How to Profit From FaceBook Ads

facebook adsIn order to get good results from Facebook ads, you need to do a good deal of research on a number of things.

Successful social media marketing is more about personalized communication, not spending huge amounts of money. If an individual wanted to purchase a product from Sears, they’d go straight for the firm website.

Facebook is incredibly powerful for smaller businesses as they can provide a more customized experience, unlike bigger businesses. Using Facebook ads as a social media marketing method, you can increase awareness of both your brand and your products.

Astoundingly, one in four customers are influenced to purchase only right after soliciting feedback from other social media users, and 6 out of 10 will recommend a certain brand to a buddy. So, there is a massive amount of potential revenue from running FaceBook ads.

Before you dive in to ads, Set up a FAN Page.  You CAN create Facebook Ads without having a Fan Page, but having a Fan Page for your business increases your credibility AND there are many more options with the TYPES of Ads you can create and utilize.  Plus, Facebook rules can be tricky and having a Fan Page will help you stay out of Facebook Jail!

Know WHAT You Want To Advertise

When placing Facebook Ads, you can select WHERE your prospects will go when they click on your ad, such as a particular page on a website or blog, a capture page, OR to specific parts of a Fan Page if you have one.

facebook ads 1

This is where it gets fun!  You can create an ad to focus on getting more Likes to your Fan Page, promote a particular ‘post’ on your Fan page that you want people to see, or Customize your ad with additional options.

facebook ads 2

Know Your Target Market

As with any marketing, the more targeted it is, the more powerful it’ll be.  FaceBook Ads make it possible for you to target particular demographics and deliver particular ads to specific users.

You can choose particular countries, age and gender, and particular interests.  Even target those that are currently connected to you or those that are not.

facebook ads 3

In addition to that, you can Target FaceBook Ads to ‘Friends’ of People who like your Page or Ad.

Consider this.  IF the typical Facebook user has 130 friends, and that person ‘likes’ your ad, you can get additional visibility to 130 people and  you might find oneself going “viral”.  ‘Sponsored Stories’ shares your ad in the Newsfeeds of friends of people you like or comment on your page or posts.  :)

facebook ads 4

Choose a Great Visual for your Facebook Ads

This image was taken from an AD that did really well for me.  If at all possible, choose something that doesn’t have the color BLUE…  as that blends with Facebook and doesn’t pop.  Also, adding a border really helps draw the eye to the image.

Make sure the picture is congruent with your message.  In this case, the wording I used indicated that by implementing Predatory SEO, you could ‘eat the competition for lunch’ when looking to rank content on the first page of Google.  :)

**Be careful not to add a lot of text the image or the ad will not be approved!

ferocious owl


Create and Rotate Facebook Ads Regularly

Facebook earns income every time somebody clicks on an ad, just like Google Adsense. Within this medium people are less inclined to shop. Most who check out FaceBook want to socialize with their friends.  But by producing eye-catching ads and altering them frequently, you can get past “banner blindness”.


Monitoring Facebook Ads

Here’s the bottom line when it comes to operating Facebook advertisements.  Ads cost money and money has no emotion, so show no mercy with regards to making a profit. If an ad is not yielding you profit, pull it.

Understanding which market reacts better with specific ads is essential to your success in profiting from Facebook Advertising. Split-testing your ads by using a different image, different wording or targeting a different group should be a part of your process.

I usually create 3 or 4 versions of the same ad and see what does the best.  Then I continue to tweak it from there!

As a final note, keep in mind that the Facebook advertisement click-through price is rather reasonable, as people are not going there to stop, so use the cost-per-click (CPC) pricing option, and name your own price!


Become a Pro at Facebook Marketing and Advertising

This Blog post was designed to give you some great guidelines to get you started, help you avoid some pitfalls and spend your money wisely when placing Facebook Ads.  But realize that there is a learning curve and there are skills you need to learn.  😀

I HIGHLY recommend that if you are going to do Facebook Marketing and Advertising, you need to get the best tools to help you become successful.

This following course is the BEST FACEBOOK TRAINING available and will tell you everything you need to know in detail so that you can Make Money on Facebook and Place Facebook Ads that will yield results!

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Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker

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How to Stay Out of Facebook Jail – Need to Know Tips for Online Marketers

facebook jailDid you know that you even could go to Facebook Jail?  How do you get there and how do you get out???  As more people turn to Facebook to make connections, the company is putting policies in place that can land you in Facebook Jail, banning you from using certain features or disabling your account altogether if you aren’t careful!

