Fresh MLM Marketing Strategies

mlm marketing strategiesAre you looking for a fresh perspective on MLM Marketing Strategies?  If what you’re doing isn’t working, or you just want to scale up to include additional marketing methods, follow me.

Many MLMer’s focus on marketing the products and the opportunity.  And those of us that make serious money focus on the latter, know that BUILDING our organization is the key to building residual income.

Your focus on marketing should always be finding the right prospect for you and your business.  This is a shift for some people because they get so fixated on the ‘sale’ or the ‘sign-up’, they forget to think long term.  It’s not only OK, but it is the mark of a successful business person to bring mutually beneficial partners into your business.  If you are going to take the time to teach, train and build people, don’t you think you should spend a little time focusing on the types of business partners you’re looking for?

Think about the traits that are important to you: someone who is willing to listen to you, someone who is organized and has a sense of urgency around priorities, someone who keeps their word and is punctual, someone that can work independently and doesn’t get discouraged easily.

Now that you know WHO you want to market to, WHAT is it that you want to market?

Instead of marketing your opportunity, I want you to think about marketing YOU.  market yourselfLet that sink in a minute….   This is one of the most powerful mlm marketing strategies you can learn and let me tell you why.  It’s called Attraction Marketing and here is why it is so powerful.

In most circumstances, if someone will even entertain the idea of joining your business, they must view you as THE LEADER THEY ARE LOOKING FOR.  They want to identify with you, know what you are passionate about, and feel connected to you.

How do you market yourself?  The answer is to provide value.  For example, people searching on the internet for additional mlm marketing strategies came to this post, and I am providing that information to them.

I love this marketing strategy, because it attracts the right people to you and my time is levereged by utilizing the internet to help you and others find me!  I have done the work once, posting this article to my site, and people continue to find me through looking for additional MLM marketing strategies.

Online MLM Marketing Strategies

mlm attraction marketing systemI started really embracing Attraction Marketing as my main mlm marketing strategy when I got involved with a powerful online training platform for Network Marketers, which uses the attraction marketing model and teaches people how to execute it through online media like facebook, twitter, youtube, blogging and other media.

Social Media is playing a huge role in how we connect with people today.  Learning how to market in this arena will propel you past your competition and allow you to open up to a whole new audience.

The program I use allows me to provide free, valuable trainings on how to use social media to attract prospects, hugely successful sponsoring methods from industry leaders, and so much more.

Because of this training program, I have a successful blog, I have a fantastic Facebook Fan Page and I know how to utilize Facebook Marketing and search engine optimization to get leads!  It ALSO creates another ‘residual’ income stream for me so I can get paid, regardless of whether people join my primary business or not.

Sound good?  If expanding into Online MLM Marketing Strategies and using Attraction Marketing is something you are interested in taking a look at, follow the link below and enter your contact information.  Just for taking a look, I’ll provide you with a FREE 86 minute webinar that shows you how to get started with Facebook Marketing!

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Live your Best Life!

Julie Becker