MLM Sponsoring Tips for Serious Leaders

mlm sponsoring tipsYou MUST Master MLM Sponsoring in order to Build it BIG

Successful MLM businesses are built on MLM sponsoring and despite what people tell you, there are no mlm sponsoring secrets.  There are strategies that work or don’t.  I find that most people try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to this.  You need to find the RIGHT people, ask the RIGHT questions, and follow up to collect a decision.  And then you need to utilize one of the most important MLM Sponsoring Tips:  Once you SPONSOR someone, you MUST be able to teach THEM how to do this.

By the “right” people, I mean, those that want to succeed as much as you do and will do whatever it takes to be successful.

It’s amusing though, in reality most individuals who ask to be sponsored simply do not have the “right stuff”. Are you finding that most of your MLM sponsoring efforts attract totally the incorrect kind of person?

Many people who become involved in mlm have no clue about building their own enterprises, and actually don’t know how to do it. I hate to say it, but the majority are lazy.  They may be all fired up at the beginning but their enthusiasm shortly wears off.  Many of us are fearful of success, ironically enough, and without any sales or selling experience they give up and fail to create an effective MLM sponsoring system.

MLM Sponsoring Tips – Finding the Right People

The general public will not show too much initiative, they’ll simply follow the directions given by their upline and create a list of all the folks they know and focus all their MLM sponsoring efforts in one place. This is the way most people begin and it is good advice at the start.   At the very least you can practice on some people that you do know and maybe get one or two sales under your belt.

As we well know, the MLM sponsoring challenge occurs when people run out of people they know to contact as prospects, and just can’t seem to figure out how to talk to new people or generate leads.  Their MLM sponsoring efforts die an exceedingly ugly and premature death.  As a leader, in order to sponsor people into your mlm business, you need to be able to generate high quality leads (the “right” people) and you need to be able to teach your recruits ‘how’ to do this.

The reality is that most people have no idea how to generate leads and simply do not have the sales and promoting talents to get past these issues.

Actually the average distributor who joins a network marketing business with the absolute best of intentions to get in and get it done will only recruit 2.2 new team members in their entire career. And, candidly, you will NEVER build a moneymaking business if all you do is bring in 2.2 folks.

That’s just the way that it is.

Qualified leads are those people that are truly serious about learning about your business, your opportunity, and your service or product.  Lead prosperity is the foundation stone to unlimited MLM sponsoring. The keystone to success.

So what’s the easiest way to find these qualified leads? The reality is that you have to start understanding what “sales and marketing” essentially involves. You simply have to find the most efficient and effective way of creating quality leads. And plenty of them. Leads are the way to network marketing success.

You can generate leads ‘belly-to-belly’ in person, or you can utilize an online mlm attraction marketing system. The ‘in-person’ approach includes doing local networking, sometimes known as the “3 foot rule”. Approach and connect with everybody you meet each day. Ask qualifying questions like  – ‘how do you like your job?’ or questions related to your products like – ‘how do you stay so active, do you use supplements?’.  You are looking for a way to turn them into a lead so that you can follow up.

I used to use this method exclusively when I first got started in Network Marketing and once you get the hang of it, it’s really quite fun.  But it does get tiring and difficult when you have small children in tow.  🙂

Which is why I incorporated an online mlm attraction marketing system to generate leads that were interested in me, without having to go out and do the leg work to find them.  I have found this to be the fastest and highest quality MLM sponsoring and lead generation system.

MLM Sponsoring Tips – Asking the Right Questions

This is critical because it is NOT all about you.  It IS about finding out what your prospect is looking for and seeing if you can fill a need.  Your agenda should be about HELPING them.


Do you enjoy your current job?  Do you think you are you earning what you are worth?  Do you have enough income to do all things you want to do?  Are you happy with the amount of time you have able to do the things you want to do? Would you consider yourself financially independent and is that important to you?

You MUST ask questions and let people answer.  Ask questions that may uncover a pain or pose a problem for your prospect and then listen.

There is a more to MLM sponsoring and it is challenging to put it all in one post.  That’s why, for the MLM Leaders reading this, I am providing a FREE 89 Minute Webinar Training on the BEST MLM Sponsoring System.

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