INFINii Overview – Get the Straight Talk Here

On Saturday, October 31st, 2015, the INFINii business was unveiled at the DS Domination Event in Orlando, FL.  INFINii is the brainchild of the DSD founder/owners and was created with additional key players/partners to ensure that it was brought to market with all of the bases covered.

New partner, Kevin Thompson, is a top MLM attorney, as well as an entrepreneur.  He’s a stickler for compliance and bringing him in says a lot of about the leaders.  Also partnering up are Ken Eggleston and John Kinnear, 2 of the most successful leaders in the MLM space.

Now…. if you are a DSD member, or someone who is attracted to DS Domination, this may actually be a turn off.  After all, the reason that most of DSD’s members got involved with the company was because they were sick of having to recruit to make money.

There.  The elephant is out of the bag and freely roaming around the room.

But let’s just dive into this a little bit more.  If you’ve been involved in MLM, it’s the ‘guru’ leaders that we secretly despise.  They always have one more training or tool that will magically make our business take off.  It’s the unethical people that drive us nuts… oh… and the fact that the big paycheck you’re chasing is dependent on your ability to build a really big team.

So what’s going on with INFINii?  Should you be excited or not?

In all honesty, DSD itself is an MLM.  That component was never really pushed much, because the founders wanted the focus to be on people making money with the PRODUCT… i.e. the training that DSD provides.

And INIFINii is also going to be very customer-centric.

INFINii is, in fact a larger entity.  It was always the plan that DSD would be an offering within INFINii, it was just never known to the general populace.

The idea behind INFINIii is to offer solutions on a much larger scale and encompass the whole supply chain.


INFINii Member Benefits


One of the most unique benefits of being an INFINii member is gaining access the Springboard Co-op System.

This is a unique offering for those who want to get started in ecommerce, but want to start generating some profits while they are learning how to source, sell and manage their own stand-alone ecommerce business.

INFINii has been able to purchase tens of thousands of popular products.  As an INFINii member, you’ll be able to buy into a co-op purchasing a certain amount of product at a very low price.  INFINii will then sell those products on your behalf and send the profits to your account.  You don’t have to source it, list it, optimize your listing, market it, nothing.

Just pick the product you want INFINii to sell on your behalf.

Main Member Benefits

The main goal always has been to help people to create their own, stand-alone, profitable ecommerce businesses.

In addition to the Springboards,  there will be training on how to go out to start building an ecommerce income on several different platforms, including eBay, Amazon and Bonanza.  Everything from selling products on eBay for a higher price and then purchasing and shipping them from an online retail store to the customer, at a cheaper price (retail arbitrage),  to going on shopping trips to local retailers and scanning inventory with smartphone apps to sell for profit on Amazon.

There is access to automation tools, which allow you to create listings super fast, from within the INFINii system, tracking software and product research software, as well as access to step by step support as you create your own product line and you learn how to exploit Amazon’s FBA system.  I personally do this and it is incredibly lucrative.  😀

INFINii also offers a series called Master Class.  This is a set of trainings that go into more detail and are designed to give you more insight, as well as prepare to you become an ecommerce coach.  Each membership level will have access to additional Master Classes.

Master Class

The Master Class series is geared toward those who want to increase their knowledge and potentially add a consultancy aspect to their business, or become a partner who can provide more value to their team.

Classes started at the Prime Level on 1/27/16.  Master Class Training is provided with your membership.



Different INFINii membership levels will have access to different types of training and benefits.

There will be 3 different membership levels.  Prime at $49.95/month, Surge at $149.95/month and Excel at $399.95/month.

Prime membership


  • Access to purchase 15 Springboard products to sell yourself on an ecommerce platform or have INFINii sell for you (3% management fee).
  • Training on eBay Retail Arbitrage.  List and sell your products high, then purchase from an online retailer for less and ship directly to your customer (after they have paid!).
  • Training on using apps to go on shopping trips and turn that into profits on Amazon.  Everything you need to know from packing, shipping, bundling & trend strategies, getting into popular niches and scaling up!
  • Training for selling on Bonanza – the entry to Google shopping.
  • Software tools – Advanced listing builder to list products in minutes, and Eloquent Product Research to find profitable products fast.

