MLM Leads : What do the Big Boys Do?

mlm leadsGetting in front of the right MLM leads will explode your business.  There are lots of ways to get leads, both on and off-line.  Did you know that many of the top income earners in their respective mlm’s use the internet to get targeted mlm leads?

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With this program, they are not only generating tons of qualified online leads, they are getting PAID, even if these leads don’t join the business.

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Find MLM Prospects that are right for YOU

mlm prospectsYou know, too many times I hear people talking about finding mlm prospects as if they are hungry wolves looking for sheep.  It’s good to be hungry, but don’t settle for just anything!

Here’s a little secret that you need know now…

YOU are currently attracting the MLM Prospects that you Get

Do you find yourself connecting up with prospects that don’t have the attitude you’re looking for?  Are they non-commital, look to you constantly to hold their hand, refuse to get into activity?  If you are new to network marketing or have been in it for a while and are getting results like these, you probably won’t like what I’m about to tell you.

And that’s all right.  This post is for those of you who want to push through and get the results that you deserve.

The problem lies with you.

The most successful mlm marketers know how to execute an mlm attraction marketing system.  I’m sure that by now, you must be familiar with the law of attraction, or at least heard of it.  It’s basically this:


“What you FOCUS on EXPANDS”


If you say to yourself, ‘I wish my mlm prospects weren’t so needy’ or ‘why can’t I find someone who works like I do’….  you are focusing on needy prospects and people you can’t find.  When you focus on those things and ask yourself negative questions, that is inadvertently what people pick up from you.  You MUST mind your mind.

And if you think this is bunk, I dare to read ANY book by ANY successful network marketer.  You’ll see this is a common theme.

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger!  Think about it.

I like to use children in my analogies, because that’s where I’m at!  (See my post on making money while potty training).  So consider this example.  When my son is repeatedly bashing something against the wall and I say ‘Stop bashing that against the wall!’  Do you know what I get?  Mmmm-hmmm…..  more bashing against the wall.  And if I say it 3, 4, 5 times, what does that tell you?  I got the repeated behavior I focused on, even though I emphasized STOP.

It’s the same thing with adults.  We are programmed that way!

So, in a nutshell, you really are currently finding the mlm prospects that are right for you.  IF this is NOT working out for you, then do something about it!


Find MLM Prospects that are Leaders

Let me tell you something.  There are TONS of great MLM Prospects out there.  What you have to determine is, are YOU willing to change your brain so that they will be attracted to you???

Are you ready to come with me to the next level?  I’ll guide you, but you need to understand.  You will need to do work to succeed.  I can never want it bad enough for you….  only you can do that.

Become the leader you want to be and find the mlm prospects that are perfect for you.  Utilize Attraction Marketing methods and learn the latest techniques to quickly and effectively find prospects online.  But I warn you, this is addictive!

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MLM Recruiting Tips you Must Follow to Win

If you want to be successful at MLM recruiting, and have people run TO you and not FROM you, leave your ego at the back door and listen.

1.  Be interested in other people.  When you meet someone, don’t say ‘I’m Julie.  I sell XYZ, ever heard of it?’  Turn off.  Literally.  You just lost them because you’re trying to sell the something.  Instead, introduce yourself, get their NAME and ask, ‘What do you do?  How long have you been doing that?  Do you enjoy it?’

When you ask a question, stop and LISTEN.  People like to tell you about themselves.  This is how people talk when they don’t have AN AGENDA.

2.  Don’t spew information!  What does this mean?  Ever get so excited about something that you have to tell someone everything about it?  That’s OK if you don’t care what the person thinks when you do that.  Otherwise, stick to the facts.  Too much info makes people glaze over and whatever attention they gave you at the beginning of the one-sided conversation is long gone.  Not only that.  Too much information may be confusing.

A confused mind always says NO.


3.  Let people tell you what they NEED.  I mean, you know how you feel when you go into a store and someone comes up to you and asks, ‘Is there something you I can show you?’.  My answer is always, ‘No – just looking.’   Doesn’t it just feel better when some just says ‘ Hello!  My name is Julie.  Just let me know if you have any questions or need anything in particular. Here’s a flyer with our specials.  I’ll check back with you in 15 minutes!’  When someone says that, my response is always a smile and a ‘thank you’.

They’ve taken the  pressure off me and I can enjoy looking.  You never want to put pressure on people.

After I’ve given a presentation, I don’t say ‘So, who interested in starting a business?’  That equals pressure.  I ask, ‘Who here works full time and wishes they had more time with their kids?  Who has more month than money?  Who hear believes that you are being paid what your worth?’    This allow people to think about the questions and formulate their own answers.

4.  Collect a decision.  If you have talked to someone about your products, ask them if they are ready to get started, would like more information or are just not interested and let them tell you.  Qualifying people respects BOTH of your time.  And if they want more information…..

DO FOLLOW UP – the average person needs to see the opportunity 3 times before making a decision!!!!!

The best mlm recruiting tips are the easiest.  Keep it simple and keep your ego out of it!

This brings to a topic that will really build your business FAST.


If you are want to take your mlm recruiting to the next level, you will want to see how I use attraction marketing to recruit leaders into my business.  I have a FREE training for you that will show you how to do it.  You are valuable.  Your business if valuable.  If you are attracting too many tire-kickers and people who just don’t want to do the work, find out how to recruit the leaders you are after!


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MLM Lead Generation System that Attracts People Like Crazy!

mlm lead generationAre you frustrated with trying to find people to sell your products to, or people who are interested in your opportunity?  You might consider implementing an MLM Lead Generation System that makes it easier to make quality connections.

Your Network Marketing Business will be easier to manage and grow much more quickly if you have a great MLM Lead Generation System working for you.  As busy marketers, you need to manage your time wisely.  And your absolute top priority is to get in front of as many people as possible to present your business and your opportunity.  Then comes the sorting and qualifying.

You can use the power of the internet to get more laser targeted leads to your offer, faster than you can possibly do this in person.  Make lead generation work for you.  Would it make a difference in your business if you received 5 new targeted leads a day?  How about 100?

I am not talking about buying leads, which you can do if you wish.  I am talking about generating these leads yourself, day after day, month after month.  And they are already qualified and interested.

Use Attraction Marketing in your MLM Lead Generation System

You probably spend the bulk of your time trying to find people to talk to about your opportunity and your excellent products.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could provide a way for people who are looking for your products and opportunity to find you??

With Attraction Marketing, you LEAD with VALUE.  Learn how solve a problem for someone, and you become trusted.  People like to buy from people they trust.  This style of marketing optimizes your time management.  Spend less time trying to get in front of people and more time promoting your products and yourself.  In attraction marketing, you are marketing YOU, and the value that YOU provide, branding YOU as the expert and the one to trust.

People like to buy!  And when they are attracted YOU, they will buy your products and join you in your network marketing business.

So you need to learn how to start selling YOU.  The ideal MLM Lead Generation System you implement should absolutely, positively employ Attraction Marketing principles!

The Top MLM Lead Generation System

The system that I use is the one that many of the TOP recruiters in their respective MLMs have used to achieve their incredible results.  This system teaches you all the different methods to generate your own leads online using MLM Attraction Marketing, including twitter and facebook marketing.

This system will teach you how to implement the attraction marketing strategy online so that you can generate hi-quality leads that are attracted to you continuously, on auto-pilot.

MyLeadSystemPro is that system.  There is NO other MLM Lead Generation System out there like it.  If you think you are ready to take your MLM to the next level, and want some addition information about MyLeadSystemPro, you need to…..

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