Can you Truly Start a Turnkey Business from Home?

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We are all familiar with the franchise business model and trust it as a reputable Turnkey Business.  Is there truly a Turnkey Business that you and start up from home?  Let’s examine that concept.  A true turnkey business has a system in place.  Best operating practices and procedures.  You’re given a guideline….  a map, if you will.  The whole reason you buy into a franchise is because it’s a proven business model.

There is no guesswork, as far as that goes.  The trial and error part to see what works is one of the hardest parts of starting up a new business.  That’s why you pay a hefty franchise fee.

So what if you don’t have the capital to dish out to buy a franchise?  And what if you want the flexibility of working from home.
People who want to have their own turnkey business and work at home, I think, often have the mistaken impression that turnkey means minimal work.  Why do people always want something for nothing???


Turnkey Business from Home – The MLM Model

Here is the whole point of a turn-key business.  The business plan has already been done for you.  There is a system in place that gets results.  But you STILL have to learn the business, learn the foundation and operate it efficiently.

When it comes to a turnkey business from home, people turn to MLM.  Why?  MLM is a proven business model.  Interestingly enough, there are still people that put these businesses in the pyramid or scam category.  If that was true, those mlm’s that have been in business for 30 years or more would be gone.

An established and reputable MLM company has clearly defined systems in place for distributors to follow.  Duplication is key, since your success is dependent on helping other people to be successful.


But what if you don’t want to chase people around, trying to tell them about your business?  This is the common complaint and why many people who get into MLM burn out….  you need to keep a steady stream of leads coming in to keep building your business.


Many people turn to the internet to search for solutions.

But then you find out that you have to learn all of this marketing stuff…. and where do you start?  What products do you sell?  Which affiliate program is the best?  How do you learn how to do it?

Now don’t get me wrong.  There are some great programs and trainings out there.  But again.  It’s tough to figure out where to start.  And not all of these ‘things’ have a full SYSTEMATIC process.  You might get bits and pieces from different locations, but where to go for a one stop shop? 


Keep it simple.  Whatever is simplest to do will be the WINNER.


If you are looking for a Turnkey Business you can do from home, that is SYSTEMATIC, and easy to understand and implement, with no additional tools or training required, you can get more info HERE.

And hey, after you’ve checked it out, leave me a comment on what you thought.  I’d really like to know!


Live your Best Life!!

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