Find the best link building services

Is there really a best link building service?  There are lots of options to search from and sometimes it feels like sensory overload, trying to sift through all the information.

One thing is for certain, as defined by the ongoing Google updates, you need to build various types of backlinks.

Some of the very best strategies involve article marketing and social signals.  With article marketing, you submit articles to directories and they link to your site.  If you use the right service, these are backlinks that you can trust and that last.  See my post on the best services to use to accomplish this.

Social signals have become very powerful, indeed.  And Google wants to see people who tweet, like, share and bookmark your website or post.  This has become a much more powerful source of link building, since it required a human to do it and not a bot.  Too much automation used to allow duplicate content to rank at the top of google and one of the ways they are trying to combat that is to see how actual people are sharing a site.  Check out my recommendations for the best ways to create social signal links.

Now, let’s talk about completely automated link building services.  Ones in which you submit your URLs to a service and links are built automatically for you.

You want to make sure you pick the very best link building services available to do this.  Preferably ones that have their own, high PR network.  This means it will be tightly controlled, the sites and links will be of high quality and reliable.  I also look for services that are EASY to use and automate.  My goal is to spend more time blogging and less time promoting.

I am also a huge fan of finding and providing value, and I can recommend these tools because I have used them myself to get results!  Things don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg to provide great value if you know how to leverage them.

Let’s talk about Social Monkee.  What is this?  Well, in short it is a service you can use to build a minimum to 25 dofollow back links daily and up to 750 per month, using their basic service.  All this for $7…. ONCE.  .  Each day you submit a url, along with a title and description of the url you are linking to and you can utilize spin code to make the submission more unique.  If you have a membership to Spin Rewriter, this service is incorporated.  If you do not use Spin Rewriter for your content spinning, you need to get it.  They just launched the newest version which is extremely powerful AND easy to use.

Once you have submitted your links to Social Monkee, they are then submitted to a private network of unique C class IP’s.  You can use this service to build backinks to your pages and also to build backlinks to your current back links for 2 -Tier link building!  Pay a little bit more and you can submit more urls.

Submit your  content Every Day to 25 social  bookmarking sites, all on unique  C class IPs... FREE.

The links are created over a period of days and you then get a report with all the new link urls.  Now, you can let the search engines find these on their own eventually, or you can ping them so they get indexed faster, which I would recommend.  With Social Monkee’s highest level of service, you can get 150 backlinks daily and also have your posts submitted to really high PR sites and they’ll also ping them for you.  However, here is what I do for a super powerful link building experience that also does the pinging for me.

I utilize a program called BacklinksIndexer.  I know I am going to sound totally ’80’s here, but it is awesome!  Quite simply, BacklinksIndexer is a service which builds massive backlinks to your backlinks, using unique ip blogs, web 2.0 blogs, micro blogs, bookmarking sites & rss aggregators.

The basic service lets you submit 1500 back links and will create 20,000 back links to those urls.  This, at a cost of $14.99.  The highest plan allows you to submit 15,000 urls per month and they will create 210,000 back links to those!

You know, I’m a little bit of a nerd.  I love numbers.  And even if you’re not a nerd, you’ll love THESE numbers….

A case study involving 7 services, including Backlinkindexer showed this:

Another great thing about BacklinksIndexer is that it is integrated with other services like Social Monkee, so that the process of url submission can be automated!!

So, my process is to submit my post urls to Social Monkee, which then forwards the backlink urls they create to BacklinksIndexer, which then builds links to those backlinks and pings them for me.  Powerful 2 Tier link building with minimal effort and at a great value!!

Backlink Indexing Service

I sincerely hope this post has provided value to you!

Live you Best Life,

Julie Becker