MLSP – MLM Lead Generating Machine

mlspLooking to get the skinny on MLSP?  Let’s Do It!

If you are currently involved in an MLM and are looking to generate online leads, this is the best place to do it.  If you DON’T currently have an opportunity to promote, you can promote MLSP’s training products and memberships to earn and income (at the higher membership levels).

How Does MLSP Work?

MLSP is a training system.  You can learn how to use different online media like blogging, facebook, twitter, etc., in conjunction with attraction marketing principles to generate targeted leads for your business.

How does it work?  Well… mlm-ers are always looking for ways to generate quality leads.  You can market the MLSP system to help others generate leads for their mlm’s and then when the time is appropriate, you can market your opportunity to them.

Now, they may be perfectly happy with where they are, and that’s cool.  For those that you refer to MLSP, they get a great training platform and you will receive a commission (at the higher membership levels).  So, you can generate a side income, regardless of whether or not they join your business!

MLSP Provides…

– beautiful, high converting capture pages to help you get leads

– several training webinars throughout the week

– a vibrant community of online entrepreneurs to learn from


 MLSP Membership Levels

There are 4 different membership levels within MLSP.

Academy – training only

Gold – training, some tools, 30% commissions on membership referrals

Platinum – training, advanced tools, 30% commissions on membership referrals

Mastery – training, advanced tools, higher commissions on membership referrals AND 100% commissions on the most best internet marketing products on the internet.




When I joined MLSP, it was a no-brainer to join at the Mastery Level.  I wanted to explode my business fast and I don’t do anything halfway!  Take a look at what you get at that level.

– Access to Training Materials from the top marketers in the industry

– Facebook Fanpage application tabs

– A Massive Video Hosting account which includes a player that will allow you to redirect people to wherever you want, even an in-video opt in form.

– $100 commission for Mastery members that you personally refer

AND, the icing,

100% Commissions on the hottest internet marketing products available.  Check out a few of them, here!

  • How to Make 5k in 30 Days – Four Top Earners Shared EXACTLY What They Would Do to Make $5,000 in 30 Days or Less if They Had to Start Over from Scratch
  • Lead Generation Mastery – Learn The Most Powerful Lead Generation Strategies of the Top Earners Online.
  • Social Media Mastery – Harness the Power of Facebook to grow your following, generate leads, and explode sales.
  • Marketers Mastery Pack – 3 of MLSP’s top products, Social Media Mastery – Elite guide to Facebook Marketing, Tube Traffic Mojo – YouTube Marketing Secrets, Predatory SEO – Ultimate Guide to Ranking your Content in Google

…. and many more.


I joined MLSP because I am creating multiple streams of online income and I love that you can earn 100% commissions on their products, whether you ‘own’ them or not!  Of  course, I DO own most of them and they have increased my bottom line, big time.

This is a program that definitely benefits mlm professionals with a lead generation system and added profit centers, but if you have no desire to build an mlm, you can still market and profit from this system!


Did I mention that there’s a $10, 10 Day Trial?  It doesn’t get any better than that!


10 Day MLSP Mastery Trial

Live Your Best Life!

Julie Becker

Discover How to Get Leads Endlessly

How would you rate your current process for getting leads for your business?    Is it efficient and powerful, or slow and painful?  Have you even really, fully figured out how to get leads?how to get leads

When you first start out marketing a program, you think to yourself…  “This is great!  But how can I be a leader, and an expert, and ATTRACT people to me, when I haven’t made a lot of money yet?!”  At least, that’s what I thought when I first got involved in Network and Internet Marketing.

Well, you can always buy leads…  but should you?  Don’t even get me started on that!  These leads are not targeted to you and your offer and they are not even qualified as to what they are looking for in most cases.  You are here because you are looking for targeted, qualified leads.

How to Get Leads  – Generate Your OWN

It is MUCH more effective to generate your own leads.  But HOW….

Enter ATTRACTION MARKETING.  Throwing out how much money you’ve made to date is not how to get leads to take a serious look at your program or presentation.  How often have you seen ‘I made $10,893 in 30 days’ on the internet and honestly, how often do you click on that???  You get numb to it after a while.


MONEY has NOTHING to do with getting leads.


And then, AND ONLY THEN, will the sign-ups into your primary company come effortlessly and faster than a raging waterfall crashing down from the heavens above…  This is powerful.

ALL of the marketing and biz building training you will EVER need to grow your existing company is right here.  You will not need to know how to get leads, because this program will be able to sift, sort, and qualify people for you.  And hey, it’ll even help you collect affiliate checks and brand you as a leader to attract more leaders to join your team!

When you know the skill-sets we teach in our community and on my team… you have serious advantages over 99.9% of the other network marketers out there…  There literally is ZERO competition.  And don’t worry about having to be tech savvy…  not an issue.

Instead of you having to build a website from scratch that positions you as a leader, learn html, test, tweak, and then learn how to make it into a duplicable system for your team IF you ever see results with that untested and unproven path, we’ve completed this painful PROVEN process for you.


Learning how to ATTRACT  your own targeted, quality leads online is an invaluable skill-set.  There is nothing more important to the lifeblood of your business.

And hey, did I mention that you can test-drive this program for just $2?

Are you ready to go from The Hunter to The Hunted?

The program I use is My Lead System Pro.mlsp1

And MLSP makes YOU incredibly VALUABLE from DAY 1 because you get to leverage their system, tools, and trainings, and give them away for F*R*E*E to your prospects even if you know NOTHING about marketing yet!

How to Get Leads Now – PAINLESSLY

I’ll see you on the inside.  🙂

Live your Best Life!!!     -Julie Becker