Article Builder Review – An Inside Look


Article Builder Review – Bullet Points

– Browser Based

– Highly unique, niche specific articles with a few mouse clicks

– Auto-blogging capability

– Monetized content with clickbank

– Ability to create articles in spintax format

– Utilize LSI for anchor text diversification

– API functionality

 Article Builder Review – Details

If you do any kind of article marketing for backlinks, you have to have articles to submit.  While there are many places to get articles, this program is quick and cost effective if you use a lot of them.  And, as I mentioned, if you want to use it with Unique Article Wizard, it works great!

And if you are building and/or maintaining several blog sites, this is an absolute auto-pilot product for you.  It really doesn’t get any easier.

This program is limited to a certain number of users and the uniqueness of the base articles is around 70%.  This is fine for most sites.  But, as I mentioned in the video, The Best Spinner is integrated.

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Useful Article Writing Tips for your Blog

Creating great content for your blog can be strenuous.  But it doesn’t have to be!  I am constantly learning about new tools, new strategies, new marketing concepts and the one thing you have to keep doing if you have a blog is posting, so article writing needs to be as painless and quick as possible.

Depending on what type of blog you have, you may have different article writing strategies.  For example, this is my main, personal blog.  The articles that I write here are original.  I want you to get to know ME, my style, and know this article was written specifically to give detailed, useful information to you.  I also have an auto blog and that can be useful too.  And I use article writing services to help me with both.  Let me explain…

This site is dedicated to sharing information to help people create Residual Income.  And not just from one source.  Creating multiple income streams is the SMART way to do business.

So why would you want to create a blog in which the article writing is done for you?  Well, if you autoblog, you can typically post a lot more content.  Google loves new information and a blog that has new content consistently becomes an authority faster – PR, baby!  But I don’t want to post just any old content.  When people get to my site, I want them to find something useful.  So which article writing service is best?

Looking for FREE article writing services?  Let me save you some time.  They are completely worthless.  With the amount of time you have to put in to them to create an article, you might as well write one from scratch.

A cool, browser-based service for obtaining articles for your blog is provided by Unique Article Wizard.  Now, I originally signed up for Unique Article Wizard because they are the best in the business when it comes to Article Marketing and creating backlinks.  I then learned that you can request articles that are written by others and you can post them to your blog.  If your blog has links to other sites, it makes your blog look good, so you need to do that sometimes!  I also include links to my posts at the end of the articles before posting.  This service is provided FREE with your membership.  They have also incorporated a Social Media exchange to help you get social links.  ALL THIS with your standard membership!  I love Unique Article Wizard and if you are serious about this business, IMHO, it’s a tool you can’t do without.

Submit your article to hundreds of sites

Another really nice tool is Instant Article Writer.  It is a windows based software tool that pulls snippets from blog articles, directories and other sources based on your keywords.  You can then piece them together and create an original article.  It also integrates some of the top spinners.  This is a very good program, but my time is valuable and I can get better results in less time…..

My favorite article writing service is Article Builder and here’s why.  You can choose a topic, have Article Builder inject pictures, videos, and tips and it creates a completely readable and “pretty” document to post on my site.  Now by readable, I don’t mean all the words are spelled right.  It reads as if it were written by a person.  This is because of the technology it uses and the articles are 75% to 90% unique.  Did I mention that it is a browser based application?  I blog from a mac, which you may or may not know can be challenging if you are trying to use desktop applications!  Also, it’s nice to know that if something happens to my computer, I can create articles and blog from anywhere!!!

Now, a pretty, readable document is great.  But that is not enough.  I always want to provide links back to my sites, offers, etc.  Article Builder automatically incorporates clickbank links into the document if you have a click bank account and will also put in whatever links you specify.  You can set this up to post to whatever blogs you want at the frequency you desire.

I autopost to my Empower Network blog.  Follow this link to see what a typical article looks like – I did absolutely nothing to modify it!

Now you can also use Article Builder if you don’t autopost.  If I’m in a slump or just can’t figure out what to write, I’ll use it to create a base article and then rewrite it from there.  Sounds like work, but it’s a lot less work than trying to start from scratch when you just don’t feel like it!  (Am I the only one that has days like that?  :D)

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