MLM Leads : What do the Big Boys Do?

mlm leadsGetting in front of the right MLM leads will explode your business.  There are lots of ways to get leads, both on and off-line.  Did you know that many of the top income earners in their respective mlm’s use the internet to get targeted mlm leads?

If you are TIRED of chasing people and want to use the power of the internet to generate you OWN, qualified mlm leads, you need to look at this funded proposal that your leaders may be keeping a secret.

With this program, they are not only generating tons of qualified online leads, they are getting PAID, even if these leads don’t join the business.

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My Lead System Pro | The Real Deal to Get Leads


My Lead System Pro is an online training platform for Network Marketers and other business professionals which provides them training on how to ‘get leads’ for their business.

Many marketers buy leads for their business and then have to essentially qualify them and ‘warm them up’… a sizable cost of money and time.  My Lead System Pro provides training on how to generate leads yourself from blogging, facebook marketing, twitter marketing, Pay-per-click marketing, Solo Ads, Mindset Training and much, much more!

The My Lead System Pro Mastery membership is the most powerful level.  In fact, I was included in a closed 100 day Biz Builder Challenge offered to only some Mastery members.  This program is changing my life!  More leads and more business = more income.  :)

See how Mastery is propelling myself and a colleague into orbit!!!

Leland can be found at!

Here are the basics.  My Lead System Pro teaches you how to market to people you that are looking for leads for their mlm business or looking to get into an mlm.  Powerful capture pages with valuable free webinars and trainings for you to ‘give away’ are available for you to use.  Once you have a lead you can establish a relationship and share your opportunity.  The lead may sign up for a My Lead System Pro membership, for which you receive a commission and/or join your primary business.  This is such a valuable way to get leads because the leads are interested in you and what you have to offered.  They are attracted to you.  So, you are effectively offsetting the cost to get leads and profiting even if they choose not to join your business!

But like I said, those are the basics.  My Lead System Pro also offers the most highly sought after training and marketing products available and you can choose to market those as well and generate an addition revenue stream.  I have purchased many of these products myself to enhance my online marketing knowledge and they will blow your mind!

Whether you’re struggling to get leads or looking to take you business to the next level, you owe it yourself to at least, get a little more information.  You’ll be so glad you did!



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My Lead System Pro – MASTERY Unleashed!

If you are only slightly acquainted with My Lead System Pro, fasten your seatbelts!!  The Mastery Membership is now available and it is gives me goosebumps when I think about it….  I’m TOTALLY serious.

Are you getting enough leads to get you to the top of your business?  If not, are you just getting burned out trying to ‘bump’ into people and chase them down?  Is the conversion rate on paid leads really worth what you pay for them?  Is there an easier way to get quality leads that are interested in YOU?  These are all questions that Network Marketers, including me, ask themselves.

If you want to be a top recruiter for your MLM, My Lead System Pro is an absolute requirement.  Harness the power of the internet!  My Lead System Pro is the STANDARD when it come to training Network Marketers how to get leads online for their primary business.  They will teach you how to market online.  You don’t need to know html, or php or any other code.  They’ll show you how to set up you online media.  They’ll tell you how to market it.  It just comes down to you!

Now with Mastery membership, not only can you create your own laser-targeted, YOU focused leads online, that are interested in YOU….  you also have the potential to earn amazing affiliate commissions and residual income streams, selling products that are branded to you.  And the marketing campaigns are already done for you.  You just need to get them in front of people!

Here are some of the amazing benefits of Mastery Membership with My Lead System Pro:

  • $100 PER MEMBER PER MONTH on any of your referrals that join Mastery.
  • You get the “Resell Rights” to the most sought products online today created by the BIGGEST names in our industry. You sell them, YOU KEEP 100% OF THE SALE! (from $7 – $2,497 paid DIRECTLY TO YOU!)…
  • 100% Pure Profit Products in YOUR “One-Time-Offers” that range from $297 – $1,497… YOU KEEP 100% OF THESE SALES TOO (HUGE!)
  •  get PAID IMMEDIATELY….  you can integrate your OWN merchant account so that you RIGHT NOW MONEY goes directly to your bank account!

My Lead System Pro Inside

Get the details on the My Lead System Pro Memberships…


Let me also say that you can take a 3-day test drive of the basis MyLeadSystemPro membership for just $2.  There really is nothing to lose here.

But I telling you, you just have to see what is available to you at the Mastery Level.  It’ll just put a smile on your face!

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