Highest Paying Affiliate Programs – Welcome to the ERA of 100% Commissions!

highest paying affiliate programsWith so many people turning to the internet to generate income, visionaries created a 100% commission affiliate program almost 2 years ago and it has absolutely taken off and spurred additional 100% commission affiliate programs to create the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs available.

Let me explain.  In October of 2011, Empower Network was launched.  In a nutshell, the basic subscription provides an pre-formatted, highly customizable, and high authority blog.  EN also provides top quality products teaching you how to market on the internet.  The reason they are one of the highest paying affiliate programs in NOT because you make 100% commissions on $2 – $100 products.  You received 100% commissions on the recurring monthly $25 platform fee and $100 training/mindset system fee (if people choose to upgrade), AND 100% commissions on the $500, $1500 and $3500 training products that they offer.

These products are absolutely value packed and contain blueprints on how to execute powerful and effective online marketing strategies.  The idea was so help people earn while they learn.

Many people were skeptical of such a model, but the company is exploding all over the world and that has prompted additional businesses to add 100% commission programs to the marketplace.

My Lead System Pro, a training site which has been helping Network Marketers to learn how to generate targeted, quality leads online, recently added the powerful Mastery Membership to it’s arsenal.  Mastery members earn high commissions on the membership commissions AND 100% commissions on powerful internet marketing ‘how to’ training courses like Robe Fore’s Predatory SEO and Michelle Pescosolido’s Social Media Mastery.  MLSP’s 100% Commission products range in price from $47 to $477, gearing them up to be one of the highest paying affiliate programs.

So if you are an affiliate marketer making 4% selling goods at Amazon, why not add the 100% commission programs to your portfolio???

With more ‘integrity based’, 100% commission structure companies currently starting to enter the scene, starting an Online Business has never been EASIER.

On this hangout with Rob Fore and several of our other Team Leaders, we discuss the Paradigm Shift and the new ERA of Affiliate Marketing with the incorporation of these new opportunities.


POSITION yourself as a Leader in this Industry TODAY.  GET PAID  handsomely for your efforts and Empower others to do the same.

fyi – I like marketing both of the these programs because they both help people by solving their problems.  People that get started with MLSP are looking to solve the pain of generating leads for their primary business.  MLSP has great training, tools and community to help you brand YOU.  You have beautiful capture pages and, at the Mastery level, resell rights to their great training courses.

People who join EN  want to create an Online Income.  EN’s blog is already set up to give you a web presence.  The Internet Marketing Products available within will show you how to use the blog, how to drive traffic so that people can find you and how to interact and follow up to turn traffic into sales.  This online business in my main bread and butter and is helping thousands to create an online income.  (On top of that….  I am on EN’s Prosperity Team, which has done for daily content, traffic, training and more!).

Whatever your goal, I am here to help and get you where you need to go.


Addtitional Info on EMPOWER NETWORK.

Additional Info on My Lead System Pro MASTERY.


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