Surge Membership


  • Includes all the benefits of Prime.
  • Advanced eBay Training to increase your eBay sales.
  • Better prices on Springboard products…  AND you get access to 30 (only 2.5% management fee)!
  • Analysis and Strategies software to determine your best selling products, those which you can drop and recommendations for those that will do well with your current listings.
  • Boosting traffic to your product listing via Facebook Targeting, Customer follow-up, Amazon PPC and YouTube PPC.
  • Training on other ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento.
  • Your own marketplace store (coming Q1 2016).

Excel Membership


  • Best price on up to 60 Springboard products (only 2% management fee)
  • Advanced Amazon training to explode sales, leverage other sellers, import your own products and even a Branded Product Series!
  • Increasing your profits with Cashbacks, Discount Management and Advanced Tracking and Sales Analytics
  • Software to do Inventory Management and Reprice your Items Competitively (coming Q1 of ’16).


Affiliate Plan

In addition to ecommerce training and access to co-ops, INIFINii members may choose to participate in the company’s cutting edge compensation plan…..

This means that if you refer other INFINii members, you can receive commissions based on their usage of products and services with the system.  For example, you may join INFINii as a member and refer someone else.  You’ll earn a commission on their monthly membership + commissions on any products they buy within INFINii + commissions on people they refer.

The compensation plan is a Binary Tree Plan, with uni-level components built in.  70% Payout.  Cost to be an affiliate is $9.95/month. 

Just to be clear, if you are a DSD member, joining INFINii is joining a separate entity.  There are separate fees for joining as mentioned above.

Here is the slide presentation used in the above video, illustrating INFINii for you!

In The Pipeline……

INFINii Digital Marketplace

Within INFINii, there will be a digital marketplace that will house digital courses.  These can encompass any niche and entrepreneurs will be able to create affiliate programs around them as well.

DS Domination’s current customer base are focused on ecommerce and marketing and any info products in that arena, as well as personal development will be a great fit of that marketplace.  What about managing your finances and managing your time?  These are also skills that entrepreneurs need and they information can be supplied digitally.  Not to mention, DSD’s current customer base rivals that of Clickbank and JVZoo.

Just a quick note for DSD members…  DSD products are Digital and are a product offering in INFINii.

INFINii Commerce Marketplace

Also within INFINii, there will be a marketplace where suppliers and vendors can advertise their available products to potential buyers.  DSD members are always looking to source products to sell and this marketplace will give additional options to buyers.


INFINii members can refer Digital Product Suppliers, as well as Physical Product Suppliers.  And the referring member will get a small percentage of each sale of the digital or physical products from their referred partner.

In essence, you can create revenue by referring suppliers who will benefit the community.  There will be a rating system, similar to Amazon, for customers to rate the products.


Important Dates

11/9/15 – 12/1/15 – INFINii Pre-launch executed.  Invitation – only links were shared with leaders to get their teams moved into position for public launch.  The purpose of this was to allow current DSD members first positioning, and also to work out bugs, tech glitches, etc.  No memberships purchased in the this phase.

12/3/15 – Beta Phase – Public Launch of INFINii Digital and Co-ops.  Invite Only members will be allowed to activate INFINii memberships and will be able to add new members.



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DS Domination Review – Find out what DS Domination is and How it Works


Trying to gauge whether DS Domination is worth looking into?

I hear you.  Let’s just dive right in and take a look….


DS Domination Review – What is it?

The DS stands for Drop Ship.  In a nutshell, DS Domination is a training program that shows you HOW to drop ship products for a profit on Ebay and Amazon.  It really is as simple as that…

Now, at fist glance, drop shipping doesn’t sound very sexy….  but here is the deal.

If you could find cheap ‘in-demand’ products, sell them on ebay an or amazon at a nice profit, and not have to stock or ship any of that stuff AND do all this with a few clicks of a mouse and a very short period of time….   well, some people consider that to be sexy.  🙂

DS Domination Review – Quick Income

This training will show you WHERE to find cheap ‘in-demand’ products, HOW to price and list the products on Ebay or Amazon, and HOW to drop ship the products from Amazon directly to your purchasers.

