Work Online from Home – Should you or shouldn’t you?

work-online-from-homeWhen people get sick of their jobs or start feeling like they’re not getting paid what they are worth, they start looking at other alternatives.  In my case, I was completely sick of Corporate America politics and I started thinking about starting up my own business. 

Did I have dreams that I would find work online from home?  No…. not at first.

I was looking to start up a brick and mortar business originally.  A novelty store.  And then I started looking into the reality of what that would take.  It was going to take a lot of time, a lot of work.  And I found myself asking ‘will it be worth it?’

I set some criteria for myself.  If I was going to work that hard to make something work, I wanted to love it.  If I earned a good income, I wanted to be able take vacations.  And when I had kids, I wanted to raise them.

So in the beginning, it wasn’t ‘working online’ that I wanted.  It was more freedom

Being an entrepreneur and running your own business can be extremely rewarding and I kept coming back to the same issues.  Time commitment and return on time investment (time is my most valuable currency so I put a big price tag on it!).

Work Online from Home – Is it Worth Looking in to?

If you are considering whether or not you want to work online from home, you have to examine your motives.  What do you want to get out of it.  Why work online as opposed to on location somewhere?  Do you have a family member or child you need to be home to care for?  Are you wanting a more flexible lifestyle?

The reason you need to ask those questions is that there are several different ways you can work online.  If you don’t really NEED to work from home,  you’ll just be trading one job for another and you’ll need to learn new skills.

In my case, I had very clear intentions.  I wanted to work online from home because 1) I wanted to be home with my kids, 2) I wanted to be able to work part-time, and create a full-time income.

So what I was really looking for wasn’t another full-time job or business to manage, spending 40-90 hours a week on.  I was looking for freedom and flexibility.

Traditional business models, whether online or offline, will NOT offer you that, but leveraged income business models will.  Having said that, these business models require you to be your own boss and run your own business… 

If you have reasons to work online from home, but don’t want to be your own boss, you might want to look at these traditional stay at home jobs or even data entry jobs, instead.

After some soul searching, digging and researching, I finally found what I was looking for.  A way to work online from home, using a leveraged income model that would allow me to build a full-time income.  I am now running my own online business, working part-time and I’m home with my  4 year old and running my 8 year old all over for soccer tournaments!

So, in the end working online from home is totally worth it for me!  And the funny thing is, it wasn’t all that hard to get started.  It just required my commitment and focus.

Want to learn how to do what I did?  You can do that HERE.

I wish you every success in finding what you are looking for and living a life that YOU want to live.

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