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video marketing


Video Marketing is very powerful.  Why?  People want to see you, connect with you, get a sense of who you are.  Video is a great way to show people who you are.  It conveys your personality, your vulnerability and your power…. all at the same time.


I have been online a while and I have been utilizing the written word in blogging & SEO as well as utilizing some paid advertising methods.  And these methods work.

But I am always one to stretch myself.  Not just for me… although I do believe that getting uncomfortable and learning to do things you know nothing about is powerful… but for people who join one of my businesses that want to know HOW to do video marketing.

I am leading by example.

I will always strive to be a leader who stays on the forefront of what is working and what is relevant.  And video marketing it extremely relevant!

YouTube Video Marketing is on fire.  And let me give you a little SEO hint.  Google owns YouTube…  so Google LOVES YouTube Videos….  meaning it can be much easier to get your content seen on Google through videos vs. blog content, especially if it’s a very competitive keyword.

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Live Your Best Life!

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