One of the things I really like about this method is that you SELL the product first, THEN purchase and ship to the customer…  So you don’t have to worry about selling inventory.

AND you can execute this in a very small amount of time.

86% percent of people who use DSD are successful and stay with it.

Take a look at this guy…


Click here to check out these results….. 


DS Domination Review – Build a Residual Income

In addition to being able to earn an income by drop-shipping, you can also earn an affiliate income by sharing the DS Domination Program with others.

It costs $9.95 per month to become an affiliate with DS Domination (although this in NOT required) and the Pro Subscription is $19.95 per month.  You can learn the basics and make some money at this level.  Plus, with the ongoing subscription, you get great automation tools to help make listing and tracking much easier AND live weekly training webinars that include a Q&A session.

The Elite Membership is $99.95 per month and it will cover more in-depth sourcing options and how to reduce ebay fees, as well as provide you with Price Tracking Tool.   In addition, you will get software that helps you to source products to list for some huge time savings and there is live weekly training specifically for Elite members.  All of this is designed to increase your profit margin on the drop shipped items and put more money back in your pocket for the products you purchase for your customers (oh, by the way…  get Elite through me and I’ve got a template guaranteed to double the returns – this is just for people on my team) .

If you so wish to build a residual income, in addition to the drop shipping income, this is a nice perk.  Earn 50% commissions on all front-line referrals.  Just 2 referrals on a subscription and YOUR monthly service is FREE.

And here’s a cool feature.  DSD offers a product called Marketing XTreme.  This product contains lessons on how to market the product online, as well as providing access to a highly targeted traffic source.

Here’s some info on the DS Domination Affiliate Compensation Plan…

DS Domination One-Time Purchase Products

Unleashed, Monopoly and Marketing XTreme are one-time purchase products.

‘Unleashed’ gives the top-tier places to obtain products cheaply and shows you the best places to get cash back on the products your purchase for you customers, putting even MORE money back in your pocket.  It also shows you how to reduce Paypal fees and tons of other great stuff like how to make hundreds of dollars per sale.

‘Monopoly’ focuses on helping you become a powerhouse Amazon seller, with super ninja strategies and tricks to eliminate all other competition, setting you up to make huge profit margins.

As mentioned above, ‘Marketing XTreme’ shows you how to market DSD online so that you can earn a residual income that way, as well.  You earn commissions on ALL of the products your referrals purchase.


OK…  there one more product… which is absolutely, ridiculously good.  DSD launched this product in May 2014 and it is causing a sensation.  This isn’t my first rodeo and this product impresses me beyond all others I have seen so for.

It’s called Genesis.  I really need to write a whole blog post on this and I will, shortly, with all of my amazing results (I’m doing my own case study).  This training will show you how to source hot-selling products and sell loads of them on Amazon…. this is about volume selling, my friend.  And when you can sell 100 of 1 item per day and make $4-$5 per sale…   you do the math.

Get more info here.

My Plans with Respect to DS Domination

I don’t just decide to put my time into any old affiliate program out there.  I purchased the products.  I went through them.  I KNOW several people with various levels of online experience from basic beginner to more experienced than I, who have had success with this.

I get excited when I come across a product, service or opportunity that I feel gives people with little to no online experience a chance to make some money.

The fact that the product teaches you how to make money using 100% of your own efforts is a plus because not everyone wants to build a team of people.

On the other hand, for those who like creating residual income streams, the fact that DS Domination has such a high retention rate makes marketing this product VERY attractive.

I am pursuing this as a six figure income stream to add to my portfolio.


I have ALL of the products and have already begun to execute the first strategies.


Click Here to Learn More


Having all of the advanced courses immediately puts the odds of success more greatly in my favor by learning how to drop ship high-ticket items – which is where all the big bucks are actually made.  🙂

Want to see first hand what DS Domination is all about?  Purchase the $19.95 Pro Subscription here. 

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