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article marketing for seoArticle marketing for SEO is really a highly effective approach that may get great results, but only if you use using a plan and stick with it.

A question you might be having is, “Why might I use search engine optimization? How will it help me?” Simply put, SEO will make your website or blog post reach a higher placement on the search engines when people search for a particular keyword, and the more traffic you get, the more revenue you generate.

You’ll need a system. Success with internet marketing is all about discovering the proper tools that work and not worrying about which tool is ‘best’. There’s an excessive amount of chatter and talk about generating tons of money quickly with internet marketing.  But know this, if you are just getting into it, it requires time. It’s a business.

Article Marketing for Search Engine Optimization WORKS

What is Article Marketing, exactly?  Well, there are several great answers to that question.  It allows you to build a connection with your potential audience, attract new visitors and build backlinks for starters.

Within this article we’re going to concentrate on obtaining backlinks by means of article backlinks-chainmarketing for SEO.

After the last round of Google updates, websites that were on the first page of the search engines, lost their positions and people were left scrambling trying to figure out what to do.

The fact is that people would send out tons of bogus articles to blog networks and directories to get links back to their original document, but the content was…. WELL…. crappy.

Many directories and blogs in these networks were de-indexed and people’s sites lost lots of links and in some cases, got penalized.  And for this reason, people were running around yelling that ‘Article Marketing is Dead!’.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Google just doesn’t want to have to index ridiculously crappy content.  And it forces the companies that provide article marketing services to maintain ‘high’ quality networks.  Now that’s not to say that their algorithms may or may not place more or less emphasis on links from directories or blogs.  That is why you must use a diversified strategy and get backlinks not only from article marketing, but also from social media, etc.

I use some very reputable article marketing services that provide great results and they maintain very ‘high quality’ networks.

Until Google tells us something different, backlinks are still vitally essential for ranking. Your aim would be to get your web site as high as possible within the SERPs, then all the other rewards will come naturally. The system or plan you come up should allow you to regularly write value-driven articles are SEO optimized, for your internet site and for the article directories.

Look at your competitors and see how many backlinks they have and where they’re coming from. If they possess a thousand backlinks you are going to require more than that, and much higher quality links if possible.

Recipe for Effective Article Marketing for SEOarticle marketing strategy

Good Keywords

The correct search phrases will be the genesis of generating a fantastic article marketing campaign. At the start of any #1 Google ranking post is actually a keyword.

Use key phrases that meet two criteria. The first is to possess a good size of search volume. Say more than 5,000 searches a month. The second criteria is a term with low-medium competition.

If you have actually put in the time to effectively search for your key phrase on Google, you might be astounded and anxious by number of websites that are competing for that keyword. Don’t stress! The true competitors are the first 10 sites on the front page. That’s it!

Utilizing Google’s keyword search tool, locate a keyword with excellent search volume.

Employ software like Keyword Canine, to discover a wide variety of key phrases your industry is seeking – and just as important, analyze the competitors’ links to see how many they have and where they come from.  Look at the top 5 sites’ backlink.  Can you beat them?

Giving people an answer to what they want will give you an opportunity to yield a profit, so make sure you know what they’re searching for and that they can find your content!

Keyword-Rich Anchor Text

Always use your keywords and phrases inside your anchor text. ‘Click here’ is not going to accomplish squat.

High Quality Articles

Now it’s time to write your articles. Once complete, you are going to submit them to an authority article directory/directories. By distributing your content, you improve the number and quality of backlinks you are obtaining at the same time as giving more opportunities for your audience to locate your quality content.

Article Distribution

When article marketing for SEO, you will need hundreds of backlinks from various places. These can easily originate from blogs, online forums, guest posts – you name it. You can even analyze your opponent’s links and snatch a few of those.

Making use of an article distribution service or software to syndicate your article by means of the directories is actually a very good approach to leverage your time and increase your reach.  One of my favorite article marketing services is Unique Article Wizard.  It is highly reputable and an industry standard.

This is a good technique to follow as long as you continue to produce good-quality posts. After some time, your competitors’ lists of backlinks will certainly be tiny in contrast to yours in simply a couple of weeks – and it works if you follow this article marketing for SEO strategy.


Live your Best Life,

Julie Becker

P.S.  If you are unsure about how to implement SEO and need more detail, I HIGHLY recommend Predatory SEO by Rob Fore.  It is EVERYTHING you need to know!