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Finding Stay at Home Mom Jobs that you can From Your HOME

If you’re a Stay at Home Mom that used to have a career or want to start one, but don’t want to schlep back and forth to the office and be gone 10 hours a day,  consider using the power of the internet.

I love the digital age, as is has opened up so many more possibilities.

Let’s check out some traditional ‘type’ Stay at Home Mom jobs you can do online….

  • Translator – If you speak a second language and can read well enough to translate, you can translate documents for companies.  These are typically legal or financial documents and  a general knowledge of those areas may be necessary.  Check out – $10-$50 per hour.
  • Call center Employee – Many companies outsource their call center meaning that if a customer calls in to order a product, complain or has an issue, the call is routed to an home agent’s phone.  So, you can do this from your own home.  Pay is around $7-$15 per hour.  Check out for more info.
  • Expert – Is Jeopardy your favorite show?  If you have answers to questions that the rest of us can’t even keep up with, there are places that will pay you provide answers to real people who are searching online.  The sites that hire experts, like will require that you complete a questionnaire in a certain area to confirm your ‘expertness’.  Pay really varies quite a bit, but it’s not a lot….
  • Online Juror – Yes, it’s true!  You can get paid give feedback on mock trials.   As attorneys prepare for trial, they often seek feedback on their case from people who are similar to those who may eventually sit on a jury.  Usually $10-$60 per mock trial.  Not a lot, but there it is, none-the-less.  See for info.
  • Medical Encoder – Medical encoder – Translate information into medical codes for easy communication with insurance companies.  There are several places that will allow you to work remotely.  $30,000-$70,000 per year depending on skills.  Check out

OK… so either these Stay at Home Mom Jobs require skills or they really to don’t pay all that much.  But to each his own.

If you don’t have the experience above or want the opportunity to earn a heck of a lot more than that, you may want to consider a starting your own business in Online Affiliate Marketing.


Now before you get all freaked out (yes, I’m an 80’s chick) about affiliate marketing and saying “I have no idea how to do that!”, just calm down for a second.

Affiliate marketers can make some really fantastic income.  All you need to do is find training (learn how) and products that you can earn nice commissions on.  There IS an easier way than being an ebay or Amazon affiliate.

I had no idea ‘HOW’ when I first started, but I learned so much and was able to generate income while I learned.


And ONCE you learn, you can scale up your income, so there is NO CAP on what you can earn….


If you’d like to see how I got started and what is now my main ‘bread and butter’, just enter your best email and watch the video.  My teammate Adam, gives a great overview on how this program works!





Live Your Best Life!

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Can a Pizza Guy Really Create a Real Online Income???

real online incomeWhat does it take to earn a Real Online Income and is it even possible for a regular pizza guy or girl to create one that’s worth working for?

Before I started up my online business, I researched like crazy… there is a lot of ridiculousness out here!  But, there ARE many great and legitimate ways to earn a real online income.  One of the things that seemed hardest for me to discern in the beginning was weather or not any of these programs were things a person who was new could learn how to do and implement (without it taking a year).

Here is the the real deal when it comes to creating a Real Online Income.  You MUST learn how to market online.  Now, that can seem scary to a beginner….   because you have to learn skills.   But all marketing really is, is getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time.

So – having said that.  If you really want to be successful as quickly as possible, you should EXPECT that you will need to invest in some online marketing training AND tools to implement your marketing.

But then, you wouldn’t go try to build a house unless you knew how and had the right tools to do it, right?

OK.  Now where to get the training?  There are lots of great resources.  But I like to be efficient and profitable at the same time.  So if you can find a company where you can purchase some great online marketing training AND earn a real online income by promoting and selling their products, then you are leveraging your resources.   That’s just smart business.

There are several programs I could recommend, but my favorite is a company, in which the first product you buy is a blog.  This is instrumental in developing not only a real online income, but a real online business.  The blog is optimized and already set up, with options to modify it to make it more congruent with your message.  The  additional products provide increasing levels of online marketing training.  They teach you how to market and how to use your marketing tool, the blog.

You are able to generate income as an affiliate by marketing the blog and internet marketing training products and receiving commissions on those products that you sell.

My colleague, Chris is an Ex-Pizza Delivery Guy.  He not only makes a Real Online Income, he makes an executive online income.  He uses the viral blogging and marketing system I am referring to.  I love sharing his story because hey, a lot of people feel like underdogs in this world.  I know Chris did at one point.  But it wasn’t true.  He just had to learn and do. 

pizza boy image


Listen to Chris’s story.  If you are looking to make a Real Online Income, follow us (we only eat Gourmet Pizza now!).  Click the button, get the information and lock arms with us to make things happen.  Life is too short…  let someone else deliver the pizza!


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Hope you’ve enjoyed the post on what it takes to make a Real online income.  Additional info on e-business.