Lucrative Ways to Work from Home

ways to work from homeThere are several ways you can work from home, but what exactly are you looking for?  A 9-5 salaried job, a pay per task job, or are you looking for a an opportunity to build a business for yourself from home?

There are lots of options, so lets take a look!


Ways to Work from Home with a steady j.o.b.

I have seen some interesting stuff out there.  There is a demand for medical coders and transcriptionists.  You will need to complete a 2 year course to become certified, but this is definitely something you can do from home.  I know people who do this, and while it pays, I wouldn’t call it lucrative.

In fact, many of the jobs that you can do from home will require some experience or specialized knowledge.  And in my most humble opinion, are low paying, but steady.  If this is what you are interested in, there is a great article at Woman’s Day – go check it out!

Ways to Work from Home through Network Marketing

Most people have been exposed to MLM or Network Marketing.  This business model is one in which you get into business for yourself.  You become a representative for a company, and then you earn an income by selling products and recruiting additional representatives.  This can be a very lucrative business, but it will take 3-7 years to build a team big enough to earn a nice, lucrative income.

I also know people who have been successful with this.  However, while your house is technically your home office, you will be out and about THE MAJORITY of the time, because you will need to be networking and meeting new people.  If you are interested in pursuing this, the best companies are registered with the Direct Sales Association.

Lucrative Ways to Work from Home ONLINE

If you want the best of both worlds, working from your HOME, ONLINE, with the possibilitymake money online
of generating a VERY lucrative income, consider looking into a funded proposal affiliate program.  With this type of a program, you get a subscription to a training platform and can  earn while you learn by sharing the platform others.

The particular program I recommend is EASY to startup and geared for beginners.  You can build a business just writing about things that you love…  and sharing it with others.  You will be provided with the platform for sharing, as well as training on how to share with with people.  Start up cost is $25 for the platform and $19.95, so that you can earn from it.

There are three steps to building this business.  Write an article about something you love, share it with people, and collect commissions. 🙂

You will be provided with a professional site, training to help with what to write and how to share it, a personal facebook group for asking questions, private training sites and a of course, I will be there to guide you!  Find out more by filling out this form.

If you want to work from home, on your own time, and get started the same day you start, go to the form, fill it out, and let me guide you!


Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker