADR.  This program is easy to use, fully automated, quite powerful, AND it’s brower based so you can use it on ANY computer.


So there you have it, Social Media SEO made easy! 

SocialADR is a great tool.  I especially love the fact that I can control how fast the links are distributed to my site.  Being able to provide a constant drip of social signals is powerful stuff!

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Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker

P.S.  To see more of the tools I use, be sure to check out my ‘Tools of the Trade‘ section.

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