And don’t think that pleading your case will make ANY difference.  It may truly have been a mistake, but the response you will get will look something like:

“Yadda, yadda, yadda.  If you’ve been blocked, we are unable to end the block early.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.”

This has happened to a lot of people and mistake or not, you’ll be stuck for a while.  So read on to find out what NOT to do.

First off, Facebook clearly states this:

Facebook is a place for connecting with friends, family, classmates, coworkers, and other people you know well.


Here are the specifics actions prohibited by Facebook.

  • No nudity or sexually suggestive content.
  • No hate speech, credible threats, or direct attacks on an individual or group.
  • No content that contains self-harm or excessive content.
  • No fake or imposter timelines.
  • No SPAM.

The ‘SPAM’ part is what gets online marketers in trouble.  Now this is a subjective area, so continue through the post to see examples of SPAM.


Note:  ‘Friends’ can mark your posts as spam!

Facebook Jail – Getting Blocked from Sending Messages

One of the features Facebook commonly shuts off if your ability to send messages to ANYONE.  How does this happen?  Well, one factor is if you send too many messages that are unwanted… What does that mean?  If you send a message to anyone, whether you know them or not, they can mark it as spam. Unwanted!

One of the other things that can happen is that you send too many messages in a short period of time.  However, Facebook doesn’t have any guidelines regarding how many is too many and in what time frame.

How do you keep your Facebook sending privileges from getting revoked?        Use Messages as Relationship Builders.  Be genuinely interested in another person or don’t bother trying to connect with them.

  • Make sure you have a clear profile picture – nothing ambiguous.
  • See if the person has a Fan Page, go like and post there instead.
  • Be clear in your message.  Not something like ‘We have friends in common’.  More like ‘You are in the same training program XXXXX I am.  Thought we could help each other stay accountable.’
  • Instead of sending too many messages, use the Chat Feature.
  • No SPAM.  This means you DON’T send a message that says ‘ Hey, I see your an online marketer.  I’ve got a great opportunity that you need to check out!  Here’s my link.  You always lead with VALUE, not your pocketbook.  Utilizing Attraction Marketing methods is the way to go.

Going to Facebook Jail because of your Friend Request Pattern

Yes, it’s true.  The following friend request situations are something that can put you in Jail.

  • Sending repeated Friend Requests => harrassment.
  • Adding too many Friends, too fast.
  • Your friend requests that go unanswered.
  • Your friend requests that are marked as unwelcome.      Note:  If this happens 5 times, get ready for the handcuffs.

To prevent yourself from getting arresting in this arena, DO follow these practices.

Use a REAL Profile Picture.  Send a non-spammy Message First.  Subscribe to someone first, if the option is available.  Connect to their Fan Page.

Help!  My URL’s are blocked and I can’t share them on Facebook

You may be part of a business whose links have been reported as SPAM.  Maybe not due to anything you have done, put people before you participated in the spammy behavior I mentioned earlier.  At any rate, it IS part of doing business, but there are some work-arounds.

Mask links with Pretty Link (Word Press Plug-in) or Social Media Bar (browser based).  This is easy to do and will save you a lot of aggravation!

Facebook Jail – Blocked from Updating/Responding to my Status

This happens when you copy and paste statuses and posts.  For example, you may be a member of many online groups and pages.  If you create a status update and then copy and post the same thing to several other groups and pages, you guessed it, Jail.

The Worst!  My Facebook Account has been Disabled.

Facebook Jail is bad, but you can have your account disabled!  Your account WILL be disabled if you engage in any of the following:

  • Continued, prohibited behavior.
  • Unsolicited contact with others – including harrassment, advertising, promoting, dating, etc.
  • Using a Fake Name
  • Impersonating a Person or Entity.  Huge NO NO and being banned from Facebook will be the least of your worries.

Stay out of Facebook Jail with a Facebook Fan Page!

Fan Pages are there so that people can set them up and operate as a business.  They lend themselves to doing business online via Facebook and they give you HUGE credibility.  There are many ways that Facebook provides so that you can advertise your Fan Page and the content on it.  This is truly the way to go so if you are in business online, act like it.  Be a professional.

Forget Facebook Jail and Get Into the Facebook Money

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I hope you have found this post valuable.  My sincere wish is that you are successful in your online journey.

Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker

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