Online Business Systems that FLAT OUT Work


If you have been searching the internet in the ‘Make Money Online’ or ‘Online Business’ Niche, you already know there is a lot of information to sort through.  Finding Online Business Systems that are legit seems like a lot of trial and error.

You want to be able to stay from things like ‘ZeekRewards’ and ponzi schemes.  If it says ‘get rich quick’, run away.  Now that absolutely isn’t to say that you can’t make great money, but a realistic person knows that it’s going to take some effort and work.

On that note, absolutely AVOID ANY online business that says ‘Buy this product for $200 and get paid $5000 when you refer 2 more people.  I know people just want to make money quickly, and I understand that, but these types of systems are designed to separate you from your money.

Online Business vs. Online Business Systems

What’s the difference?  I like to split hairs.  The gold is in the detail.

An online business can encompass many things, such as having a virtual store on etsy, ebay, or even your own site.  It could also mean that you are into affiliate marketing (you sell other people’s products online for a commission).  You could be a social media or seo consultant, as well.  And all these businesses are great!

And here comes the BUT…..

They are completely dependent on individual talent and there is no system in place to teach you HOW to do any of it.

So, if you’re someone who wants to build an online business, the options above are still doable, it’s just that there’s no roadmap, and that makes it a lot tougher.

 Online Business Systems – Follow the Steps

So let’s talk about some options that involve step-by-step instructions for you to follow.  These businesses are very different, but each has simple steps to follow.

empower-network-logo1Online Business System #1 – Empower Network – This system is a very powerful business that provides people with a completely polished and highly customizable blog, as well as courses on how to market effectively on the internet.

While I often see people marketing this business as easy to build and grow, it would not be accurate to tell you that this business is easy.  You get a blog and can purchase additional training that will instruct you on how to market on the internet.  And while the main training is not what I would consider as ‘systemmatic’, I am a member of the Prosperity Team, who has put systems in place that make the process simpler to understand. You earn an income by reselling Empower Network’s products and earning 100% commissions.  not only do they have valuable high ticket products, the introductory blog product and inner inner circle products are subscription services and you can earn residual income monthly.

This can provide a very large income, if you can learn how to do it.  My experience is that while you can create a great income with this business, only a few will succeed.  MOST people will fail.  And that let me to look for an online business that had a higher success rate, because ultimately, if I market it, I want people to be successful.  🙂


ds-domination-reviewOnline Business System #2 – DS Domination – This is a company that provides step-by-step training that teaches you HOW to drop-ship on Ebay, Amazon and how to source and sell your own products on Amazon.  Literally, it is broken down into a copy/paste, easy to follow system.

This is my fastest growing and most profitable business because you don’t have to learn a bunch of tech stuff, you don’t have to buy any extra tools or software to execute and you DON’T have to learn Internet Marketing.

I was looking for an alternative to Internet Marketing to share with people.  Then DS Domination came along.  The training is very logical and easy to follow.  Literally… anyone can learn how to do it.  86% of people who get the Elite Level Training stay with the program and are successful.  Everything is done on the computer and it is VERY low tech.  I have had so many people thank me for sharing this because it’s just easy to follow and with the advanced training, people are pulling in hundreds and more per day!

Find out more about DS Domination here.

If you are looking for Online Business Systems that have great products, training, strong support communities and the best capacity to help you become profitable, I stand behind both of these businesses.

Having said that, you need to FOLLOW the steps and take the necessary action in order to make any money.

These are NOT get-rich-quick schemes….  but they ARE businesses that have the potential to get you into profit much faster than traditional methods.  And all from your computer.  🙂


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